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Platforming Rift is an Activity in Saints Row IV.


In Platforming Rift, The Protagonist must jump from platform to platform, scoring as high as possible within a limited time. Landing in the center of a target scores a Bullseye for 2000 points, landing outside of it scores only 500 points

There are 4 types of platforms:

  • A single target - landing on the edge of the target scores 500.
  • A two-ring target - most common targets
  • A rectangular platform with a series of arrows - running over them triggers Bullseyes. The arrows point to which platform to jump to next.
  • The three-ring Checkpoint target - Landing here awards additional time plus a bonus for speed.

Each Checkpoint belongs to a series of platforms leading up to it, and landing on it deactivates any untouched platforms. Skipping platforms may give more speed bonus time, but also passes up the potential Bullseye score from them. Landing on the final Checkpoint ends the activity.

  • Bronze - 50,000
  • Silver - 70,000
  • Gold - 85,000


  • All Silver medals - Power: Jump - Distance
  • All Gold medals - Power: Glide - Distance


  • There is a slight delay in failing the activity after not hitting a checkpoint on time. During this delay, it is possible to complete the activity before the game presents an Activity Failed screen.


  • Platforming Rift - introduction
  • Platforming Rift - jumping onto platform
  • Platforming Rift - in the air
  • Platforming Rift complete


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