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The Newspaper Clipboard is a Crib feature in Saints Row 2.


The Newspaper Clipboard is present in most interior cribs, and is used to view Newspaper Articles about completed missions, as well as replaying Missions and Strongholds.

During a Mission Replay, it is not possible to earn Cash or Respect. The Respect counter does not increase, and any Cash picked up during the replay is removed after success or failure of the mission.

Exit GlitchesEdit

There are glitches which allow exiting an activity, a mission, or a mission replay, without a "Mission Failed" screen, and without being teleported back to the crib.

These glitches are useful to obtain cars or clothing items which are only available during certain missions and are otherwise impossible to get afterward.

These are often referred to as the "Replay Glitch", "Clipboard Method" or "Clipboard Glitch", although it can also be used to exit out of activities, which do not use the newspaper clipboard, as well as first-time missions.

There are currently three known ways of glitch-exiting out of a mission replay while keeping the current vehicle and clothing. The game still believes the mission is active to some extent, which is avoided by saving and reloading afterwards. Using the glitch to exit out of a replay the first mission, Jailbreak, allows all weapons to be removed, but also removes the ability to recruit homies until the game has been reloaded.

No version of this glitch can be directly used to obtain a Side Shooter, or Jessica's Phoenix, although another method exists to obtain her Phoenix, and the Replay Exit Glitches can be used with that method to obtain it within a Replay.

Both pause methods also work with non-replay Missions as well as Activities, and can be used to obtain vehicles and clothing which normally vanish after completing of failing a mission or activity, such as the police uniform used in Fuzz, or the bouncer uniform in Crowd Control, or the repair uniform used in Assault on Precinct 31.

All glitches work on all platforms.

Fail + PauseEdit

Trigger a mission failure, but before the fail screen appears, press the Menu or Map button repeatedly until the mission name vanishes.

This is easiest to do when the timer reaches zero due to a homie dying, or the mission timer running out, but is also possible to do for any mission failure, such as a mission-critical vehicle exploding.

Cancel + PauseEdit

Press down twice to trigger the "Cancel Mission" prompt. While repeatedly tapping the Map button, press the Menu Select button. If successful, the map is displayed immediately after pressing the select button, and the mission exits without the failure screen.

It is also possible, but less reliable, to cancel the mission while the map screen is already displayed.[1]

Replay in a ReplayEdit

After starting a mission replay, attempt to start a replay of a different mission. Nothing happens, but when the mission is cancelled after doing this, Playa is not returned to the crib.

Apart from being easier, this method also allows exiting missions which do not have failure methods other than dying, but this method cannot be used with Activities.

  • This method cannot be used to obtain vehicles and clothing which normally vanish, but it does make it easy to obtain vehicles which stay after mission completion, such as the Warrant, Donnie's Voxel, and the Hounfor.
  • Attempting to start the same mission may cause the game to crash.


  • Newspaper Clipboard in Saints Row Mega Condo
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  • Newspaper Clipboard background logo
  • Newspaper Clipboard background logo
  • Newspaper Clipboard background logo
  • Newspaper Clipboard background logo
  • Newspaper Clipboard background logo
  • Downtown Loft - Newspaper Clipboard
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  1. Image:
    Mission exit glitch - cancelling mission while on map screen

    Mission exit glitch - cancelling mission while on map screen

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