Old Stilwater
Postcard hood old stilwater
Old Stilwater Postcard





Bums SR2

Unlocked after

"Down Payment" SR2

City Income

$500 SR2



Notable buildings

Saints Hideout


2x Tagging


Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Bavogian Plaza

Old Stilwater is a Neighborhood in the Underground District of Stilwater.


Unlike most Neighborhoods, Old Stilwater does not appear on the map, as it is located underground. The only entrance is the old mission house in the Bavogian Plaza Neighborhood in the Red Light District

Hobos use the place, until Playa and Johnny Gat kill all the inhabitants and claim the place for the Saints.[1]

Afterwards, the 3rd Street Saints renovate a part of it to create the Saints Hideout, which is their primary base for the remainder of the game.

Although the Saints are supposed to have cleared out the bums,[1] a few still spawn outside of the Saints Hideout itself.

There are no Activities or Stores in Old Stilwater, although there are two Tagging locations.


During the mission "Down Payment", Johnny explains that an earthquake destroyed part of the city, and that the wreckage was built over.

Gat talking about earthquake SR2 VOC SP 02675
Gat talking about the earthquake

The earthquake occurred prior to Saints Row, as the area above Old Stilwater already exists in that game. The area looks to have been abandoned and destroyed in the early 40s to late 50s, given that the abandoned railcars are from around that time.[2]

Stilwater may have had several Earthquakes in the past, as the Stoughton docks are under water in Saints Row 2.


  • Zombie Uprising takes place in a section of Old Stilwater, but it is not possible to leave that area without exiting the Zombie Uprising game.
  • There is a fountain in Old Stilwater which is usually normal water, but while playing Zombie Uprising acts like toxic acid.
  • There are skylights, or holes, visible on the ceiling above Old Stilwater, but these openings are not visible from the surface.
  • There is a hotel in old Stilwater, with an art deco design, probably 50s.
  • Old Stilwater is one of several underground areas that have their own separate maps and do not appear on the main map.
    • Technically, all underground areas are part of a single Underground District, but this is never indicated within the game.
  • In some parts of Old Stilwater there are rats squeaking.
  • There is a corridor where low resolution textures are visible.[3]
    • In this corridor, low-resolution civilian models sometimes appear for a few seconds, then disappear. Due to low resolution textures and lighting, they sometimes resemble ghosts.
  • There is a sign for Eads N' Mitch's Flowery Garden.
  • There is a sign for Tim Wasson's Tasty Wieners - a factory of the same name is located in Stoughton.
  • There is a pile of trash containing a dead body, this trash pile is repeated several times through-out Old Stilwater, including just outside of both exits from the Saints Hideout, and at least 4 times in the section used for Zombie Uprising.
  • Old Stilwater is the only hood defined as being controlled by a Neutral Gang.


  • Underground district - Old Stilwater map
  • Old Stilwater
  • Old Stilwater - Bums still present after Down Payment
  • Signs in Old Stilwater
  • Blake Low's Wigs and Whiskers
  • Eads N Mitch's Flowery Garden
  • Tim Wasson's Tasty Wieners
  • Fountain is non-acidic outside Zombie Uprising
  • Old Stilwater - corridor with loading issues where low resolution Civilian models appear
  • 1940 Manhole Cover
  • Flavin St

Star saints

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