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Article Cash Respect Mission H A Unlockables
...To Kingdom Come Always Use Protection
Sunnyvale Loft
Y Hood: Union Square
Stronghold: Sunnyvale Loft
... and a Better Life $50,000 Y Achievement: A Brighter Future (80Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Attack helicopter (Tornado)
3 Count Beat Down $12,000 Murderbrawl XXXI Crib: 3 Count
3rd Street Vice Kings Round Peg, Square Hole
King's Grocery
Y Hood: Nob Hill
Stronghold: King's Grocery
Clothing: XX/XY Hoodie
A Game of Clones Cache5,000 2500 Welcome Back Y Achievement: Blast from the Past
Power: Buff
Power: Buff Element - Fire
Gateway: Arapice Island
A Pleasant Day The Fundamentals Y Achievement: There Is No Pancakes
A Remote Chance $16,000 4000 3 Count Beat Down[1] Stronghold: 3 Count Beat Down[1]
Abandoned Police Station Y Hood: Shivington
Abandoned Storefront Reclamation Y Hood: Athos Bay
Air Steelport $16,000 4000 Zombie Attack Vehicle: STAG Tank (Crusader)
Weapon: Sonic Boom
Airborne Assault $2,000 Veteran Child
Stilwater University Student Union
Y Hood: Pleasant View
Stronghold: Stilwater University Student Union
Vehicle: News Helicopter (Oppressor)
Homie: Tobias
Aisha's Favor ...To Kingdom Come Y Hood: Bavogian Plaza
All Hands on Deck Cache6,000 3000 He Lives Y Achievement: Betrayed
Vehicle: Genkimobile
All the King's Men Y Y Achievement: Regicide (40Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Adept Way
Crib: King's Penthouse
Vehicle: Johnny's car (Venom)
Vehicles: Vice Kings' cars (Tanya's Status Quo, King's Mag, Warren's Rattler, Aisha's Zomkah)
Always Use Protection Reinforcements Y Hood: Prawn Court
Amberbrook Museum Pier $5,000 Y Hood: Amberbrook
Ambulance EMT Varies Y Achievement: Blue Collar[2] (10Gamerscore icon)
Weapon: Shock Paddles
Vehicle: Saints Ambulance
America's Next Top Scientist $50,000 Y Achievement: Fluffer (35Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Tera's sports car (Temptress)
Homie: Tera
Apocalypse Genki Customization Item: Angry Tiger Mask
Homie: Angry Tiger
Appointed Defender $500 3000[3] Down Payment Crib: Red Light Loft
All Activities aside from Heli Assault
Asha's VIP Cache2000 1000 Homie: Super powered Asha
Assault on Precinct 31 $25,000 The Shopping Maul
Back to Basics $500 500 Abandoned Storefront Stronghold: Abandoned Storefront
Crib: Saints Row Loft
All Activities (after phonecall)
Bad Trip $3,500 Bonding Experience Y Hood: Ultor Dome
Player Customization: Samedi Melee
Bank Error in Your Favor $3,000 Thank You and Goodnight!
Wardill Airport Hangars
Y Hood: Ezpata
Stronghold: Wardill Airport Hangars
Base Jumping 10 to 200 Ability: Reduced Falling Damage
Base Jumping 30 to 1000
Batteries Not Included Cache7000 3500 Grand Finale
Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs $2,000 Y Hood: Bavogian Plaza
Bending the Rules Cache2000 1000 Power: Super Jump
Power: Super Sprint
Best Laid Plans... $1,000 Green With Envy
Abandoned Police Station
Stronghold: Abandoned Police Station
Black Bottom Refinery Y Hood: Black Bottom
Bleeding Out $2,500 Orange Threat Level Y Hood: Filmore
Bonding Experience $5,000 Riot Control Y Hood: Sunsinger
Break on Through Cache2000 500 Activity: Platforming Rift, Telekinesis Rift, Speed Rift
Brotherhood (Mission) Cache2000 1000 Homie: Super powered Pierce
Homie: Maero
Burden of Proof $50,000
Burning Down the House $3,000 Bad Trip
Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock
Y Hood: Shivington
Stronghold: Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock
Burying Evidence $3,000 No Time to Mourn
Copperton Receiving Station
Stronghold: Copperton Receiving Station
Homie: Zombie Lin (phone Eye for an Eye at #555-5966)
Canonized $1,000 (win) / $200 (lose) Back to Basics Y Achievement: Canonized (10Gamerscore icon)
Special: Natural Leader (one Follower)
Homie: Wheel Woman
Cecil Park Drug Lab Y Hood: Cecil Park
Charge Halo ? ?
