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Murderbrawl XXXI
"Murderbrawl XXXI" mission completion screen[2]
"Murderbrawl XXXI" mission completion screen[2]
Story arc



Angel De LaMuerte


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3 Count Beat Down Three Way

"Murderbrawl XXXI" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

This is my city! I am its Caesar! ...and I get to fiddle while it burns...
Killbane, furious after losing his match against Playa and Angel De LaMuerte.


As planned, Playa and Angel De LaMuerte face off against Killbane in the Murderbrawl XXXI exhibition. Playa, known in the wrestling community as The Stilwater Butcher, shows up at the ring, but to both the crowd's, the commentator's, and Killbane's surprise, Angel follows and enters the ring instead. While Angel starts his fight with Killbane in the ring, Playa protects the ring from the Luchadores, who attempt to distract the referee.

Killbane gets the upper hand in the fight and throws Angel out of the ring with an Elevated powerbomb move. As the Luchadores come in and start beating up Angel, who lies defenseless on the ground, Playa gestures to the crowd that he needs some assistance; someone throws a Woodsman chainsaw down to them and Playa proceeds to slay all the present Luchadores.

Angel believes he has a broken leg and requests that Playa continue the fight against Killbane in his place. After defeating him, Killbane is dragged away as Angel and Playa cheer. Backstage, he furiously kills his Luchador comrades when they fail to calm him.


Murderbrawl XXXI - Playa fighting Killbane.png

Defend the ring

Begin by killing all the Luchadores outside of the ring. Some attempt to climb up and distract the referee, allowing Killbane to damage Angel De LaMuerte. Several Temporary Weapons (such as an inflatable shark, a cricket bat, a urinal and a blow-up doll) are available for use.

Protect Angel
Check on Angel

Eventually, Angel is thrown out of the ring and Playa is given a Woodsman. As "You're the Best" begins to play, use the chainsaw to slaughter the incoming Luchadores who attempt to damage Angel some more.

Enter the ring

Once all the Luchadores are dead and Angel has been checked upon, Playa climbs into the ring to fight Killbane.

Fight Killbane

During the fight, Temporary Weapons are tossed into the ring to use against Killbane. After hitting him, dodge his finisher, mount him, steer him into a corner, a perform a quick time event.

Kill Luchadores

Successfully doing this three times, there are more Luchadores to kill.

Fight Killbane

Then Playa puts Killbane in a headlock; leading to the choice of whether to unmask or spare Killbane.


See also: Choices
Choice Reward
Unmask Killbane Killbane's mask
Killbane remains unmasked in this mission and "Three Way"
Spare Killbane Apoca-Fist weapon



Main article: Newscasts
Jane Valderamma: "No one who was in attendance will ever forget the incredible spectacle that was Murderbrawl XXXI. The capacity crowd anticipating a grudge match between Eddie "Killbane" Pryor and The Butcher of Stilwater was first shocked and delighted by the stunning return of Killbane's former tag team partner Angel De LaMuerte. In the end, it was The Butcher of Stilwater who stole the show by dealing Killbane a crushing and humiliating defeat. This may have been the final page of Killbane's storied career, but with the return of Angel and the emergence of The Butcher, Murderbrawl fans are too excited to care. This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Fight Night News."


