The Parachute is a feature in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.


Parachute - Saints Row 2 promo

The Protagonist using a parachute in Saints Row 2

The parachute is a clothing item which The Protagonist always has and can always use while falling from a certain height. It is impossible to lose the parachute, or to otherwise not have one.

While in a controlled fall, the parachute is deployed by the Action button, but in an uncontrolled fall, such as after hitting a building while falling, or being hit by the wing of a plane, it is not possible to use the parachute.

While using the parachute, pressing the Action button again causes the parachute to detach. It is also possible to deploy another parachute immediately after canceling the first parachute, since they are unlimited.

A prompt to start the Base Jumping diversion may appear while parachuting.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Parachute in Saints Row The Third

The Protagonist using a parachute in Saints Row: The Third

The parachute appears as the backpack Customization Item, and can be customised by wearing another backpack.

Although it is possible delete all backpacks from the Wardrobe, the option to deploy a parachute always appear when falling from a great height. When deployed, the last backpack used is shown, regardless or whether it is currently in the Wardrobe.


While the parachute is deployed, The Protagonist falls much slower than when falling without, and moves in a slight forward direction.

It is possible to turn left and right, and to lean forward and backwards to control the rate of descent.


The Protagonist throwing parachute in trash in Saints Row The Third

Discarding a packed Parachute

  • After arriving in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third, The Protagonist is shown tossing a packed parachute into a dumpster,[1] but a Parachute is available in the Wardrobe immediately afterwards.
  • Parachutes do not appear in Saints Row since there are no usable aircraft, and few accessible rooftops.
  • The parachute in Saints Row 2 resembles the flag of Belgium.
  • Although the backpacks are available in Saints Row IV, it is not possible to use them as parachutes.
  • The parachute briefly appears in the first Enter the Dominatrix DLC mission.[2]


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