Charlestown Warehouse Y Hood: Charlestown
Convoy Decoy $10,000 2500 Nyte Blayde's Return Vehicle: STAG VTOL (F-69 VTOL)
Copperton Receiving Station Y Hood: Copperton
Corporate Meltdown $50,000
Crack Down The Missing Shipment Y Hood: The Mills and Southern Cross
Crowd Control $100 to $5,000 5000 to 14000 Y Achievement: Velvet Rope[4] (15Gamerscore icon)
Discount: Clothing (5%[5] and 15%[6])
Weapon: Pepper Spray[7]
Weapon: Chainsaw[8]
Dancing Queen Cache2,000 1000 Homie: Super Ben King
Homie: Tanya Winters
De Plane Boss Cache4,000 2000 King Me, The Saints Flow and The Case of Mr. X Crewmate: Shaundi
Homies: Shaundi, Fun Shaundi
Defeat Satan Wages symbol8000[9] Y Achievement: Satan Punchers (50Gamerscore icon)
Down Payment $1,000 Three Kings
Stilwater Caverns
Y Hood: Old Stilwater
Stronghold: Stilwater Caverns
Crib: Saints Hideout
Drive-by $50 to $2,500 Varies
Elysian Fields Trailer Park $1,000 Y Hood: Elysian Fields
Escape the Dominatrix 3000 ? Homie: The Dominatrix
Homie: Velociraptor Ned
Vehicle: Naughty F-69 VTOL
Vehicle: XXX Gunslinger
Vehicle: Dildozer
Escort Service $1,500 One Step Ahead
Eternal Sunshine $12,500 Assault on Precinct 31 Y Hood: The Mills
Face Your Fear 3 Count Beat Down[10] Stronghold: 3 Count Beat Down[10]
Faster, More Intense! $8000 ?
File in the Cake $1,500 Airborne Assault
Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
Y Hood: Pilsen
Stronghold: Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
Filmore Parking Garage Y Hood: Filmore
Fire Truck Varies Y Achievement: Blue Collar[11] (10Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Firetruck (Blaze)
Clothing: Fireman Outfit
First Impressions $1,000 Reunion Tour Y Hood: Southern Cross
For King and Country The King and I
Waterfront Rooftop
Y Hood: Amberbrook
Stronghold: Waterfront Rooftop
Fox Drive Weapons Plant Y Hood: Fox Drive
Gambling Varies Y Achievement: I'm Not Addicted[12] (5Gamerscore icon)
Gang Bang $8,000 2000 Convoy Decoy, Live! With Killbane Homie: Viola DeWynter
Diversion: 2 Assassinations
Diversion: 6 Vehicle Thefts
Diversion: 1 Challenge
Gangstas in Space (Mission) 100,000 5000 Three Way[13] Y Achievement: Gangstas... In Space! (30Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Gang Customization: Space Saints
Homie: Zombie Gat
Outfit: Blowup Doll
Outfit: Toilet
Outfit: Space costume
Vehicle: Saints Raider
Gat Time, Fun Time Cache2000 1000 Super Homie: Johnny Gat
Gear Up Wages symbol5,000 200
Good D $25,000 One Man's Junk... Y Hood: Adept Way
Got Dust, Will Travel $1,000 File in the Cake
Elysian Fields Trailer Park
Y Hood: Frat Row
Stronghold: Elysian Fields Trailer Park
Grand Finale None None Grand Finale Part Two
Grand Finale Part Four Cache20,000 10000 Y Achievement: Imperator / Saints & Sensibility
Weapon: Mech Suit
Grand Finale Part Three Cache7000 3500
Grand Finale Part Two None None Grand Finale Part Three
Green With Envy 3rd Street Vice Kings Y Hood: Atlantis Avenue
Save Point: Anthony's condo
Guardian Angel (Mission) Escort Service Y Hood: Sommerset
Hack the Planet Cache3,000 1500 Break on Through Side Quest: Power Play
Collectibles: Text Adventure
Collectibles: Zinyak Statues
Hail to the Chief $5,000 Saints and Martyrs
Hangar 18 1/2 $10,000 ?
