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Orange Threat Level
Orange Threat Level mission complete
"Orange Threat Level" mission completion screen
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Bleeding Out Kanto Connection

"Orange Threat Level" is the fifth mission of the The Ronin story arc in Saints Row 2.

Cancelled flight leads to gang-land violence
Ultor Times newspaper headline


Pierce follows up on The Protagonist's request at the end of Bleeding Out and gets his hands on the passenger manifest of Kazuo Akuji's plane. Wasting no time, The Protagonist sets off to Wardill Airport with Pierce to kill Kazuo, who is arriving very soon.[1]

Together, they cut through multiple Ronin gang members, and kill two lieutenants who attempt to flee in a Knoxville, but do not see any sight of Kazuo. Fortunately for Kazuo, Jyunichi reached him first and drove him safely out of the airport; much to Shogo's chagrin, who Jyunichi claims had left his father to die.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Tempers flared yet again between the Ronin and the Saints today, this time at the Wardill Airport. Authorities say increased security will be the norm for the forseeable[sic] future at all terminals, and reminds travelers to always carry a sidearm.


Orange Threat Level - Lieutenants Killed
Drive to the airport before the Ronin arrive

There is a two minute timer to reach Wardill Airport before Kazuo Akuji lands. Get in a nearby vehicle and head to the airport.

Use the back entrance to bypass security

Follow the markers to enter the airport through the back and bypass security.

Akuji's plane arrived, head to the gate

Once inside the building, head through to Kazuo's gate.

Kill the Ronin Lieutenants

Kill all The Ronin nearby; there are four specific lieutenants that must be killed to fulfil the objective.

Head to the second gate

Head to the second gate.

Chase down and kill the Ronin

A brief chase ensues, with The Protagonist and Pierce giving chase to a pair of Ronin lieutenants. Although the Knoxvilles here are fairly slow, the tight corridors of the airport can make this slightly tricky. Once the enemy Knoxville is destroyed, the mission ends.

If the the Knoxville is allowed to reach the loading bay, the lieutenants head outside of the airport and get on a nearby Kenshin. There is a second one beside it which can be used to pursue them, as well as other Ronin on Tetsuos or Hayate Z70s.


  • Quinbecca neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper rn05 Orange Threat Level

The Ultor Times newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • In America, the Homeland Security Advisory System's orange threat level refers to a "high risk of terrorist attacks".
  • The passenger manifest that Pierce gives to The Protagonist in the opening cutscene of the mission, "Welcome to Stilwater", is very detailed despite barely being viewable in the cutscene. The text on the manifest says that "All flight attendants are to be groped/harrassed[sic] at least once every flight" and that "Failure to comply will result in immediate tossing out of the plane".[3]
  • During the car ride, the radio will be set to KRhyme 95.4. Pierce will change it to Klassic 102.4, and The Protagonist will change it back to KRhyme. The radio station can be changed manually at any time, but will still be changed by both Pierce and The Protagonist.
  • It is unknown exactly when Jyunichi saw The Protagonist alone inside the airport and saved Kazuo Akuji, as during the mission, The Protagonist immediately heads towards Kazuo's plane with Pierce after entering the airport.
  • In Co-op, Pierce is not a Homie inside the airport due to the Knoxville holding only two passengers.
  • The loading bay door which The Ronin use to drive outside is only open during this mission, but can be explored outside of the mission by using the Newspaper Clipboard to glitch out of the mission or parking a bike, such as a Sandstorm parallel to the roller door.
  • The airport worker getting knocked out by Jyunichi in the "Flight Plans" cutscene, is actually Tobias' cousin Richie.[4]
  • A bug in the PC version may freeze the game after the second cutscene. Skipping the cutscene avoids the game freezing.


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"Welcome to Stilwater" cutsceneEdit

Pierce: "I got the passenger manifest..."
The Protagonist: "Thanks."
Pierce: "I'm not Shaundi so, I had to ya know... do actual work to get that."
The Protagonist: "What, you bribed someone?"
Pierce: "Why you gotta be an asshole?"
Pierce: "Akuji bought every 1st class seat on the plane, looks like he's traveling with friends."
The Protagonist: "That'll make killin' him a lot more interesting..."
Pierce: "Well if you wanna welcome him to America you better hurry, his plane's gonna land soon."
— "Welcome to Stilwater" cutscene


