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Default appearance in Saints Row
Default appearance in Saints Row
Default appearance in Saints Row 2
Default appearance in Saints Row 2
Default appearance in Saints Row: The Third
Default appearance in Saints Row: The Third
Default appearance in Saints Row IV
Default appearance in Saints Row IV
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  • Enforcer SR1
  • Second-in-command SR1
  • Gang Leader SR1 End SR2 SRTT
  • Actor Gangstas in Space
  • Counter Terrorist SRIV[6]
  • President of the United States SRIV[7]
  • Ruler of the Zin Empire SRIV End[8]
Voiced by

Saints Row
  • Caucasian / Asian - ?
  • African American - ?
  • Hispanic - ?
Saints Row 2
  • Male 1 - ?
  • Male 2 - ?
  • Male 3 - ?
  • Female 1 - ?
  • Female 2 - ?
  • Female 3 - ?
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

The player character of the Saints Row series is unnamed, this wiki refers to them as Playa.

In Saints Row, the character is male. From Saints Row 2 onwards, default character is male, but can be customised to be female. This wiki uses either masculine or gender-neutral pronouns unless specifically describing a female voice or character.


Playa is the player character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. The Saints Row series largely concerns Playa's adventures as a 3rd Street Saints gang member, starting as a nobody initiated into the gang,[31] second-in-command,[32] and finally leader.[33] Throughout this journey, Playa takes the 3rd Street Saints from a small-time gang from the Row to a "household brand name" in Stilwater and then Steelport.[34] During the events of Saints Row IV, Playa becomes President of the United States.

Playa lacks a definitive physical appearance, as Playa's appearance can be changed using the Image As Designed plastic surgeon. In Saints Row 2 onwards, Playa's gender can be changed, thus retconning Playa's established gender as a male.

Due to the character's being completely customizable, this page refers to various versions of Playa.


Playa does not have a given name throughout the series, and has been referred to as playa[35], son[36], and Boss[37] throughout the games. On television, they're given various titles, including "Leader of the Saints"[38] and "Local Psychopath"[21]. In Saints Row IV, they are referred to as "The President of the United States" or simply "The President". During "A Game of Clones", there is a clone known as "The Stilwater default player".

During development, the character was named "Mikey", but was pronounced "Mickey".[14] In animatics for Saints Row 2, Volition used "PC" for Player Character.[39] At E3, the banner for the player character said "Player".[40]

During The Streets of Stilwater cutscene, the player character is addressed as "man", "baby", and "dawg" by 3 unnamed characters, before being addressed as playa by Julius in his first line, followed by "son" two lines later. Playa is the first unique name used, and no other character is referred to as Playa at any other time in the entire series.

Kinzie Kensington knows their real name, but is stopped mid-sentence before saying it, as Playa warns her that somebody else might be listening in on their radio conversation.[41]

If the "Nolan North" voice is selected in Saints Row IV during the mission A Pleasant Day, Kinzie asks Playa to be themselves while causing destruction, and he replies "be... Nolan?". While in gameplay, the voice randomly says "that is how Nolan rolls".


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In Saints Row, Playa is a new recruit for the Saints, remaining quiet for the majority of the game not questioning any orders given to him. Playa is too timid to speak with rival gangs or other Saints until towards the end of the game.[42]

In Saints Row 2, Playa has 6 different personalities for the player to choose. Depending on the voice chosen, Playa may break the fourth wall by randomly mentioning a few aspects of the game during gameplay.[reference?] For example, Male Voice 3 sometimes says "You know I never see a dog around here? Weird." Although Playa's dialogue for the cutscenes is always the same in Saints Row 2, the in-game dialogue differs for each personality.[reference?] In Saints Row 2, Playa is portrayed as extremely vicious, showing no remorse in killing and torturing enemies.[reference?]