He Lives Cache6000 3000 Hello Teacup Homie: Super powered Keith David
Homie: Roddy Piper
Hello Teacup Cache6000 3000 We have the Technology Weapon: Dubstep Gun
High Times Y Achievement: Mourning Stars (25Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Hit the Powder Room $6,000 The Belgian Problem
Ho-ing Varies Clothing: Pimp Outfit
Homeland Security $750 Trojan Horse
Hostage Varies Varies Y Achievement: Negotiator SR
Vehicle: ATV (Toad) SR2
Hot and Cold Cache2,000 1000 The Real World Power: Blast
Power: Blast Element - Freeze
House Call What Goes Up... Y Hood: Ezpata
Http://deckers.die $12,000 3000 Stilwater Blues[14] Y Achievement: kill-deckers.exe (25Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Weapon: Cyber Buster
Clothing: Mocap Suit outfit
Vehicle: Cyber Tank (ASP)
Discount: 50% discount on Vehicle Customization[15]
Discount: 25% discount on Weapon Upgrades[16]
Humbolt Park Science Museum $2,000 Y Hood: Humbolt Park
I'm Free - Free Falling 500 We're Going to Need Guns Y Achievement: The Welcome Wagon (15Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Homie: Shaundi
Imperial Square Pagodas $2,000 Y Hood: Imperial Square
Jail Bait $7,500 The Enemy of my Enemy Y Hood: Huntersfield
Jailbreak $500 Appointed Defender
Kanto Connection $3,500 Visiting Hours Y Hood: Rebadeaux
Player Customization: Ronin Melee
King's Grocery Y Hood: Huntersfield
King Me Cache4,000 2000 A Game of Clones[17]
Welcome Back[18]
Crewmate: Benjamin King
Homie: Benjamin King
Kinzie's Adventures Cache2000 1000 Y Achievement: The Full Kinzie[19]
Super Homie: Kinzie Kensington
Homie: Cyrus Temple
Laundry Day $1,500 Road Rage
Humbolt Park Science Museum
Y Hood: Nob Hill
Stronghold: Humbolt Park Science Museum
Learning Computer $10,000 2500 Stop all the Downloading Stronghold: Stop all the Downloading
Liberation Burying Evidence Y Hood: Ultor Dome
Live! With Killbane $10,000 2500 Learning Computer Vehicle: Spotlight (Oppressor)
Matt's Back Cache3000 1500 Crewmate: Matt Miller
Homie: Matt Miller
Activity: Mech Suit Mayhem
McManus Says Hello Meeting Orejuela
Black Bottom Refinery
Y Hood: Poseidon Alley
Stronghold: Black Bottom Refinery
Meeting Orejuela $1,500 Strength in Numbers
Miller-Space Cache3000 1500
Miracle on 3rd Street Cache2,000 ? The Fight Before Christmas Weapon: Crimson Cowboy
Homie: Future Shaundi
Customization Item: Xmas Sweater
Murderbrawl XXXI $16,000 4000 Three Way[20] Y Achievement: Murderbrawl 31 (25Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Clothing: Killbane's Mask[21]
Weapon: Apoca-Fist[22]
My Name is Cyrus Temple $16,000 4000 Air Steelport, A Remote Chance Y Achievement: Titanic Effort (40Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Vehicle: Specter (optional)
Vehicle: S.T.A.G. Tank v2 (optional)
Weapon: Satchel Charges (optional)
New Hennequet Rec Center $10,000 Y Hood: New Hennequet
No Time to Mourn $4,000 Semi-Charmed Life
Price's Mansion
Stronghold: Price's Mansion
Nyte Blayde's Return $10,000 2500 STAG Party Clothing: Cardinal outfit
Nytefall Cache2000 1000 Super Homie: Matt Miller
One Man's Junk... $50,000 Y Y Achievement: Seppuku (40Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Stilwater Boardwalk
Vehicle: Shogo Akuji's Kaneda
Vehicles: Ronin vehicles (Kenshin, Wakazashi, Hayate Z70, Tetsuo)
Player Customization: Ronin Personality options
Homie: Johnny Gat
One Step Ahead $2,000 Liberation
Tidal Spring Apartments
Stronghold: Tidal Spring Apartments
Orange Threat Level $3,000 Kanto Connection
New Hennequet Rec Center
Y Hood: Quinbecca
Stronghold: New Hennequet Rec Center
Painting a Picture Pimps Up, Hos Down[23] Stronghold: Pimps Up, Hos Down[23]
Party Time $6,000 1500 Takeover the City Y Achievement: Opulence, You Has It (20Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Crib: Saints Penthouse
Customization: Gang Customization
Diversion: 2 Assassinations
Phone Phreak Stop all the Downloading[24] Stronghold: Stop all the Downloading[24]
Picking a Fight $10,000 Pyramid Scheme