  • This mission was first revealed via a video preview by IGN.[4]
  • During the mission, the song "You're the Best" (made famous by the 1984 film The Karate Kid) plays after receiving the Woodsman chainsaw.
  • The audience noises throughout the mission are actually "[over 50 Volition, Inc.] devs shoved into a conference room with a mic".[5]
  • Commentary during the mission is provided by Zach and Bobby, the hosts of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.
    • Bobby is voiced by professional wrestler Rob Van Dam, who, during an interview, stated, "I commentated during the wrestling. I don't even know what my character's name is, but I was reading the script, and ad-libbing and adding a lot to it. The game seems like it's a lot of fun. One of the lines is, "Oh my God! He's got a chainsaw!" It's crazy".[6]
    • Bobby and Angel's voice actors, Rob Van Dam and Hulk Hogan, have competed at Wrestlemania in the past.
    • Regardless of Playa's gender, the announcers always refer to them as a male.
    • During their commentary, Bobby calls Zach "Bobby" twice.
    • The commentary mentions the "Killswitch"; this refers to a move called the "Killswitch", used as a finisher by WWE wrestler "Christian".[wp link?]
  • The mission title and the name of the event, "Murderbrawl", may be a reference to the WWE event Wrestlemania as they both use Roman numerals at the end of the title. It could also reference the former WCW event SuperBrawl, the Super Bowl, or the London 2012 Olympics (which was the 31st Olympiad and was the closest Olympics to the game's release).
  • The Elevated powerbomb that Killbane used to injure Angel was used by WWE wrestler The Undertaker as one of his finishing moves.
  • If Killbane is unmasked, he does not wear a mask during this mission's closing cutscene or during his appearance in "Three Way".
    • At the end of the fight with Killbane in the final cutscene, no matter what choice is made, it still looks as if Playa is holding something in his hand when he's facing the crowd.
    • Killbane is wearing his mask during the pre-rendered introduction to Three Way, as he is running towards his private jet.
  • When wearing Killbane's mask, taunting people sets them on fire.
    • One way to have both Killbane's mask and the Apoca-Fist is to upload and download a character with the mask and use it in the game where one has chosen the Apoca-Fist.
    • Alternatively, buy and install the Unlockables Pack DLC.
  • The scene after the fight is used in "The Walking Apocalypse" trailer.[7]
    • In the trailer, a Luchador Specialist is punched in the stomach, but in game, it is a regular Luchador.
  • Despite Angel stating he believes he's broken his leg after being thrown out of the ring during the match, he celebrates with Playa after the match with no evident physical handicap.
  • If the Apoca-Fist is obtained using cheats before this mission, they are the only permanent weapon available during the mission.
  • While out of the ring, Killbane is marked as a Specialist on the Mini Map.
  • Swear words during the mission are bleeped, but are uncensored in the subtitles.
  • A special temporary version of The Penetrator was originally used in this mission,[8] and had special announcer dialogue and crowd chants when picked up.[9]
  • The Luchadores during this mission are unique Wrestlers who are only present in this mission, although Saints versions of these Wrestlers are unlocked as Gang Customization options after completing Tiger Escort.


Unused pre-mission phone call[]

Unlike most missions, Murderbrawl XXXI automatically starts when selected in the Cellphone, so there is no phone call played.

Playa Male 1: "Angel, you ready for the match?"
Angel: "Been waiting a long time for this."
Playa Male 1: "He won't be able to pull his same old shit when I'm watching your back."
Angel: "Thank you."
Playa Male 1: "Hey man, you saved me the trouble."
Angel: "I hope you don't feel like the tiger training was wasted."
Playa Male 1: "I think I got enough out of it..."
Angel: "Good! When we're done with Killbane, we'll move on to bees."

Playa Male 2: "You're gonna fuck Killbane up tonight."
Angel: "He'll never expect it, either."
Playa Male 2: "Neither will the crowd."
Angel: "You're not going to miss the pop of my career, right?"
Playa Male 2: "No worries, I'm gonna be makin' sure you don't get disturbed during your match."
Angel: "In a fair fight, Killbane has no chance of winning."
Playa Male 2: "Oh I got faith in you."
Angel: "Good, then let's get ready."

Angel: "It's almost time for the show."
Playa Male 3: "You gotta be excited..."
Angel: "Believe me, I am. Thank you for this opportunity. I owe you one."
Playa Male 3: "You kick Killbane's ass all over that ring and we're even."
Angel: "His Luchadores will still be a problem."
Playa Male 3: "You let me worry about that."
Angel: "Alright, I better get ready."
Playa Male 3: "I'll see you soon."

Playa Female 1: "How's my favorite wrestler?"
Angel: "Looking forward to revenge."
Playa Female 1: "That's what I want to hear."
Angel: "You know he's gonna try to cheat, right?"
Playa Female 1: "I'll make sure the fight's only between you two."
Angel: "I almost feel bad for him."
Playa Female 1: "Don't bother, he isn't worth the thought."
Angel: "I said almost."

