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The Police Chopper in Saints Row
The Police Chopper in Saints Row
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The Oppressor is a vehicle in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row IV.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Oppressor is a 4 seat personnel transport helicopter. The seats in the back are accessible by sliding doors that easily can be left open while in the air to allow shooting, filming or a descent by rope.

Saints Row[edit | edit source]

The Police Chopper is a unobtainable vehicle in Saints Row, and has the same internal name as the Oppressor, meaning it is the same vehicle.

The Police Chopper is used at level 4 Police Notoriety, and a 4-man SWAT Team on board use AR-40 Xtnds. At some points it flies lower and drops off the SWAT Team that is on board.

Destroying a Police Chopper gives an automatic level 5 Notoriety.

A "First Born Loans" branded Police Chopper is used by the Loan Sharks if the money is not repaid. It is the last vehicle they use, and features an unknown pilot, with Mike and Dan in the back armed with AR-40 Xtnds.

When the pilot is killed, the helicopter bursts into flames and explodes. This is to prevent any attempts to hijack the helicopter, because the game is not programmed for it to be entered and flown. Editing the game files to spawn a parked Police Chopper also results in them exploding immediately. Editing the game files to make Homies fly them, to buy them from Foreign Power, or to add them to the Garage results in the game crashing.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Saints Row 2[edit | edit source]

The Oppressor is a fully functional vehicle in this game. The Oppressor probably has the easiest control for its remarkable speed and is one of the most common aircraft in the game.

In addition to the six variants of the standard Oppressor, there are also two other vehicles based on it

  • Oppressor ULTOR, used by Ultor in Corporate Warfare. Front door-less design and Ultor logos.
  • Side Shooter, used in missions where Playa is using a mounted gun in the back of an Oppressor and an extended rear deck, but with a shorter slide doors.

Police[edit | edit source]

Police branded Oppressors are parked at the airport by the terminal and rarely on the helipad of the prison island. They are also used outside of the Saint's Row District at level 3 Notoriety when using an aircraft and at level 4 Notoriety when on foot. Ultor uses Oppressors during the "Picking a Fight" mission, when Playa walks into Club Koi, a police Oppressor full of Masako is hanging in the air.

Reward[edit | edit source]

An Oppressor with Saints colors and logos is unlocked in the garage as a reward for completing all helicopter races.

Tan and Black[edit | edit source]

Carlos flies a Tan and Black Oppressor during the mission "Waste Not Want Not", and it is possible to steal using a second helicopter.

After reaching the helipad, Carlos does a fly-by saying "it's too hot". He spawns behind the eastern tower and de-spawns behind the western one.

After he flies away, he may become frozen near the cooling tower. Pausing and un-pausing during his run seems to increase the chances of him freezing in place. When he freezes, fly over him and use the Parachute to land on top of his helicopter.

Once in it, cancel the mission and fly the helicopter to his garage. If playing Co-op, the Host must be flying the helicopter, or it vanishes.

The internal name of this variant is SS03, even though it appears in a Brotherhood mission.

News[edit | edit source]

The Channel 6 News helicopter is unlocked by completing the Sons of Samedi mission, "Airborne Assault".

This helicopter is also provided at Wardill Airport, during the mission "The Enemy of my Enemy".

Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

During the mission "The Enemy of my Enemy", the Brotherhood arrive at the cargo ship in red painted Oppressors. When they fly low to drop off gang members, it is possible to enter it. One is present on the deck of the cargo ship after the completion of the mission.

Samedi[edit | edit source]

The Sons of Samedi pilot this in the "Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs" Stronghold, it is green and does not have any Samedi decals.

Immediately after starting the Stronghold, the Samedi Oppressor is parked on the roof, but cannot be stolen until the mission is aborted.

The internal name of this variant is SS07.

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Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

The new version of the Oppressor is slower, however it is much more maneuverable and does not fall so drastically when flying forward. The turning is much faster and easier to control, and the helicopter all together looks, and is, more durable. The vehicle is still able to seat six people at once, however the doors on the side are closed until someone gets in. Like many helicopters in Saints Row: The Third, the new Oppressor rises and falls much, much slower, similar to the Vulture and Tornado.

There are 7 variants of the Oppressor in Saints Row: The Third, 5 variants of the Side Shooter and 1 DLC Oppressor.

Although there are 2 Doors and Seats options, all Oppressors use Door 2 and Seat 2, meaning that the only difference between most variants is the Colour Scheme.

Average[edit | edit source]

The body is random Matte paint, with a White Interior, 60% Tint, Silver and Black Titanium Trim. It has a 50% chance of 25% Grime.

Ultimate[edit | edit source]

The body is Gloss Jet Black, with a White Interior, 20% Tint, Chrome and Black Titanium Trim. It has a 50% chance of 25% Grime.

