Poseidon Alley Docks
Poseidon Alley Docks - complete 5000 cash
"Poseidon Alley Docks" Stronghold completion screen
Story arc

The Brotherhood

Unlocked after

"Red Asphalt"


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"Poseidon Alley Docks" is a Stronghold in Saints Row 2.

Poseidon Alley a haven for drug smugglers!
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline[1]


Pierce phones Playa and briefs them on Maero having left Donnie's and headed towards the docks to set up a business deal. Playa hijacks a truck and tails The Brotherhood convoy; after reaching the meeting place, they kill all The Brotherhood inside.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A clandestine drug deal between the Brotherhood and an unknown third party was broken up as the 3rd Street Saints waged open war against their rivals.


Poseidon Alley Docks - Following the Brotherhood vehicle

Gameplay from the Stronghold.

Hijack the Brotherhood truck

Steal the Compensator from a nearby location, guarded by a number of enemies.

Wait for the Brotherhood vehicle

Once Playa enters the vehicle, a convoy of one Brotherhood truck drives by.

Follow the Brotherhood vehicle to the meet spot

Keep within a certain distance from the trucks as it weaves through the streets towards the docks - if the convoy gets too far ahead, there is a limited amount of time to get back within the indicated circle on the Map.

Kill the Brotherhood

Once the convoy has reached the docks, kill everyone from The Brotherhood to finish this short Stronghold.


  • Poseidon Alley neighborhood unlocked


  • 3 Brotherhood Compensators from the cutscene are still present after the cutscene, north-west of Playa's location. Killing the Brotherhood members inside these trucks doesn't fail the mission because the target truck spawns only after entering the marked Compensator.
  • There are unused objectives to "Get on the watercraft" and "Kill the buyer".


I had one of my boys watch Donnie's mechanic shop after you shook him down. Maero went to check on Donnie, but when he left he went straight to the docks to set up some business deal. I don't know what's goin' on, but a convoy of Brotherhood are going to the docks now. If you can hijack one of their trucks you could probably join the convoy, get to the meeting place, and take out all the motherfuckers that show up.
Poseidon Alley Docks intro phone call SR2 VOC SP 04791
— Pierce


  • Near the docks where the Stronghold takes place
  • Near the docks where the Stronghold takes place
  • The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

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    Poseidon Alley Docks

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