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Neenah is a character in the Saints Row reboot.

Official Description[]

  • Role: The Driver
  • Goal: To earn the money and respect she needs to live her dreams

Neenah is the Saints’ getaway driver—the best in the business—and has a long association with Los Panteros. She has had a deep-seated love of cars all her life and knows them inside out. But more than just a gearhead, she also loves art. Whether it comes to fixing engines, building sculptures, or running contraband, Neenah is a natural at getting her hands dirty. Calm and cool-headed, there’s no one better to have at your back in a tight spot.


When Neenah was fifteen, her mother passed away from cancer. She was then raised by her single father. Both of her parents were mechanics. Neenah loved cars and always expected to follow in their footsteps, but they wanted her to go to college in the US. Her father wanted her to study engineering; her mother wanted her to follow her heart and study art. Neenah followed her departed mother’s advice. After getting a degree in anthropology and art history, Neenah applied for every entry-level museum job she could find. There were none. Paid internships were filled by nepotism. She ended up with an unpaid internship at the Museum of Santo Ileso but quit after a month because she preferred to make money.

Refusing to go home and give up on her dream, Neenah got a job as a mechanic to pay bills, where she fell in with Los Panteros. As her relationship with them sours, Neenah cuts ties to join her roommates in their criminal venture. This small crew of friends would become The Saints. With them, she will not only get a bigger cut of the money—but she’ll also get the respect she deserves. With enough money and respect, Neenah will be free to finally follow her heart.

Fun Facts[]

  • Interests: art, cars, history, Santo Ileso local lore, Ranchera music, tacos, PBS.
  • Frequently sketches to figure out ideas, whether it's solving a mechanical problem or designing a new paint scheme for her car.
  • She's especially focused on Meso-American art and culture.
  • The love of her life is the car she rebuilt from the ground up.[3]


Neenah is formerly a member of Los Panteros, a street gang that focuses on car culture. After a falling out, she joins her friends in forming The Saints.


  • In Neenah's Car, she opens up about her past when Sergio Velez destroys her late mother's car.
  • Neenah is from Guadalajara, a city in Mexico.

Friend missions[]