Rounds Square Shopping Center
Stronghold: Rounds Square Shopping Center
Pimps Up, Hos Down $8,000 None The Ho Boat Crib: Safeword
Pleasant View Storage Y Hood: Pleasant View
Poseidon Alley Docks $5,000 Y Hood: Poseidon Alley
Possession with Intent House Call
Charlestown Warehouse
Y Hood: Encanto
Stronghold: Charlestown Warehouse
Power Element Training Cache1000 1000 Power: Blast Element - Fire
Power Training
Power Up CID Cache3000 1500
Price's Mansion Y Hood: Misty Lane
Vehicle: Price's car (Attrazione)
Psychosomatic Cache2000 1000 Homie: Super powered Shaundi
Homie: Super powered Fun Shaundi
Homie: Veteran Child
Pub Crawl Y Achievement: Hanging With Mr. Pierce (25Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Pushback $1000 None Special: City Income resumes
Pyramid Scheme $15,000 Salting the Earth...Again Vehicle: Ultor APC (Bear)
Weapon: Pimp Cane
Rally the Twins Y Hood: DeWynter View
Super Power: Blast
Super Power Element: Stone
Diversion: Armor
Loyalty: Twins
Reclamation Stacking the Deck
Crack Down
Aisha's Favor
Y Y Achievement: Reclamationist (10Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Harrowgate
Red Asphalt $2,500 Bank Error in Your Favor
Poseidon Alley Docks
Y Hood: Charlestown
Stronghold: Poseidon Alley Docks
Homie: Zombie Carlos (phone Eye for an Eye at 555-5966)
Reinforcements $1,500 Best Laid Plans...
Filmore Parking Garage
Stronghold: Filmore Parking Garage
Rest in Peace $12,500 Good D Y Hood: Mourning Woods Cemetery
Retribution $5,000 Jail Bait Y Hood: Encanto
Return to Steelport $8,000 2000 Trojan Whores
Insurance Fraud (Angel)
Snatch (Zimos)
Cyber Blazing (Kinzie)
Crib: Angel's Gym
Crib: Kinzie's Warehouse
Crib: Zimos' Pad
Gang Customization: Gimps
Weapon: The Penetrator
Diversions: 9 Assassinations
Diversions: 5 Challenges
Reunion Tour $1,500 Waste Not Want Not
Sommerset Apartments
Y Hood: Cecil Park
Stronghold: Sommerset Apartments
Vehicle: Donnie's Voxel
Revelation $30,000 Y Achievement: Vengeance (15Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Julius' car (Eiswolf)
Riot Control $7,500 Eternal Sunshine Y Hood: Black Bottom
Road Rage $2,000 Bleeding Out
Amberbrook Museum Pier
Y Hood: Tidal Spring
Stronghold: Amberbrook Museum Pier
Room Service $7,500 Rest in Peace Y Hood: Brighton
Round Peg, Square Hole For King and Country Y Hood: Humbolt Park
Rounds Square Shopping Center (Stronghold) $10,000 Y Hood: Rounds Square Shopping Center
STAG Film 10000 Three Way[25] Y Achievement: Mr. Fury Would Be Proud (original name) Too Close to the Son (patched name) (30Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Homie: Zombie Gat
Clothing: Blowup Doll
Clothing: Toilet
Clothing: STAG Armor
Vehicle: Cyrus' VTOL
STAG Party $11,999 3000 Stilwater Blues[26] Y Achievement: I Heart Nyte Blayde (25Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Weapon: SA-3 Airstrike
Special: City Takeover[27]
Homie: Josh Birk[28]
Homie: Nyte Blayde[28]
Saint's Seven $1,000 Laundry Day
Suburbs Strip Club
Y Hood: Centennial Beach
Stronghold: Suburbs Strip Club
Salting the Earth...Again $25,000 ... and a Better Life
Samson's Surprise Guardian Angel
Pleasant View Storage
Y Hood: Chinatown
Stronghold: Pleasant View Storage
Semi-Charmed Life $5,000 Y Achievement: Road Warrior (40Gamerscore icon)
Crib: Price Mansion
Vehicle: Julius's car (a unique Zenith)
Vehicles: Westside Rollerz' cars: Sharp's unique Justice, Donnie's unique Quasar, Lin's unique Voxel
Special: Glitched Goliath spawn in Copperton
Send in the Clones $12,000 ? Homie: Johnny Tag
Septic Avenger (Activity) $100-$5,000 5,000-14,000 Y Achievement: Splatster Chief
Vehicle: Septic Avenger[29]
Discount: Food discount[30]
Ability: Improved weapon accuracy[31]
Showdown $50,000 Y Y Achievement: Brother's Keeper (40Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Little Shanghai
Vehicle: Maero's Monster Truck
Vehicles: Brotherhood vehicles (Swindle, Legion, Alaskan, Compensator)
Player Customization: Brotherhood Personality
Homie: Pierce
