Nob Hill
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Nob Hill Postcard



High End Retail


Vice Kings SR
The Ronin SR2

Unlocked after

3rd Street Vice Kings SR
Laundry Day SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


On Thin Ice
Shear Intensity SR
$tock$ SR / ¢ocks SR2


Mayhem SR


1 Barnstorming
2 CDs SR / 1 CD SR2
2 Taggings SR SR2


Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Nob Hill is a neighborhood in the High End Retail District of Stilwater.


In Saints Row, this neighborhood is part of the High End Retail District, along with Atlantis Avenue. It is under the control of the Vice Kings but is unlocked for the Saints upon the completion of the mission "3rd Street Vice Kings".

In Saints Row 2, Atlantis Avenue has been merged with this Neighborhood and the High End Retail District now consists of Nob Hill and the new Rounds Square Shopping Center neighborhood located beneath it. Nob Hill is now controlled by The Ronin but is unlocked for the Saints upon completion of the mission "Laundry Day".


The map only shows these three stores, yet the Rounds Square Shopping Center, which is accessible from the Nob Hill neighborhood, has 9 stores inside.

Non-enterable stores include,

  • Brodie Budder's Bagels
  • Key of G
  • Camden and Sons
  • Moudy & Schmidt
  • Jenny's Bling-Bling Factory
  • Lost & Found
  • Snapz (lightning symbol)
  • Sparg's Guitars
  • Nate & Bradley's TOY BOX
  • Nat & Ramin's Jam House
  • Payne & Co
  • Manyon Man
  • Rock n Roll
  • Eddie's Sports
  • Charlie's Galaxy
  • Gus and Gon's Comic Shop
  • Lil's Bingo Hall
  • Henry's Dojo
  • Cresendo
  • Duarte's
  • Super Condos
  • Twin Towers
  • The Sellmidt Haus
  • Tysonian the Condonian
  • Viral
  • DDT_Unlimited
  • Forester Books
  • Middle C
  • Asazong
  • Magito
  • Sad Panda
  • Wasabi
  • Scrap Sisters
  • Rodger's Couch


  • In real life, "Nob Hill" is slang for an upper class neighborhood. Originally, "nob" was short for "snob", although the term "nob" has been adopted in widespread use to refer to the upper class, and is the official name of several locations
  • During the Newscasts played during and after the "3rd Street Vice Kings" mission, Jack Armstrong refers to Nob Hill as "Glenview Hills."[1][2]
  • The Ronin's control can be seen as some stores have Asian influenced names such as Magito, Asazong, Wasabi, and Henry's Dojo.
  • Sad Panda is used as a store name but later becomes a character in Saints Row: The Third.
  • There is a CD in front of Nat & Ramin's Jam House.
  • There are several Ronin tags that are not able to be covered up.
  • "Payne & Co" is named after David Payne, a member of the Art Team.
  • "Moudy & Schmidt" is named after Greg Moudy and Jon Schmidt, both members of the Art Team.
  • Angelo Lopez shopped here with Luz often (much to his despise).


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  • Nob Hill unlocked in Saints Row 2
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  1. Newscast
    SR1 News Shared 0038 Glenview Hills 1
    Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom. This just in from the news desk: Glenview Hills seems to be the target of gangland warfare today as elements from the hoodlum gang known as Vice Kings are rampaging through the district as we speak. Reports indicate that everything is fair game and nothing is safe; storefronts smashed and firebombed, vehicles being destroyed, pedestrian traffic getting caught up in the violence - do not, repeat, do not, enter this area until the police have had a chance to quell the uprising. Repeating: Glenview Hills is under attack by the Vice King [sic] gang. If you are there now and are hearing this report, take appropriate safety measures. We will have a live report from Flying Officer Mike McCabe with the Stilwater Police Department in our Eye-in-the-Sky Chopper 2 as soon as he can get airborne. And we will keep an eye on this developing story here in the newsroom. I'm Jack Armstrong."
  2. Newscast
    SR1 News Shared 0037 Glenview Hills 2
    Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom. We now have more details on the massive attacks in Glenview Hills today; as promised, Flying Officer Mike McCabe of the Stilwater Police Department is now in our Eye-in-the-Sky Chopper 2. What is the situation like now, officer Mike?"
    Mike McCabe: "Chaos, Jack, pure chaos. I'm circling over Glenview Hills as we speak, and the sight of burned-out cars, smashed storefront windows, dead bodies waiting to be toe-tagged - although it's hard to tell the bodies from the mannequins yanked from the fashion stores, Jack - it's like a warzone. While I am privy to some information given to us at the station on a need-to-know basis, we still are not quite sure what the flashpoint was for the Vice Kings' rampage. Now we do know that the Glenview Hills area is somewhat back to normal as the cleanup begins, Jack."
    Jack Armstrong: "Any word on when the shops will be back open for business, officer Mike?"
    Mike McCabe: "Well, er... we're not sure, Jack. There's a lot of work to be done and shopkeepers and citizens alike here are keeping an eye out for any further activity as they sweep away the mess and try to get back to living their lives. In the Eye-in-the-Sky Chopper 2, this is Officer Mike McCabe. Jack."
    Jack Armstrong: "Flying Officer Mike McCabe of the Stilwater Police Department over Glenview Hills. We'll bring you details on this story as they happen. In the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."
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