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"One Step Ahead" is the fifth mission of the Westside Rollerz story arc in Saints Row.

Stopping those hijackings really fucked things up for the Rollerz. They got a whole list of cars that they're plannin' on jackin'. Make sure they can't find what they're looking for.
One Step Ahead audio
Lin to The Protagonist, in a phone call.


William Sharp and Joseph Price discuss Donnie's value to the Westside Rollerz; Sharp accuses Donnie of being a "nimrod", while Price defends his best friend, stating he always "steps up at the end". Donnie and Lin then enter the room, revealing they have a plan to get the parts for the buyers after their previous plan[1] failed: simply strip four key cars that already have the particular parts.[2]

After leaving, Lin phones The Protagonist to instruct them on finding the cars before the Westside Rollerz do and destroying them.

After The Protagonist destroys all four vehicles, back at Price's Mansion a furious Joseph Price curses the 3rd Street Saints for ruining his plans yet again. William Sharp deduces only him, Price, Donnie and Lin knew about the plan, and if he, Price and Donnie didn't "sell [them] out", then Lin must be. Sharp leaves to find Lin, knowing she has betrayed them.[3]

I don't give a shit what you do to Lin, but you better not hurt Donnie.
— Joseph Price


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

After you screwed up the Rollerz' truck heists, they came up with a new plan to steal cars, allowing them to strip off the high-end parts and deliver them on schedule. You wasted no time in heading to the suburbs and keeping the Rollerz from getting what they needed yet again, establishing the Saints as the Rollerz' biggest priority.


One Step Ahead - 4 Cars Left

Gameplay from the mission.

Stop the Rollerz from stealing the cars they need.

The objective of the mission is to destroy four vehicles that the Westside Rollerz want, one at a time. All the vehicles are in the Suburbs District. The mission requires driving skills and knowledge of the Suburbs District and its shortcuts.

All four vehicles can be reached before the Westside Rollerz steal them through good driving and efficient use of shortcuts.

Kill the Westside Rollerz gang member who is about to steal the vehicle before working on destroying the vehicle itself.

If a chase ensues, drive after them and gun down the vehicle. Shooting the driver through the windows can help stop the vehicle, making them easier to destroy.

Get to the car before the Rollerz do!
Don't let the Rollerz jack the car!
Destroy the car before the Rollerz get it!
Stop the Rollerz from stealing the car!
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On completion of the mission, $2,000 cash is awarded. This mission also marks the final mission that Lin works as a genuine undercover gang member. The next mission, "Liberation", is continued immediately by "Burying Evidence", so use the reward money to stock up on ammo.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, or allowing the Westside Rollerz to steal three vehicles.[4]



  • The name of this mission is a reference to a quote from Lin in the mission "Guardian Angel", in which she said "if we get in good with Price's crew, we'll always be one step a head of those fuckers" to The Protagonist.[5]
  • Lin shows genuine concern for Donnie when William Sharp insults his plan.[2]
  • This is the final mission in which Lin works undercover as a Westside Rollerz gang member for the 3rd Street Saints.
  • In the cutscene "Thinking Outside the Box", the subtitles for William Sharp's line, "That's probably the smartest thing you've said all day", misspells "probably" as "probobly".[6]



Stopping those hijackings really fucked things up for the Rollerz. They got a whole list of cars that they're plannin' on jackin'. Make sure they can't find what they're looking for.
— Lin, pre-mission phone call

"Thinking Outside the Box" cutsceneEdit

William Sharp: "I know he's your friend, Joseph, but I will not let that nimrod ruin my plans."
Joseph Price: "Your plans?"
William Sharp: "Our plans."
Joseph Price: "Look, Donnie may be a little flaky, but he always steps up at the end."
William Sharp: "I certainly hope so."
Donnie: "Lin and I got this shit down."
William Sharp: "This should be compelling."
Donnie: "Alright kids, check this shit out. So we lost the parts the buyers wanted, and there's no way another shipment like that is going to roll through here again any time soon. Lin and I did the math, and there are a couple key cars that we can strip down to get the parts we need."
Joseph Price: "(To Sharp) See, what'd I tell ya? This guy's a fucking genius. (To Donnie) I'm gonna go get the boys ready."
William Sharp: "So your plan is to go steal cars. You really know how to think outside the box, Donnie."
Lin: "Don't talk to him like that."
William Sharp: "I'll take your advice to heart."
Lin: "It's not advice."
William Sharp: "A threat? How refreshing."
Lin: "Listen up, you-"
Donnie: "Lin, (stutters) don't worry 'bout--"
Sharp and Lin: "Shut up, Donnie."
William Sharp: "You were saying?"
Lin: "I was about to tell you to go fuck yourself."
William Sharp: "And here I thought we were bonding."
Lin: "Let's go, Donnie."
William Sharp: "That's probobly the smartest thing you've said all day."
Thinking Outside the Box full CUTSCENES 0324
— "Thinking Outside the Box" cutscene

"I'll Handle This" cutsceneEdit

Joseph Price: "Donnie, slow down...don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault...I know you are, it's okay...just relax man...yeah, you do that...later."
Joseph Price: "FUCK!"
William Sharp: "That was productive."
Joseph Price: "That's the second time the Saints fucked us!"
William Sharp: "Three times, if you count the attack on the garage. Quite a coincidence..."
Joseph Price: "Whaddya mean?"
William Sharp: "Well, let's think. The same four people knew about those jobs. If I didn't sell us out, and you didn't sell us out, who else is there?"
Joseph Price: "Donnie? Donnie may not like it when things get messy, but there's no way he'd turn on me..."
William Sharp: "Which brings us to..."
Joseph Price: "Lin."
William Sharp: "Bravo."
Joseph Price: "This is gonna be a bitch to explain to Donnie."
William Sharp: "Luckily, you're not going to."
Joseph Price: "Whaddya mean?"
William Sharp: "Please, you're too attached to the boy. I'll handle this."
Joseph Price: "I don't give a shit what you do to Lin, but you better not hurt Donnie."
William Sharp: "Of course, Joseph. I'll keep that in mind."
I'll Handle This full CUTSCENES 0320
— "I'll Handle This" cutscene


  • William Sharp sitting in his chair
  • Lin defends Donnie after William Sharp criticizes his plan
  • Lin swears at William Sharp before she leaves with Donnie. Note the subtitles' misspelling of the word "probably"
  • Joseph Price on the phone to Donnie after his plan failed again
  • William Sharp leaves to find Lin as Joseph Price warns him not to hurt Donnie
  • Gameplay from the mission


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