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Saints Row IV Announce Teaser - giant saints flow
Appears in

Saints Row IV
Enter the Dominatrix[1]




Zin Empire
The Dominatrix

Paul is a character in Saints Row IV and Enter the Dominatrix.


Paul is a giant monster who has the appearance of a giant Saints Flow can and appears as a boss in the missions "The Saints Flow" and "Pop his Top". Paul has laser eyes.[when?]

Saints Row IVEdit

While The Protagonist rescues Pierce from his nightmare simulation created by the Zin Empire, they end up going up against Paul who appears as a boss in the mission.[2] The Protagonist takes control of the Steelport statue on Magarac Island and battles Paul by beating him, opening him up and throwing him onto where the statue stood, presumably killing him.[3]

He is later summoned at the final portal in the antepenultimate by Kinzie to further disrupt the simulation.[4]

Enter the DominatrixEdit

After rescuing Zimos, The Dominatrix orders Paul to terrorize the city. In order to kill Paul, the Saints created a space ship so they can go into Paul's mouth and destroying his brain. After destroying his brain, Paul spews out Saints Flow.[5]



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