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Saints Row IV Co-op Menu

This is a summary of Multiplayer in Saints Row IV


A player cannot join a session where the host is in a mission or activity. Doing this either has the guest wait or require the host restart the mission or activity.

Any collectibles, such as Clusters, and other small activities, such as Store Hacking, that contribute to 100% completion that are done by one player in a game also apply to a second player.

One player cheating affects the other. If a guest has cheats, the host has the option to kick them before they join.

The Online Pass is again required for multiplayer, Co-op, uploading screenshots, and uploading or downloading characters.


Co-op is where 2 players take part in story missions and other activities. The co-op partner is displayed as a homie and takes up a space, and their health can be seen above their characters. If the partner is downed, the player has a certain time to revive them, much like homies. The player also gets paused if the partner pauses.

Competitive ModesEdit

There are 2 different types of competitive activities that players can participate in.



  • Saints Row IV Coop Menu


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