Playa has a strong friendship with Johnny Gat, having known him the longest of any of the Saints since his initiation into the gang.[reference?] Playa displays exceptional strength and durability throughout the series. During the conclusion of Saints Row he was caught in a point blank explosion and only suffered minor burns, though his coma lasted five years.[43][44] Neither Mayor Hughes nor his men survived.[reference?] In the trailer for Saints Row Playa said his life changed after meeting Julius, desiring more and more power and money.[45] While typically Playa reserves the bulk of their wrath for rival gang members or other foes, they still display a comical disregard for human life, not unlike most inhabitants of the Saints Row universe.[reference?] Playa does have a few heroic qualities despite their sadistic nature, such as going to extreme lengths for friends, leading by example and feeling regret for several actions such the burning of Shivington or if they allow Shaundi and Viola to die during the climax of Saints Row: the Third.[46]

Playa kills their mentor Julius in cold blood.[47] The former leader of the Saints tries to defend his actions and claims that Playa was too power-hungry, a charge which Playa confirms. However, Julius' motives remain questionable.[reference?] The social engineering by Dane Vogel left the original inhabitants of the Saints Row district homeless and destitute, and the betrayal of the Saints saw the majority of them dead or serving prison sentences while Julius lived a comfortable lifestyle.[47] In Playas' eyes, Julius crossed the only line they never had, betraying one's friends.[reference?]

In Saints Row: The Third, Playa has 7 different personalities.[reference?] Playa is portrayed as being, arguably, less susceptible to random bursts of violence, due to already having the power and wealth they desired.[reference?] In fact, the Saint's success in crushing the gangs of Stilwater and partnering with Ultor led to Playa's rise to celebrity status, complete with a Planet Saints franchise and movie offers.[48] They are still psychotic killers, as they show little emotion while killing other than excitement.[reference?] This is tempered by their loyalty to their fellow gang members, since Saints Row: the Third is mainly centered around them, Shaundi, and Pierce taking revenge after the death of Johnny Gat.[reference?] However, it seems that Playa is not entirely as merciless as before, agreeing to spare Matt Miller's life when the Decker's leader promises to cut ties with the Syndicate, as well as abandoning his role in the gang war and leaving Steelport, which Matt honors.[49] Despite having tendencies of a psychopath their loyalty to their friends and concern for their well being is not a trait of psychopathic killers.



...who cares who I was before I joined the Saints?
— Playa refusing to disclose their past to Asha Odekar in The Case of Mr. X

Playa's past life is unclear and only hinted at through dialogue, and each voice gives different details of their past.

  • The character was born in Stilwater,[50] and visited a local massage parlor since junior-high school.[51]
  • Despite already living in Stilwater, he does not have a home at the beginning of Saints Row[52]
  • Male voice 1 in Saints Row: The Third mentioned that he spent his time killing people in the fresh air when a kid, compared to modern children playing violent video games indoors.[53]
  • Playa mentions having lived in a college dorm when he is reminded of that experience during a mission on a boat importing prostitutes and sex toys.[54]
  • Female Voice 1 also admits during Three Way that she is in a coed curling team.
  • The female voice 2 claims that when she was young, her father would make her fight the dogs for food.[55]
    • Female Voice 1 has a similar idle line, claiming that her father always used to say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em... and then betray them in a horrible murder orgy".[56]
  • In the Gangstas in Space DLC, Male Voice 3 shows his disappointment with the fake building set by stating, "This is worse than finding out the Tooth Fairy was just my drunk uncle with a pair of pliers".[57]
  • In the Saints Row IV mission "The Case of Mr. X", Playa informs Asha that they don't see the point in talking about their past after jokingly blaming their behavior on their parents, stating, "who cares what I did before I joined the Saints?" When Asha asks if they had "daddy issues", Playa replies, "Naw, just... forget it".
  • Nolan North voice says during the Zin invasion of the White House "I am just an actor, how many of you are there".
  • When Playa was 6 years old they were into robots.[58]

Saints Row[]

Main article: Saints Row

Playa saved by Julius and Troy

When walking through the district of Saint's Row in the city of Stilwater, Playa ignores a watch seller and walks up to a prostitute, but soon, he is caught up in a small turf war between the city's criminal factions. Despite trying to keep his distance, a Vice Kings gang member attempts to kill him after the violent battle. Julius Little and Troy Bradshaw, from the small-time street gang the 3rd Street Saints, save him from his execution, with Troy killing the small-time hoodlum. Julius invites him to meet the gang at the church in Saint's Row if he is interested, seeing as they need all the help they can get.[59]

Playa welcomed into the Saints

At the Saints Row Church, Playa is initiated into the gang by surviving a beatdown by Saints members. Julius informs the gang that it is time to take the fight to the three rival gangs: Los Carnales, Westside Rollerz, and the Vice Kings.[31]

Though before Playa gets to do any serious work done, he has to build up the Saint's Rep and showing they mean business, such as causing mayhem[60], holding-up stores, borrowing money from loan sharks[61], hijacking vehicles for money, collecting CDs,[62] tagging places, assassinating people just for cash, stealing vehicles so he can take them to a chop shop, holding civilians hostage in their cars for money, killing pimps, stealing their hos, and taking them to a brothel, driving hookers around while avoiding paparazzi, IRS, significant others, and private investigators while the hooker has sex with a client, competing in illegal street races, and protecting drug dealers while they sell their product.