Pierce: "How's Gat doing?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "He's been stabbed, he's seen better days."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "He's in bad shape but he'll live."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "He'll feel better once we kill some of these assholes..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "We'll he's been stabbed so I'm guessing he's felt better..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Johnny's a tough guy, he'll survive."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "His girlfriends dead, he's depressed..."
Pierce: "If that was me, that asshole wouldn'tve gotten away..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Sure you would."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "If that was you, we wouldn't have had to go to the hospital at all."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "If it was you we'd be burying you with Aisha..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "I bet you would've..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Pierce, honey, if it was you you'd be dead."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "We wouldn'tve had to bother with the hospital, that's for damn sure..."
Pierce: "Yeah, I'm - hey!"
Pierce: "What the hell are we listenin' to..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "That was my music..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I was listening to that..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "That was my music..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Pierce I was listening to that..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "That's my station!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "That was my drivin' music!"
Pierce: "Too bad it sucked..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "When you run the Saints you can listen to whatever the hell you want, but right now, I'm in charge of the radio..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "When I'm drivin' we're listening to whatever the fuck I wanna listen to..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Make fun of my music again and I'll put a bullet in your head..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Who's driving the goddamn car Pierce?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Fuck you Pierce, I'm drivin' I can listen to whatever I want?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Fuck you Pierce, my car my music..."
Pierce: "Why you gotta be like that?"
— After Pierce changes the radio station
Akuji is gonna have a lotta security, so be ready...
— Pierce, once inside the airport

Someone must have tipped him off, Akuji didn't get off the plane...
— Pierce

Pierce: "They're getting away!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "We better follow them..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Like hell they are, let's jack that cart..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Get in that cart, we're following them..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "We gotta go after them."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Let's take that cart!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Like hell they are..."
— After spotting a pair of Ronin escaping
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I thought that was Akuji's flight."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "No Akuji. You sure that was his flight?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Pierce...what happened..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Pierce, you sure that wsa Akuji's flight?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "What happened to "Akuji's flight is coming in today""
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I thought that was Kazuo's flight?"
Pierce: "I'm tellin' you, he was supposed to be on that plane..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Don't worry about it, he can't hide forever..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Somethin's up...let's get back to the hideout..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Let's get outta here, we'll figure this out later..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Alright, let's get the hell outta here, we can figure this out later..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Lets go back to the hideout, we'll figure this out..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Something weird's goin' on, let's get outta here..."
— After killing all The Ronin


The gate Akuji's flying into is at the back of the terminal, we should drive over there.
— Pierce

There they are!
— Pierce

"Flight Plans" cutsceneEdit

As his phone rings, Jyunichi speaks briefly to Kazuo Akuji in Japanese. Jyunichi says it's Shogo, but Kazuo does not wish to speak with him. Jyunichi then answers the phone.
Jyunichi (subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Jyunichi (translation): "It's Shogo"
Jyunichi (Spanish subtitle translation): "It's your son"
Jyunichi (audio): "Shogo-san desu"
Kazuo (subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Kazuo (translation): "?"
Jyunichi (Spanish subtitle translation): "I have nothing to say to him"
Kazuo (audio): "?"
Jyunichi: "Hello?"
Shogo Akuji: "What happened Jyunichi..."
Jyunichi: "What happened is that you left your father to die."
Shogo Akuji: "I didn't ask for your opinion, Jyunichi. What happened?"
Jyunichi: "I went to the airport to safe guard Akuji sans arrival. Once I saw the leader of the Saints making a move towards the terminal I made my way to the plane so I could evacuate your father. His entourage willingly gave their lives to ensure his safety."
Shogo Akuji: "Let me speak to him."
Jyunichi: "No."
Shogo Akuji: "What?"
Jyunichi: "Your father made it quite clear that he doesn't wish to speak to you. Anything you have to say to him will go through me."
Shogo Akuji: "You ungrateful little-"
Jyunichi (subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Jyunichi (translation): "Goodbye."
Jyunichi (audio): "Sayonara."
— "Flight Plans" cutscene


  • Pierce and The Protagonist discuss Kazuo Akuji's upcoming arrival in Stilwater at the Saints Hideout
  • Jyunichi speaks to Shogo Akuji on the phone, having just saved his father, Kazuo Akuji
  • Jyunichi explains how he managed to beat The Protagonist and Pierce to Kazuo's plane and save him before they arrived
  • The passenger manifest
  • Loading screen used after completing "Orange Threat Level"
  • Loading screen used after completing "Orange Threat Level"
  • Loading screen used after completing "Orange Threat Level"
  • Orange Threat Level - Lieutenants Killed
  • Richie and Jyunichi


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