Sommerset Apartments $1,000 Y Hood: Sommerset
Stacking the Deck $500 Samson's Surprise
Steelport Here I Am $6,000 1500 Party Time
Stilwater Blues None None My Name is Cyrus Temple
Stilwater Caverns (Stronghold) $500 Y Hood: Stilwater Caverns
Stilwater University Student Union $5,000 Y Hood: Stilwater University
Stop all the Downloading $10,000 None http://deckers.die Crib: Burns Hill Reactors
Stoughton Shipyard Y Hood: Stoughton
Strength in Numbers $3,000 Possession with Intent
Cecil Park Drug Lab
Stronghold: Cecil Park Drug Lab
Stuffing the Ballot $3,000 Hail to the Chief
Stunt Jumps Varies Y Achievement: Duke of Stilwater (10Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: The Duke (Bootlegger)
Stunt Jumps $500 (per jump) 50 (per jump)
Suburbs Strip Club $1,000 Y Hood: Misty Lane
Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock $10,000 Y Hood: Sunnyvale Gardens
Sunnyvale Loft Y Hood: Sunnyvale Gardens
Takeover the City $500 500 We've Only Just Begun
Taxi Driver Varies Y Achievement: Blue Collar[32] (10Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Super Taxi
Thank You and Goodnight! $3,500 Retribution Y Hood: Copperton
Player Customization: Brotherhood Melee
That's Not in the Script! $12,000 ? Vehicle: Aegean
Vehicle: Scythe
Homies: Jenny
The Belgian Problem $6,000 2000 Return to Steelport Y Achievement: Kuh, Boom. (20Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)[33]
Tower Defense (20Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)[34]
Homie: Oleg Kirrlov
Weapon: RC Possessor
Respect: Permanent 10% Respect bonus[33]
City Income: Permanent 10% cash bonus[34]
Diversions: 5 Challenges
The Case of Mr. X Cache5,000 2500 A Game of Clones[35]
Welcome Back[36]
Crewmate: Asha Odekar
Homie: Asha Odekar
The Enemy of my Enemy $12,500 The Siege Y Hood: Fox Drive
The Fight Before Christmas Cache2,000 ? The Santa Clawz Weapon: North Pole
Weapon: Christmastime skin for Dubstep Gun
Homie: Mrs. Claus
Customization Item: Elf Suit
Customization Item: Santa Suit
Vehicle: Sleigh One
The Fundamentals Cache2,000 2000 Bending the Rules Side Quest: Customization
Homie: Vehicle Delivery
Flashpoint Reward: Cache2,000 and 300 XP
The Ho Boat $8,000 2000 Gang Bang Y Achievement: Gotta Break Em In (25Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Cash: $25,000[37]
City Income: $1,000 hourly income[38]
The King and I All the King's Men Y Hood: Brighton
The Missing Shipment $500 Homeland Security
Fox Drive Weapons Plant
Stronghold: Fox Drive Weapons Plant
The Morning After Y Achievement: Hack the Planet (25Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
The Real World Cache2,000 1000 Power Up CID Y Achievement: Don't Panic (30Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Crib: The Ship
Gateway: West Stanfield
Crewmates: Kinzie and Keith
Homie: Kinzie Kensington
Homie: Keith David
Customization: Gang Customization
DLC: All except How the Saints Save Christmas
The Saints Flow Cache4000 2000 A Game of Clones[39]
Welcome Back[40]
Crewmate: Pierce
Homie: Pierce
The Saints Wing None None A Pleasant Day Y Achievement: Destroyer-In-Chief
The Shopping Maul $50,000 Y Y Achievement: Remind Me of the Babe (40Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Prawn Court
Vehicle: The General's Bulldog
Samedi vehicles: (Stiletto, Churchill, Danville, Wellington)
Player Customization: Samedi Personality
Homie: Shaundi
The Siege $25,000 Showdown Y Hood: Stoughton
Weapon: Mini-Gun
The Warden Stomp Cache4,000 2000 De Plane Boss Power: Stomp
Power: Stomp element - Rock
Activity: Fight Club
There is No Try Y Achievement: You're the Best... (25Gamerscore icon / Silver Trophy icon)
Three Kings $1,000 Got Dust, Will Travel
First Impressions
Saint's Seven
Y Achievement: Welcome Back (5Gamerscore icon)
Activity: Heli Assault
Homie: One Follower (can recruit one Homie)
Three Way $20,000[41] 5000[41] STAG Film[41]
Gangstas in Space[42]
Vehicle: N-Forcer[41]
Tidal Spring Apartments Y Hood: Tidal Spring
Tour de Farce $10,000 ?
