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New Hennequet Rec Center

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Gas Station

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Marshall Winslow Recreation Center
Suburbs Dock
Tobias' House


Septic Avenger


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Saints Row 2

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New Hennequet is a neighborhood in the Suburbs Expansion District of Stilwater.


New Hennequet is an upper-middle and high-class neighborhood in the northwest area of Stilwater in Saints Row 2. There are many large upper-middle and high-class houses, and more under construction.

It is a part of the newly-founded Suburbs Expansion District, an add-on from the Suburbs District of the north island of Stilwater. New Hennequet is north of its sister neighborhood Quinbecca.

On the Western coast of New Hennequet lies the largest beach in Stilwater, with many tourists and locals in the area jogging, practicing yoga, laying on the beach, jet skiing, drinking alcohol, walking the boardwalk and fishing. There is also a Gas Station across the street from the beach, along with the Suburbs Dock crib.

New Hennequet is also home to the city's new and only recreation center, which is an enter-able building within the game, and includes a swimming pool, a running track, a weightlifting area, a basketball court, and other sports activities. Under the recreation center is an underground casino operated by The Ronin until it is taken over by the Saints.[1]




  • New Hennequet Map in Saints Row 2
  • New Hennequet sign in Saints Row 2
  • New Hennequet in Saints Row 2
  • A Gas Station in New Hennequet
  • A Gas Station in New Hennequet
  • A Gas Station in New Hennequet
  • Suburbs Dock
  • Tobias' House
  • Tobias' House backdoor
  • Tobias' House swimming pool
  • A Septic Avenger spot
  • New Hennequet - aerial view
  • New Hennequet - beach
  • New Hennequet - Church of Cheese
  • New Hennequet - construction site
  • New Hennequet - Laura's house aerial view
  • New Hennequet - Laura's house front
  • New Hennequet - Marshall Winslow Recreation Center
  • New Hennequet - sundial
  • New Hennequet - surf boards
  • New Hennequet - walkway


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