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Phone Numbers can be dialled on the cellphone in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Cellphone Dailer in Saints Row


Most phone numbers just play answering machine messages, but certain phone numbers spawn a vehicle to drive to Playa's location. Some phone numbers are displayed on billboards, others are on the side of vehicles such as Taxis, for example.

After entering a valid phone number into the Cellphone, it is entered into the "Phone Book" menu, and remains there for the rest of the game and cannot be removed. The phone book entries are in alphabetical order. In Saints Row 2 "Emergency" appears at the top of the list.

These phone numbers are not the same as Cheats, and entering these phone numbers does not affect Achievements.

In Saints Row, it is necessary to listen to the entire call to trigger the result. In Saints Row 2, the call can be ended as soon as it is answered.

Phone Numbers[]


Business Phone Number Result
Emergency 911 Ambulance arrives, paramedic heals Playa.
Stay calm. Emergency personnel are on the way.
— SR2 message

Fire Department SR2 555-3473
Blaze arrives, fireman gets out and does nothing.
Hello. You reached the Stilwater Fire Department. Remain calm! A fire unit has been dispatched to your location.
— SR2 Message

Police Department SR2 555-7973
Five-O arrives, cop gets out and does nothing.
Please remain calm. A Stilwater Police officer is en route to your location.
— SR2 Message

Big Willy's Cab 555-819-8415 Taxi arrives to provide Taxi Service. 819-8415 Looks like "BIG-BALS"
SR2 Message
Eagleline Yellow 555-018-0174 Taxi arrives to provide Taxi Service.
Hello, you reached Eagleline Taxi! Anywhere you gotta go, we can get you there!
— SR2 Message

TNA Taxi 555-455-8008 Taxi arrives to provide Taxi Service. 455-8008 looks like ASS-BOOB.
Hi, you reached TNA Taxi. Honey, you can ride as wherever you want.
— SR2 Message

Freckle Bitch's 555-6328
Oring arrives, employee gets out and does nothing.SR2
SR Message
SR2 Message
Company of Gyros SR2 555-4976
Mongoose with Company of Gyros logos arrives, employee does nothing.
You reached Company of Gyros! Be right there with your final solution for hunger!
— SR2 Message

Hazmat Team SR2 555-6677
City Waste Truck arrives, city worker gets out and walks away.
Stay where you are. A HazMat team has been dispatched to quarantine the area...and euthanize the infected.
— SR2 Message

Pimps 'R Us SR2 555-7467
A Pimp with a Prostitute arrives in a Compton and attacks Playa. The Prostitute does nothing.
SR2 Message
Eye for an Eye 555-5966
After they have died, calling this number unlocks Zombie Homies.
SR Message
SR Message
SR2 Message
Chicken Ned SR 555-2445
Found on a wall in Rebadeaux, this unlocks Chicken Ned as a Homie.
Hey, I was hoping you'll call. Hey, the manager is breaking my balls today, alright? So, I gotta keep this quick. You wanna roll, right? Say the word and I've got your back, no problem. Argh, damn, fries are done. Gotta go. Later!
— SR Message

Dex SR2 555-2628 Unlocks Revelation, only works when in the Phone Book.
How you doing, playa? If you've gone to Troy's files, you know that Julius set you up. Meet me at the old Church and I'll tell you where to find Julius.
— SR2 Message

Ship It! SR2 555-7447
When in the ocean, a Miami is delivered.
SR2 Message
News Station SR 555-3939
A Standard variant Anchor is delivered.

Answering Machines[]

Business Phone Number Notes
Wardill Airport SR2 555-3597
Hello and thank you for calling Wardill Airport. We can't come to the phone right now because we're in a danger zone!
— SR2 Message

Bling Bling SR2 555-4233
'Sup, this is Bling Bling, but ain't nobody here. If you looking to pick up some ice, swing by the store. If you looking to drop off some ice, then come to the back of the store after midnight and make sure you ain't fucking followed.
— SR2 Message

On Thin Ice 555-2564
SR Message
You've reached On Thin Ice! Regretfully, no one is here to take your call. This is most likely due to another armed robbery. Seriously, these people aren't fucking around.
— SR2 Message

Brown Baggers 555-3765
SR Message
SR2 Message
Stocks SR
Cocks SR2
SR Message
SR2 Message
Crash Landing SR 555-6278
SR Message
Crash Landing exists in Saints Row 2, but there is no phone number.
Cycles SR2 555-2453
SR2 Message
The Dead Cow SR 555-6238 SR Message
Do it Up SR 555-4247
SR Message
Foreign Power 555-2046 The number is in the shape of a cross, so could have been originally intended for Forgive and Forget.

SR Message
SR2 Message

Forgive and Forget 555-4448
SR Message
SR2 Message
Friendly Fire SR2 555-4867
SR2 Message
Grounds for Divorce SR 555-9473 Perhaps 555-WISE?
SR Message
Giftshop SR2 555-7577
The number SKRS is an abbreviation of Skeeters, the name of the team.
SR2 Message
Image as Designed 555-6398SR

SR Message
SR2 Message
Impression 555-3248
SR Message
SR2 Message
Leather & Lace SR2 555-2662
SR2 Message
Legal Lee's 555-9467
SR Message
SR2 Message
Lik-a-Chik SR 555-3863 SR Message
On The Fence SR 555-7296
SR Message
The number does not work in Saints Row 2, but is present on a billboard in Adept Way.
On The Rag 555-5926
SR Message
SR2 Message
Rim Jobs 555-3493
SR Message
SR2 Message
Rusty's Needle SR2 555-8287
SR2 Message
Shear Intensity SR 555-6666 A Shear Intensity building exists in Saints Row 2, but cannot be entered, and there is no phone number.
SR Message
SR Message
Spelunkers SR2 555-2283
SR2 Message
Suicide Hotline 487-6837

SR2 Message
Tee'N'Ay 555-9866
SR Message
SR2 Message
Turbulence SR 123-4567 SR Message
Sloppy Seconds SR 555-7562
SR Message
Ultor Security SR2 411 SR2 Message


Some billboards in the game display phone numbers that do not work.

Business Phone Number Notes
TKK equities SR2 555 555 7414 For Lease sign in Adept Way
North State Sales SR2 555 555 1054 Space Available sign on back of building. 3449 S. 11th St.
Queso Fresco Condominiums SR2 555 555 2793 Lofts for rent. Same number as Bainbridge Tower.
The Bone Yarrrgh! SR2 555-9274
Multiple places in Stoughton, including one near Rusty's Needle.
Mr. Quirk's workplace SR2 1-555-sht-2-rnt For rent signs at the empty place between Bistro 1900 and ILLWireless next to Ultor Dome.


  • The name of the Image As Designed doctor in Saints Row 2, Macnamara, may be a reference to the show Nip/Tuck.


Billboard for the Suicide Hotline, without the phone number

Billboard for On the Fence, with phone number


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