Tow Truck $50 to $2,500 Y Achievement: Blue Collar[43] (10Gamerscore icon)
Vehicle: Tow Truck (Shaft)
Tower (Diversion) Cache7,000 3500
Traffic Control $50,000
Trojan Horse McManus Says Hello
Stoughton Shipyard
Y Hood: Pilsen
Stronghold: Stoughton Shipyard
Trojan Whores $8,000 2000 Pimps Up, Hos Down[44] Stronghold: Pimps Up, Hos Down[44]
Vehicle: Gunship (Vulture)
Ultor Family Fun Day $50,000 Y Achievement: A Better Life (35Gamerscore icon)
Special: Unlimited rockets
Vehicle Surfing None Varies Y Achievement: Surf's Up
Clothing: Traffic Cone Hat
Veteran Child (Mission) $2,500 Burning Down the House
Visiting Hours $5,000 Room Service Y Hood: Union Square
Vehicle: Medical Helicopter (Horizon)
Wardill Airport Hangars $10,000 Y Hood: Wardill Airport
Waste Not Want Not $2,000 Red Asphalt
Imperial Square Pagodas
Stronghold: Imperial Square Pagodas
Waterfront Rooftop Y Hood: Rebadeaux
We're Going to Need Guns $4,000 1000 Steelport Here I Am Crib: Shaundi's Ex's Apartment
Weapon: Reaper Drone
Diversions: Saintsbook
Customization: Upgrades
Homies: Homie slot 1
Diversions: 21 Assassinations, 24 Vehicle Thefts, 30 Challenges
Other: Downloadable Content
We've Only Just Begun Hit the Powder Room Y Achievement: We're Takin' Over (20Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Stronghold: Hit the Powder Room
We have the Technology Cache6000 3000 Batteries Not Included
Weekend at Tera's $50,000
Weird Science $8000 ?
Welcome Back Cache5000 2500 Y Achievement: About Time!
Super Power: Dash Shield
Super Power: Death From Above[45]
Crewmate: Johnny Gat
Homie: Johnny Gat
Welcome to Hell Wages symbol25000 50 Y Hood: Ultor
What Goes Up... Y Y Achievement: Colombian Made (40Gamerscore icon)
Hood: Wardill Airport
Crib: Lopez Mansion
Vehicle: Dex's car (a unique Raycaster)
Vehicles: Los Carnales' cars: Luz's unique Eiswolf, Victor's unique Bulldog, Angelo's unique Gunslinger
When Good Heists Go Bad 250 I'm Free - Free Falling Y Achievement: Dead Presidents (10Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Special: "Oversized Gat Mask" Avatar Award (Xbox 360)
Special: Player Customization
When a Plan Comes Together Cache5,000[46] 2500 All Hands on Deck
Zero Saints Thirty The Saints Wing Y Achievement: Zero Saints Thirty
Special: Adoration of America
Special: Presidency
Advisor: Benjamin King (Chief of Staff)
Advisor: Keith David (Vice President)
Customization: Player Customization
Zombie Attack $16,000 4000 Three Way[47] Y Achievement: Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains (25Gamerscore icon / Bronze Trophy icon)
Clothing: Fumigator 3000
Homie: Mayor's Favor (Notoriety Wipe - Law)
Homie: Zombie Backup[48]
Homie: Burt Reynolds[49]
Homie: SWAT Backup[49]
Diversions: 2 Assassinations
Zombie Uprising 2000 Y Achievement: Romero's Hero (5Gamerscore icon)
Clothing: Zombie Mask
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