Angel: "Don't worry about me, I'm ready."
Playa Female 2: "Who said I was worried?"
Angel: "Then why the call?"
Playa Female 2: "Just wanted to wish you luck."
Angel: "This won't be luck, but thanks."
Playa Female 2: "Also, don't worry about the Luchadores. I'll keep them out of that ring."
Angel: "Who said I was worried?"
Playa Female 2: "Now you're just being cocky."

Playa Female 3: "Anything you need before the big fight?"
Angel: "I've been ready for years."
Playa Female 3: "Head on over to the arena. I'll meet you there."
Angel: "Killbane will have his men interfere. I need you to be ready."
Playa Female 3: "I'm on it."
Angel: "Good. One on one he has no chance to take me down again."
Playa Female 3: "Let's hope you're right."

Angel: "It's almost time."
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"
Angel: "I've always been better than Killbane."
Playa Zombie: "Grunts"
Angel: "He's always had someone to save him. Keep them away, and he'll lose."
Playa Zombie: "Roars"
Angel: "Then let's give the people a real show."
Playa Zombie: "Grumbles"

Cutscene #1[]

Zach: "Tonight's been a great night and it's not slowing up, Bobby!"
Bobby: "An incredible night, Zach, and now it's time for the main event."
Zach: "There he is, Bobby - Eddie "Killbane" Pryor, The Walking Apocalypse himself. You can't help but wonder how the Stilwater Butcher can compete."
Bobby: "I'll tell you Zach - this psycho is a complete whackjob. You know, when this guy came out of the womb he literally choked out the doctor with his own umbilical cord, he's that fucking sick."
Playa: "I'll be ringside, keeping Luchadores off your ass while you finish Killbane. Good luck, man."
Zach: "Well, there it is Bobby - the Saints, receiving no love here..."
Bobby: "Not at all - it is raining hate down where they are. And of course it is; afterr what their capo did to Stilwater, they're lucky their fans aren't knifing them on their way to the ring!"
Zach: "Angel De LaMuerte: the 2nd half of The Pale Riders; sometimes regarded as the Herald of the Walking Apocalypse; the youngest wrestler to ever win the Super K Cup is here in the Steelport Arena!"
Bobby: "History is writing itself tonight, Zach! After his questionable loss to Killbane years ago, Angel dropped off the face of the Earth. If you're a fan of Murderbrawl, this is shaping up to be the best night of your life."
Zach: "I can't wait, let's do it!"

Mission Start[]

Zach: "Alright and here we go... And here's the Bucher of Stilwater, swaggering in..."
Bobby: "Ya know it's interesting, I never would have pegged Angel De LaMuerte for a Saints supporter. It goes to show ya that anything can happen at Murderbrawl."
Zach: "...and speaking of suprises, here comes the Luchadores in force!"
Bobby: "This has just turned into a lumberjack match from hell!"
Playa Male 1: "Time to get to work..."
Playa Male 2: "Let's fuck some shit up..."
Playa Male 3: "Time to get to work..."
Playa Female 1: "Let's get the crowd going."
Playa Female 2: "Time to put on a show."
Playa Female 3: "I'm comin', Angel."
Zombie: "Groans"
— Mission Start

