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Nyte Blayde
Nyte Blayde in Saints Row: The Third
Nyte Blayde in Saints Row: The Third
Nyte Blayde in Saints Row IV
Nyte Blayde in Saints Row IV
Appears in

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV
Enter the Dominatrix

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Franklyn Nyte








Matt Miller SRIV
3rd Street Saints




Vampire hunter

Nyte Blayde is a character in Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV[4] and Enter the Dominatrix.

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I'm Joshua Birk. On TV I play Nyte Blayde, an exceptionally good looking but misunderstood vampire who risks life and limb every week to keep the world safe.
Josh Birk, using his popularity as Nyte Blayde to endorse STAG.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Franklyn Nyte,[5] known better as his alter ego Nyte Blayde, is a vampire-hunter-turned-vampire.

After the death of his wife, Sylvia, at the hands of the vampire Mr. X, Nyte Blayde joins the Cyprian Order to hunt and kill vampires in an effort to find his wife's killer. However, after being turned into a vampire himself, the Cyprian Order turns against him, and he is forced to fight a two-sided battle.

He is portrayed by the actor Josh Birk.

Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

Nyte Blayde is used as STAG's mascot to recruit more soldiers.[6][7]

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

Nyte Blayde is featured in a training simulation created by Matt Miller, which is based on one of his fan fictions. It involves a plot where they must track down the Cardinal, and Nyte Blayde calls upon a delighted Matt for his assistance. Nyte Blayde arrives at the 3 Count Casino to meet Matt and Playa and they follow him in order to search for the Cardinal. He rides the Bloody Cannoness, while Playa drives the Nyte Blayde.

Zinyak hijacks the program and turns Nyte Blayde against Matt Miller and Playa, forcing them to kill him. Playa then awards Matt Miller with Nyte Blayde's powers and then awards Matt Miller all rights to the Nyte Blayde franchise, on the condition of him never stopping making it.[8]

He is the boss in Super-Powered Fight Club, in the Salander neighborhood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nyte Blayde season 1[edit | edit source]

The events of each episode of Nyte Blayde season 1 are advertised on the radio after post-mission news reports.

Originally "a man with a purpose", the eponymous hero Nyte Blayde joins the Cyprian Order as a vampire hunter after his wife, Sylvia, is killed by the vampire Mr. X.[3] Nyte Blayde chases after him, the adventures of which form the bulk of Season 1. Sometime after Sylvia's death, Nyte Blayde begins a relationship with The Bloody Canoness, another member of the Cyprian Order. With his two blades, Nocturne and The Sun Ra, Nyte Blayde brings "righteous fury to the damned" for The Cardinal, the leader of the Cyprian Order. After being turned into a vampire, the Cyprian Order turns against Nyte Blayde, as does The Bloody Canoness, and he flees.[9]

After these events, he falls in love for a woman named Marion; although she wants a relationship, Nyte Blayde tells himself he doesn't, claiming, "after losing Sylvia, I can never love again".[10] The Cyprian Order, however, are still after Nyte Blayde, and in an effort to get to him, The Bloody Canoness kills Marion.[11][12]

Nyte Blayde eventually confronts The Cardinal, demanding to know why the Cyprian Order are trying to kill him. The Cardinal states that while Nyte Blayde is not like the other vampires, he believes Nyte Blayde's hunger will rise and he will eventually become "no different than Mr. X".[13]

Nyte Blayde soon learns that his best friend, Stu, is Mr. X.[14] Nyte Blayde manages to kill Mr. X, and in the final episode of Season 1, an enemy known only as The Darkness reveals itself to Nyte Blayde and The Bloody Canoness.[12]

Nyte Blayde season 3[edit | edit source]

During dialogue in the mission "http://deckers.die", Matt Miller makes note of a Season 3 episode of Nyte Blayde, named "Rise of the Cyprian Order", revealing The Cardinal remains a prominent character beyond the events of Season 1.[15]

Homie[edit | edit source]

Both Nyte Blayde and Josh Birk are unlocked as Homies after completing the mission "STAG Party" and giving Josh to Shaundi instead of Cyrus Temple at the end of the mission.

Nyte Blayde and Josh Birk can be recruited at the same time, and act completely differently, with Nyte Blayde acting "in character" at all times even when being injured. However, their Cellphone image is identical, and both have the same responses when called.

In Saints Row: The Third, he drives a Temptress, wields a 45 Shepherd, while Josh wields a KA-1 Kobra. He makes references to the Nyte Blayde TV show.

In Enter the Dominatrix, he is unlocked after completing the mission Save the Planet, when summoned, doesn't drive anything, and wields a .45 Fletcher, while Josh carries a 9MM Tactical.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nyte Blayde's real name, Franklyn Nyte, is displayed on a poster in the STAG PR Center, which is accessible at any time and is featured in the mission, "Nyte Blayde's Return".[5]
  • Two DLC packs, the Nyte Blayde Pack and the Bloodsucker Pack, contain several allusions to both him and the franchise.
  • The Nyte Blayde Mobile, a vehicle belonging to the Nyte Blayde Pack DLC, is named after him.
  • The comics version of Nyte Blayde has black hair combed back and wears shades, differently from Josh.
  • A character named Mr. X – Nyte Blayde's nemesis – is featured in the mission "The Case of Mr. X", although this character is unrelated to Nyte Blayde. He is presented as an antagonist with all of Playa's worst qualities multiplied.
  • Nyte Blayde also has a few similarities to the Marvel Comics character Blade. Both Nyte Blayde and Blade are vampires hunting their own kind who ride motorcycles; they both also wield swords. Finally, both characters lose a significant love interest and are hunted down by a company of vampire hunters.
  • Nyte Blayde is featured under N in The ABCs of Saints Row.[16]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Josh Birk - Nyteblayde - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Josh Birk - nyteblayde - character model in Saints Row IV

Saints Row the Third concept art of Nyte Blayde

Promotional artwork of Nyte Blayde, from the official Saints Row website

Josh Birk, who portrays the character Nyte Blayde, in Saints Row: The Third

Josh Birk, fully dressed up as Nyte Blayde and endorsing STAG in "Convoy Decoy"

From left to right: Viola DeWynter as The Bloody Canoness, Playa as The Cardinal, and Josh Birk as Nyte Blayde in "Nyte Blayde's Return"

A poster with Nyte Blayde's real name, from inside the STAG PR Center in Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third - Nyte Blayde Comic cover

Nyte Blayde

Saints Row IV - Nyte Blayde (Fight Club)

Nyte Blade in Saints Row IV

Nyte Blayde Close up

Nyte Blayde is featured under N in The ABCs of Saints Row

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