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New Hades is the location of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]


New Hades is a city of hell, composed of five big islands and several small ones surrounded by lava. The big islands are connected by bridges, while the small ones must be accessed by flying. In the center of New Hades, there is the Tower, a huge floating building that serves as Satan's palace. In the sky above the city, there appears to be a huge hole, which hovers right above the palace.


New Hades has 6 Districts,[1] and 82 Neighborhoods.

Remember to also mark takeover targets on the New Hades Map

District Hoods Takeover
(8 Hoods)
Angels End Survival
The Forlorn Path Spire
Loveless Rock Spire
Feast of Worms Altar - Stomp (Holy)
Garden of Souls Salvation
Forever Sands Marshalling Grounds
Wrathful Plains Spire
Teetering Hope Charge Halo (Rally Blackbeard)
Downtown Veiled Sentry Spire
DeWynter View Charge Halo (Rally The Twins)
Cardinals Glance Survival
Dragonskin Spire
Angel Tears Torment Fraud
Smoke Pass Spire
Lucres Pyre Hellblazing
Executioners Brace[2] Spire
Devils Grasp[3] Spire
Blistering Pools Survival
Tormented Station Extraction Facility
Spire Watch Spire
Firststone Altar - Blast (Soul)
Azazels Court[4] Survival
Seers Tongue Hellblazing
Rebellion Square Pledge Rush
Goldenyard Tank Mayhem
Faithless Hill Hellblazing
The Pride Marshalling Grounds
Dragonbone Spire
Dockside Survival
Hellpointe Spire
Cursed Edge Altar - Aura (Vamp)
Forge (17 Hoods) Black Door Extraction Facility
The Deep Mayhem
Dagons Breath[5] Spire
The Walls Salvation
Avernus Survival
The Stacks Spire
Burnt Offerings Altar - Stomp (Vacuum)
Liars Line Hellblazing
Ultor Welcome to Hell
The Runoff Survival
Soul Pyre Spire
Abu Dis Torment Fraud
Hellwrought Spire
The Edge Altar - Blast (Shadow)
Abyssal Gate Marshalling Grounds
Morningstar Spire
The Plutonion Pledge Rush
Shantytown Crossed Sticks Altar - Summon (Tower)
Purgatory Pass Spire
Impalement Gardens Survival
Calamity Street Unused Hood
Sinners Circle Marshalling Grounds
Six Points Extraction Facility
Corpse Corner Spire
Broken Cross Survival
Omega Court Spire
Goats Heart Torment Fraud
Night Echoes Survival
Languish Lane Spire
Frog Square Hellblazing
Gluttons End Pledge Rush
Spirit Bilge Spire
Tenebrion Tunnel Spire
Shadows Pass Altar - Aura (Worship)
Tenth Circle Penitentiary Charge Halo (Rally Vlad)
Blight Hellblazing
The Den Seven Gates Int. Extraction Facility
Last Glance Hellblazing
Bards Bastille Charge Halo (Rally Shakespeare)
Murmurs Tomb Marshalling Grounds
Satans Brilliance Survival
Lost Wages Spire
Cuckolds Lair Spire
Drudes Crossing Hellblazing
Endless Alley Mayhem
Scorned Woman Spire
The Kennel Survival
Debtors Den Salvation
Stained Land Survival
Banished Isle Altar - Summon (Titan)
Rotting Sinews Spire
Tower The Fallen One Defeat Satan


  • Other islands are visible in the distance, but are inaccessible.[6]
  • When flying too far from New Hades, the message "You will not gain Satan's Wrath out here" is displayed, and Gat or Kinzie says "I can't leave the boss here...".[6]
  • The city is roughly half the size of Steelport.[7]
  • In the PAX Prime demo, there were only 81 neighborhoods.[8]


New Hades map in IGN Gameplay video