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Planet Saints is a Clothing Store in Saints Row: The Third.
It is replaced by Planet Zin in Saints Row IV under ownership of the Zin.

Planet Saints - Strap it on
Planet Saints Strap it On radio misc media 00062
— Planet Saints Radio Jingle


This store sells a wide variety of Customization Items and is themed on the 3rd Street Saints. In the back of the stores there are statues of the Saint of all Saints. There is a model of Shaundi, or someone wearing Shaundi's outfit, inside the store whilst holding a non-playable revolver in one hand.[reference?]

The store has a large amount of over-the-top suits, similar to the Let's Pretend store.[reference?]

The store sells bobbleheads and other Saints souvenirs. There are also cans of Saints Flow on sale, Saints Flow mannequins in the store, while on the outside, there are real Saints Flow mascots. There are televisions inside the store that show Pierce's Japanese Saints Flow commercial. Outside of the Yearwood location is a Gat Mobile.[1]

In the fourth mission, after leaving Rim Jobs Pierce insists that he and The Protagonist go to Planet Saints for some new clothes. Outside, he and The Protagonist have to fight Morningstar and Brutes.[2]

There is an Assassination Diversion target named Kirsten who is a Deckers member that is spying and listening in on a Planet Saints location in Salander.

The store is used in the "Customise Clothing" section of the Initiation Station.

Planet Zin

Planet Zin exterior

Planet Zin in Saints Row IV

In Saints Row IV, Planet Saints has been renamed to Planet Zin, after Zinyak's invasion.[3]


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Ad planet saints birksniff radio misc media 00092
Planet Saints radio ad - Birksniff
Ad planet saints canonizer radio misc media 00233
Planet Saints radio ad - Canonizer
Ad planet saints saints sleeve radio misc media 00587
Planet Saints radio ad - Saints Sleeve
Ad planet saints sunglasses radio misc media 00575
Planet Saints radio ad - Sunglasses
Ad planet saints third street steel radio misc media 00262
Planet Saints radio ad - Steel-toed boots


  • Planet Saints has the most locations of any Clothing Store in the game.
  • Planet Saints is the only Clothing Store in Saints Row: The Third to have more than one branch.
  • One of the radio commercials for Planet Saints has Pierce promoting a weapon the "Canonizer" which is said to be a set of brass knuckles, however it is not available for purchase at Planet Saints either as a weapon or as hand-based clothing option.
  • Pierce advertises in total, 5 products at Planet Saints, with the Saints Sleeve being advertised together by both Pierce and Shaundi.
  • Heyday Footwear CEO Darin Hager claims one of the clothing options is the Saints Row: The Third Super Shift Sneakers, which in the game storyline the company was invested by Johnny Gat and they designed the version specifically for him.[reference?]
  • On the Arsenal page for Saints Row IV there is a picture of the Planet Saints closest to the Steelport Arena, with the name "Planet Zin."[4]
  • There are "OBEY to serve ZIN" t-shirts inside Planet Zin but these cannot be bought.
  • Inside each Planet Zin store there are several sculptures depicting Earth blowing up.[5]
  • There is one clothing option from here in Saints Row: The Third that isn't in Saints Row IV. It is the Stylish Coat With Vest option. It is worn by one of the default options for The Protagonist in Saints Row: The Third.



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