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Piracy is a removed activity in Saints Row 2.


The data files for this activity are included within the released game. This activity involved boarding Cargo Ships to kill guards and steal a laptop[1], then taking the stolen goods to a drop-off point. On the way to the drop off point, there are ambush points where police in boats and helicopters appear.

The Miami has a Piracy variant defined in the game files, which is equipped with sirens. The game files specify that the The Protagonist would have been riding a Shark for this activity.[1]

As the data files for this activity are incomplete, some of the details of this activity are uncertain, although the map co-ordinates for the Cargo ship locations are present. Some of the data files cross-reference the deleted hijacking activity with the piracy activity, but it is unknown whether Piracy was originally supposed to replace hijacking, or simply be an additional activity.




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