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The Nyte Blayde Pack is a downloadable content pack in Saints Row: The Third.[2]


The ultimate collection of goods for Nyte Blayde fans! Look just like a Nyte Blayde star with exact replicas of the Altar Boy and Bloody Cannoness Outfits. Experience the excitement of Nyte Blayde's adventures as you get behind the wheel of the Nyte Blayde Mobile vehicle. Top off your full Nyte Blayde experience by zipping around town on the Bloody Cannoness Bike!
— DLC Description

Nyte Blayde is a fictional superhero in a TV series who fights vampires and is an optional unlockable homie in the main storyline.[3]

The Nyte Blayde Pack contains:[2]

  • Nyte Blayde Mobile[sic] - "Travel Steelport in style with Nyte Blayde's blood-red, vampire-hunting sports car."
  • Altar Boy Outfit - "Innocence may be lost, but at least you still have the outfit."
  • Bloody Canoness Outfit[sic] - "Join the Order, slay your mortal enemies, show some leg."
  • Bloody Cannoness Bike - "Vampires can fly, but so will you in this two-wheeled turbo-charged motorcycle of salvation."


  • Free with the Season Pass, which came free when pre-ordered on THQ's website. After released, the Season Pass was available for $19.99 on Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN.
  • Despite it being the Nyte Blayde pack, Nyte Blayde's outfit is not included.
  • It was only available as part of the Season Pass until 2012-04-10, when it was released as a separate DLC for 240 MS points.[1]


  • The "Cannoness" is misspelled as "Canoness" in the in-game subtitles, the forum announcement and in the text for the outfit, while it is spelled correctly in the Garage, and in the unlock text for this DLC.
  • The description to the "Altar Boy" outfit refers to the controversy between many Catholic Bishops and Cardinals who sexually assaulted Altar Boys and the Church's culpability in hiding the cases for many years.


Nyte Blayde Pack unlock screen

Nyte Blayde Pack promo

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