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On Track exterior entrance in Saints Row
The On Track nightclub in Saints Row.

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Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row IV

On Track is a Night Club in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.


It is located in the Barrio District.

In Saints Row, Rico Martinez orders Playa to commit several acts of terrorism around the city.[4]

Most of the club interior is below ground level.

In Saints Row 2, DJ Veteran Child takes Shaundi here after kidnapping her.[5]

The Hitman target Apoop can also be found in or around the building.[6]

It also makes a brief appearance in Saints Row IV as part of Shaundi's nightmare simulation, where Playa must save Shaundi's past self Fun Shaundi from Veteran Child once again. However after defeating Veteran Child and saving Shaundi again, Zinyak revives Veteran Child with the ability to duplicate himself every time he is killed, forcing Playa to use the Disintegrator to delete his code. Afterwards Shaundi manages to separate herself from Fun Shaundi.[7]

For the most part, the layout is the same though its appearance and décor is slightly different. It features televisions featuring looped video of The General from the "General's Orders" cutscene and one television features video of Veteran Child holding Shaundi and shooting his gun at Playa from the "We Need To Talk" cutscene. The club is also full of blow-up dolls in various poses such as posing on tables, siting in booths and on bar stools, or just standing. Some of the barstools can be knock over and can be destroyed by the Disintegrator. Near the end of the mission, weapon chest containing Disintegrators appears on the bottom floor, sent into the simulated On Track by Kinzie.


On Track has the Liquor Stores icon, and is labelled "Night Club". It is north east of Sloppy Seconds.

In Saints Row IV, it is a part of Shaundi's nightmare simulation along with Phillipe Loren's Gawalek A36 and only appears in the "De Plane Boss" mission.

In Saints Row Undercover, On Track is replaced with a little warehouse.


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