Zach: "Alright Bobby, this is a classic match up: speed vs power, youth vs age, brains vs brawn."
Bobby: "Well, you know, the fact that these two were tag team partners really adds another layer to the whole dimension. They trained together, they know what to expect. One wrong move can end the entire match, and you gotta wonder if Angel is gonna be able to keep his cool."
Zach: "You're right Bobby, the last time these two fought, Angel lost his mask to Killbane... the greatest mark of shame in the Lucha Libre world. It's been years, that had to be eating away at him."
Bobby: "And that's exactly the weakness Killbane will be able to capitalize on to win."
Zach: "Killbane was as shocked as the rest of us to see Angel back in the ring. There's no way he's operating at one-hundred percent, Bobby."
Bobby: "What, are you kidding me? Killbane beat Angel before."
Zach: "Wait a minute, Bobby. Killbane cheated before."
Bobby: "Allegedly cheated."
Zach: "He stabbed him 13 times while the ref wasn't even looking..."
Bobby: "No, an uninvolved Luchador stabbed Angel. I saw it."
Zach: "Who we saw Killbane give a bag full of money to."
Bobby: "Let's not get into an argument over who paid who to stab someone. That's ridiculous. The point is this, Bobby: The Walking Apocalypse is at the top of his game."
Zach: "You can't discount Angel De LaMuerte. He has an indominable spirit, or need I remind you of his match against Axel "The Wolf" Shepherd. Remember that one?"
Bobby: "Yes, I do remember, and Shepherd did not have the speed or power that Killbane has, it's no contest and you know it."
Zach: "Wait a minute, what about his Carthaginian Chain match with Beartrap Calhoun."
Bobby: "That was a helluva match, no doubt about it, Bobby... but if Killbane lands one punch with his ApocaFist it's all over."
Zach: "I hate to admit it Bobby, but your right... the ApocaFist is a devistating weapon that could only be legal in MurderBrawl..."
— Match Commentary 1
Zach: "Oh my God!"
Bobby: "What a night!"
Bobby: "Did you see that, Zach?"
Zach: "Unbelievable!"
Bobby: "Holy shit!"
Zach: "What was that?"
Bobby: "I can't believe it!"
Zach: "Hold that thought, Bobby!"
Bobby: "Amazing!"
Zach: "You saw it here, folks!"
— Break Out Of Commentary
Bobby: "Looks like the Luchadores might be distracting the ref!"
Zach: "Killbane's getting away with Murder here, Bobby!"
Bobby: "If that ref keeps his eyes outside the ring for one more moment, I'm afraid it's all finito for Angel."
Zach: "The Luchadores are on the side of the ring again."
Bobby: "All's fair in love and Murderbrawl..."
Zach: "This ref is missing easy calls here."
— Ref Distracted
Bobby: "So where were we, Zach?"
Bobby: "What were we talking about again?"
Zach: "Don't think I'm forgetting what we were talking about, Bobby."
Zach: "I think there was a point being made."
— Break In To Commentary

Cutscene #2[]

Bobby: "OH MY GOD Angel is out of the ring!"
Zach: "I can't believe this, Bobby. (Not subtitled)"
Zach: "This is punishing to watch, the Luchadores are man handling Angel."
Bobby: "This is sick! (Not subtitled)"
Bobby: "He's getting kicked around like a sack full of dead puppies."
Zach: "Oh Geez— (Not subtitled)"
Zach: "Wait, the Butcher of Stilwater is making his way towards Angel."
Bobby: "How much can one person do to-"
Bobby: "WHAT THE FUCK? (Not subtitled)"
Zach: "Oh my God! (Not subtitled)"