While trying to take the three main gangs out of commission, Playa mainly works with the 4 Saint Lieutenants: Johnny Gat, who's a shoot first ask questions never kinda guy. Dex, who usually likes to plan 3 moves ahead. Lin, who somewhat unhappily uses her feminine side to her advantage. And Troy, who makes up his lack of expertise by his enthusiasm.

During the campaign against the Carnales, Playa takes down Hector[63] and Angelo Lopez[64]. While fighting the Vice Kings, Playa saves Benjamin King from Anthony Green[65], then helps him overthrow Tanya Winters[66]. In the campaign against the Westside Rollerz, both William Sharp and Joseph Price meet their ends at the hands of Playa.

Playa gets to know Johnny Gat, Dex, Lin and Troy while helping take down the three gangs, and is appointed by Julius as his right hand man. Julius soon thereafter ends up being arrested by the police, and Playa thus becomes the de-facto leader of the gang.[32]

Playa is caught in an explosion after a meeting with Richard Hughes, which puts him in a coma.

Chief Monroe, a corrupt police chief, orders Playa, Dex and Johnny to do a little "community service" or he will kill Julius. Playa steals a campaign bus with Marshall Winslow inside and parks it on the train tracks.[67]

Yo, can you speed this shit up? I wanna go to Freckle Bitch's...
— Playa in reply to Hughes' exposition and just prior to the explosion.

During Winslow's funeral, Playa kills Monroe.[68] Richard Hughes, Winslow's rival, phoned Playa to meet him on the Yacht. Richard's plan was to redevelop the Saints Row community, and was given the go ahead after the Saints made a name for themselves. Playa was about to get killed by Hughes' men, but Julius pressed the remote setting off the explosives he planted, killing Hughes and putting Playa into a coma.[69]

Saints Row 2[]

Main article: Saints Row 2

Playa and Carlos escape prison to a completely new looking Stilwater (from loading screen).

Five years[44] after being put in a coma, Playa awakes inside a prison hospital. There he meets fellow convict Carlos Mendoza who got himself shanked to meet Playa and helps him escape the prison island.[70] On the way, Carlos informs him that a lot of things have changed while Playa was comatose. Carlos explains that the Saints fell apart without anyone to lead them, and dropped their flags before they were killed, and the chaos allowed for new gangs to take control of the city, as well as the rise of the Ultor Corporation that practically took control of the inefficient and corrupt police force. He advises Playa to lay low for a while.[71]

While having a beer in Tee'N'Ay, Playa watches a news broadcast about Johnny Gat,[72] who is about to be executed for 387 murders as well as the attempted murder of Troy Bradshaw, who became chief of police. After breaking him out of his court appearance, he drops Johnny off at his girlfriend, Aisha's house, where they have a beer[73] and plan on taking back their city once again by first taking over the condemned hotel under a mission house. Three new gangs have taken control: The Brotherhood of Stilwater controlling the south, the Sons of Samedi taking all central Stilwater, and the Ronin having a tight grip up north. Their first move is to get a new hideout. This time, it's an old underground hotel in Old Stilwater beneath an abandoned mission house. After "evicting the current tenants"[74], they get new lieutenants[33] and slowly take back what was once theirs, and defeat the three gangs.

Playa with his lieutenants.

During the conflict with the Ronin, Playa defeats the lieutenant Jyunichi in a sword fight[75] for killing Aisha, helps Johnny Gat to get revenge on Shogo Akuji[76] and leaves Kazuo Akuji to die on a burning boat[77].
As part of the struggle against The Brotherhood, Playa kills Carlos[78] to put him out of his misery. He murders Matt[79], as well as Maero[80]in a final showdown in the Stilwater Arena.
While battling the Sons of Samedi, Playa murders Veteran Child[81], Mr. Sunshine[82], and The General[83].

Bonus Mission[]

Julius: "You owe me, playa - if it weren't for me, you woulda died on that street corner."
Playa: "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been in a goddamn coma."
Julius: "Then I guess that makes us even..."
Playa: "Not really."
— Last moments before Playa shoots Julius