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Pimp Slap
Pimpslap icon
HUD icon in Saints Row


Clip size



20 SR
2000 SR2

Refire Delay


Ragdoll Force

200 SR
250 SR2

Melee Range



1 SR
2 SR2




Cheats and multiplayer only

Appears in

Saints Row
Saints Row 2
Saints Row: Total Control

The Pimp Slap is a weapon in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: Total Control, where it is known as Foam Hand.


The Pimp Slap is extremely powerful, a single slap can send anyone hundreds of feet into the air. The Pimp Slap can also flip cars, potentially destroying them in the process.

In Saints Row, it is Playa's hand with a golden ring on his finger. It is normally only available in multiplayer, appearing as a Pimp Hat on the ground. When obtained, the hat is worn and there is a hand icon in the weapon wheel. When used, there is special dialogue such as "Slap the Ho!".[verify]

In Saints Row 2, it is a red foam hand, but with the middle finger extended instead of the index finger, but acts the same as in Saints Row.

In Saints Row: Total Control, it is a red foam hand, but with all fingers extended.


The only way to obtain this weapon offline without cheats is by using a game-save editor.

In Saints Row, it cannot be obtained in Single Player, and there is no cheat for it.

In Saints Row 2 is only available in Single Player by using a cheat, or a game-save editor. It is impossible to get an achievement involving the Pimp Slap because of this. Using this cheat means that no achievements can be obtained, and saving the game with it makes the save permanently blocked from achievements.


  • There is no Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row.
  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #969.
  • Using this weapon on a partner in Co-op with the "Low Gravity" and "Never Die" cheat causes them to fly very high into the air.
  • Also if it is used with Low Gravity and Milk Bones and using it on a civilian makes them appear to disappear.
  • In Saints Row 2, it is in the shape of a giant foam middle finger.
  • The Saints Row 2 Brady Mini Guide refers to the Pimp Slap as "Foam Finger".[1]


  • HUD icon in Saints Row
  • HUD icon in Saints Row 2
  • Pimp Slap equipped in Saints Row
  • Pimp Slap from Saints Row 2 viewed in a model viewer
  • Different foam fingers in the game files
  • Pimp Slap in the Weapons Cache in Saints Row 2
  • Pimp Slap - Foam Finger - Saints Row 2 promo
  • Foam Hand from Saints Row: Total Control

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