Police[edit | edit source]

The body is Hero Gloss Jet Black and Hero Gloss Satin Bright White, with a White Interior, 20% Tint, Chrome and Black Titanium Trim. It has 25% Grime. It has Police decals, and is a unique variant.

This is the same as the Morningstar variant, but it also has "Steelport Police" written on the side doors and on the bottom between the ends of landing gears. The way of obtaining it is same as for the first one, except for fair difference that police notoriety needs to be raised. A Police Oppressor is also a Vehicle Theft target.

The police do not use the Oppressor when STAG is in the city.[2]

Syndicate[edit | edit source]

The body is full Hero Gloss Jet Black, with a White Interior, 20% Tint, Chrome and Black Titanium Trim. No grime.

In the first mission "When Good Heists Go Bad" an all black Oppressor is flown by the Morningstar.

Morningstar[edit | edit source]

The body is Hero Gloss Jet Black and Hero Gloss Satin Bright White, with a White Interior, 20% Tint, Chrome and Black Titanium Trim. It has 25% Grime.

This version of Oppressor is provided on Saints HQ helipad during the mission "Party Time", but it cannot be obtained while on mission, even after cancelling. It is also used by Morningstar at level 3-4 notoriety, and always has two snipers Specialists on side seats. The easiest way to hijack this vehicle is by using the RC Possessor.

News[edit | edit source]

The body is Gloss Jet Black, with a Green Interior, 60% Tint, Silver and Black Titanium Trim. It has a 50% chance of 25% Grime. It has no decals, although decals exist. It is a unique variant.

Angel[edit | edit source]

The body is Gray, Black and Blue, with a White Interior, 20% Tint, Chrome and Black Titanium Trim. It has a 50% chance of 25% Grime.

This variant of oppressor appears in mission "Live! With Killbane" and it has unique green-coloured spotlight during the mission. It's an unlockable reward which is added to the Garage upon completion of the mission "Live! With Killbane".

Gangstas in Space[edit | edit source]

The defined name of this vehicle is "OPPRESSORDLC2".

The body is Hero Gloss Coffee Creamer Tan and Hero Gloss Morph Brown, with a Gray interior, 70% Tint, Carbon Steel and Black Titanium Trim. It has 75% Grime, special Decals, and is equipped with the same Spotlight as the Angel Variant.

This variant appears in the Gangstas in Space DLC. It is a normal Oppressor with a camera mounted on it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

The Oppressor is less common in Saints Row IV.

There are 7 Variants of the Oppressor in Saints Row IV.

  • Average
  • Ultimate
  • Police
  • Morningstar
  • Syndicate
  • News
  • Angel

A black Oppressor is parked at the airport, on the helipad which houses a Thompson in Saints Row: The Third.

An Oppressor appears during the mission "Dancing Queen" and it is used by Benjamin King.

Police[edit | edit source]

There is a police variant with ZPD markings during Mayhem, Mech Suit Mayhem, Tank Mayhem and UFO Mayhem, and it is used by the ZPD officers. To obtain one, start Mech Suit Mayhem at Sunset Park, Downtown and go a little bit northeast where the two police Oppressors spawns in the low air near the buildings. When the Police Oppressors appears to fly west and a little bit south, lure the Oppressors west and a little bit south to the central and north of Sunset Park, but don't destroy the helicopters. Land on the activity start, look at the Map and wait until the positions of the Oppressors that is displayed on the Map has reached to the west and a little bit south, then exit the activity. After exiting the activity, call the Stored Vehicle Delivery, select Void and follow them west and a little bit south before they disappears. When you are next to the police Oppressors, exit the Void, then you are at the top of the Void. Now jump off from the top of the Void and use Telekinesis to grab one of these police Oppressors and land on the ground with the helicopter, then switch to another Power to drop it on the ground. Press "Enter Vehicle" button to enter it and save it to the Garage. The Police Oppressor with ZPD markings is now yours.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in any game.
  • The design resembles the one of a Bell OH-58A Kiowa.
  • On the cover of BOOST, the Oppressor has no side doors and also has a different styling of windows on the side.
  • While the Oppressor doesn't have weapons, homies can perform drive-by shootings from it as they would from a car.
    • In Saints Row: The Third, homies sit inside the rear of the helicopter, just like Morningstar/Police Specialists.
    • If homies get in the back area and then get out, the K-8 Krukov or Automatic Rifle will appear in their hands, although these are not usable weapons and just models.
  • The Ronin are the only gang in Saints Row 2, who do not use them nor is there a Ronin variant of the Oppressor, while the Saints, Brotherhood, and Samedi each have their own Oppressor variant.
  • In the last cutscene of "... and a Better Life", Tobias pilots the same Oppressor Carlos drives in "Waste Not Want Not".
  • In Saints Row IV, during Mayhem activities, the snipers in the passenger seat are actually Steelport Police rather than ZPD.

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