Zach: "A fatal flaw in the Luchadores' plan, Bobby. They didn't account for the Murderbrawl Chainsaw."
Bobby: "It was a desperate move for a desperate time, but it looks like the gamble has paid off."
Zach: "Now this is what people came here to see! The Butcher of Stilwater on an unstoppable rampage!"
Bobby: "Killbane can't be happy to see this."
— Defend Angel
Zach: "On my goodness! Look at the blood fly!"
Bobby: "That's as brutal as it can get right there, Bobby!"
Zach: "That sound will stick with you."
Bobby: "It's gotta be getting slick on that floor. I gotta get my grandma to get the mop."
Zach: "I hope the audience brought some paper bags, Bobby. It is raining blood!"
Bobby: "Look how far that spray went! Towel, please."
— Chainsaw Reaction
Playa Male 1: "Can you fight, Angel?"
Playa Male 2: "You able to finish this, Angel?"
Playa Male 3: "You alright, Angel?"
Playa Female 1: "You gonna make it, Angel?"
Playa Female 2: "Are you still able to fight, Angel?"
Playa Female 3: "Can you fight?"
Playa Zombie: "Growls"
Angel: "I think I broke my leg... Get in there and kick that bastard's ass... I can hold off these jobbers."
— Check on Angel
Zach: "Well, it looks like people are going to see the fight they paid for, as the Butcher of Stilwater stands toe to toe with Killbane."
Bobby: "Now this is classic Saints tactics: use someone to weaken up the opponent then swoop on in for the kill."
Killbane: "I already beat your champion... now, kneel before The Walking Apocalypse."
Playa Male 1: "I'm gonna rip that mask off your fucking face."
Playa Male 2: "Bro, I'm gonna fuck. You. Up."
Playa Male 3: "I'm gonna bend that knee of yours the opposite direction."
Playa Female 1: "I'm not leaving here without your fucking mask."
Playa Female 2: "I could have killed you a dozen times. I let you live to humiliate you here."
Playa Female 3: "Forget it."
Playa Zombie: "Babbles"
Killbane: "When I'm through with you, you'll be begging for me to kill you."
— Main Event Start
Zach: "This is it, folks. Two giants in the field of destruction facing off for our entertainment. Does it get any better than this?"
Bobby: "No, it doesn't. Though only one of these two has the good sense to leave the violence in the ring. Let's all remember how the Stilwater Butcher got the name. Our support goes out to the people of Stilwater for the deaths caused by the Saints."
Zach: "I think you'd have to be naive to believe a giant like Killbane hasn't thrown in a few punches outside the ropes, Bobby."
Bobby: "Not like the punches being thrown in here tonight, Zach. Both of our contenders seem to be out for blood. Killbane isn't bowing down to the Butcher anytime soon."
Zach: "But this celebrity of the streets isn't making it easy on Killbane. There seems to be something more going on than two world-renown titans wishing to settle who rules the mountaintop."
Bobby: "No matter who wins tonight, someone is going home with crushed dreams and internal bleeding. The crowd can't get enough of the carnage, and quite frankly, Zach, neither can I..."
— Main Event Fight
Bobby: "If the Butcher doesn't start using those weapons the audience may riot..."
Zach: "The power of raw blunt trauma is just laying on the mat!"
Bobby: "That foreign object is just begging to be used..."
Zach: "That weapon can change the tide of the match..."
Bobby: "Let's hope we get to see some bludgeoning..."
Zach: "That's gotta hurt to get hit with!"
— Call Out Prop In Ring
Bobby: "And here comes the Killswitch..."
Bobby: "Another Killswitch..."
Bobby: "The charge again..."
Bobby: "There he goes..."
Bobby: "Can he land the Killswitch..."
Bobby: "Killbane winds up..."
— Killswitch Coming
Zach: "He dodged it! Here comes the reversal!"
Bobby: "Look at the brutality from the Butcher!"
— First Killswitch Blocked
Audience: "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6.. 7... 8... 9... 10!"
Zach: "Oh my God! (not subtitled)"
Zach: "And Killbane goes sailing out of the ring!"
Bobby: "But wait, he's already heading back in!"
Zach: "Looks like the Stilwater Butcher isn't getting a moments rest tonight."
Bobby: "That's right, Zach. There are no free rides against the Walking Apocalypse."
Zach: "You betcha. (not subtitled)"
— First Killbane Out of Ring
Zach: "Another miss from Killbane!"
Bobby: "The champion cannot be happy with that one, Zach."
— Second Killswitch Blocked
Zach: "Killbane's knocked out again!"
Bobby: "And here come the Luchadores in his place!"
Zach: "Murderbrawl is certainly giving the finest in blood gushing, bone mashing entertainment tonight, Bobby."
Bobby: "My heart goes out for the clean up crew on this one, Zach."
— Second Killbane Out of Ring
Killbane: "Give it up while you can still walk. You won't even realize how insignificant you are when I ground your bones to dust with the ApocaFist."
Playa Male 1: "That's a lot of talk for someone who thinks they're going to win."
Playa Male 2: "Don't mean to disapoint you bitch, but that ain't gonna happen..."
Playa Male 3: "You ever stop running that flap of yours?"
Playa Female 1: "You gonna keep talking, or you gonna fight?"
Playa Female 2: "Your career is over, Killbane. Be maintaining your dignity and accept your failure in silence."
Playa Female 3: "Keep talkin'... you're gonna have to admit defeat eventually."
Playa Zombie: "Snarls"
Killbane: "You've already lost. Listen to the crowd chant my name. I am their dreams come to life, and your nightmare made flesh!"
Playa Male 1: "Then it's time they wake up."
Playa Male 2: "Unless you're a politician on a boat, you ain't my nightmare, asshole."
Playa Male 3: "They're in for a rude awakeneing."
Playa Female 1: "Nightmare? You're not even in my top ten."
Playa Female 2: "You still do not understand. I have no nightmares."
Playa Female 3: "Oh my god shut up."
Playa Zombie: "Sneers"
— Taunting Player

Zach: "Unbelievable! Another reversal!"
Bobby: "This is incredible, the Killbane just can't connect with the Killswitch."
— Third Killswitch Blocked
1... 2... 3... 4!
— The Audience

Cutscene #3[]

Playa: "Ready for your close up?"
Killbane: "Wait! I'll give you the secret of the ApocoFist, just leave me my mask!"


We want blood!
— The Audience, chanting repeatedly

Cutscene #4 (unmask)[]

Playa: "Smile Killbane, we're going nationwide."
Killbane: "NO!"
Playa pulls off Killbane's mask, causing him to run out of the ring covering his face.
Zach: "It's shades of Angel De LaMuerte, as Killbane has been demasked!"
Bobby: "We have seen the face of the Walking Apocalypse and to be honest, it's a man with a receding hair line"

Cutscene #4 (spare)[]

Playa: "You want mercy? Tap out."
Zach: "The Walking Apocolypse has let his arms be broken without submitting, but the Stilwater Butcher has done the impossible!"

Cutscene #5[]

Zach: "You gotta love it - against all odds, the Saints are still standing!"
Bobby: "What a night, Zach. What. A. Night."
Cut to the dressing room. Killbane slams a table and punches some of his Luchadores.
Goon[10]: "Killbane, it's just a match..."
He throws the Luchador into a wall.
Killbane: "It's my fucking reputation!"
Killbane: "This is my city! I am its Caesar!"
Killbane: "...and I get to fiddle while it burns..."


The following subtitles were missing from the article - please move them into the correct order

Bobby: "And the audience is tossing some weapons into the arena."
Zach: "How do our fans get these items in here, Bobby?"
Bobby: "BYO Weapon night, is always a favorite at Murderbrawl!"
Zach: "Did I just see another weapon dropped in?"
Bobby: "The Butcher, getting some help from the fans..."
Zach: "More love dropping in from the audience."
— Call Out Prop
Bobby: "Oh, that had to hurt the Stilwater Butcher!"
Bobby: "A rookie mistake in the ring!"
Bobby: "Ouch! I felt that one up here, Zach."
Bobby: "Killbane's all over the Stilwater Butcher!"
Bobby: "Another devastating hit from Killbane!"
Bobby: "That one had to break some bones."
Bobby: "How can he take this punishement?"
Bobby: "A miss for the Butcher!"
Bobby: "Botched spot from the Rookie..."
Bobby: "How did Killbane dodge that hit?"
— Failed QTE
Zach: "Oh, here we go! Killbane really has this crowd worked up!"
Zach: "Now he's working the ring."
Zach: "Let's see if the Butcher gets up."
Zach: "The Saints can't be happy with that one."
Zach: "I can't imagine the pain that Saint is in."
Zach: "Oh, yeah! The crowd seems to be fueling Killbane here."
— Killbane Plays to Crowd
Bobby: "Look at this, the Stilwater Butcher has found this evening's weapon of choice, wielding that bat with the ease of a two dollar Philipino[sic] whore."
Zach: "You said it Bobby. Hey, let's check out the action from the Leather and Lace "Dildo cam": Leather & Lace, where you can find all your BDSM needs."
Bobby: "Yessir, my wife's favorite place to shop, in fact."
Zach: "Then don't forget to take one home for her, ok?"
Bobby: "She already has two."
— Pick Up Dildo Bat
Killbane: "You shouldn't have come back, Angel. Last time I was too soft on you."
Angel: "Last time you needed to cheat to win. I see nothing's changed."
Killbane: "You need the Stilwater Butcher to keep you safe, and you're judging