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There are multiple Multiplayer modes in Saints Row 2.


Saints Row 2's multiplayer offers slightly less multiplayer game modes than Saints Row (only Gangsta Brawl, Team Gangsta Brawl, and Strong Arm), but for the first time you can play Co-op in the open world and complete all story missions and activities with another player.

Co-op allows for two players to team up in Stilwater, while Strong Arm allows up to eight players and Gangsta Brawl allows up to twelve.

Competitive Multiplayer modes also allow you to cycle to your next weapon by tapping the Radial Inventory button, which does not work in open world play. Holding the Radial Inventory button will still bring up the Inventory as it normally would.

It is not possible to play any form of multiplayer in Saints Row 2 with players on a different platform.

Your online multiplayer character is separate from your Character used in the open world campaign, and you have to earn cash from multiplayer matches to purchase customization items such as clothing and tattoos.

Types of Matches[]

Ranked Matches[]

Ranked Matches track statistics for world leaderboard standings. Money earned in Ranked Matches can be used towards clothing and other customization options. Strong Arm, Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl can all be played as Ranked Matches. These can be selected at random with Quick Match or with specific criteria in Custom Match.

Player Matches[]

Player Matches track personal stats but do not count towards world leaderboard standings. Strong Arm, Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl can all be played as Player Matches. Hosts in a Player Match can also adjust the rules of Strong Arm manually or with presets.

Party Games[]

Party Games are non-ranked games where the host can choose a preset variant of a multiplayer mode or create custom settings.

The host can change the following elements of Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl matches:

  • Variant
  • Map
  • Time Limit
  • Score Limit
  • Friendly Fire
  • Weather
  • Time of Day
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Weapons

The host can change the following elements of Strong Arm matches:

  • Variant
  • Map
  • Time Limit
  • Score Limit
  • Friendly Fire
  • Weather
  • Time of Day
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Pedestrians
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Activities
  • Tags

Statistics and Leaderboards[]

Saints Row 2 tracks two different kinds of statistics: Ranked Match statistics and personal statistics. Ranked Match statistics are measures of success, such as wins and losses or kills and deaths. World standings on the Leaderboards are figured from Ranked Match gameplay. Personal statistics are broken down into many categories, such as kills, deaths and favorite weapon. These stats are tracked over the gamer's lifetime.

Multiplayer ranks players in many different categories, including wins and losses in all the game modes, as well as kills, deaths, and earnings. Single Player mode also has leaderboards for a wide variety of activities covering Notoriety, Co-op, Diversions, Killing Sprees, and Vehicle Jumping.


Players can create a multiplayer character using the customization option in the multiplayer menu. Players can change attributes such as their hair, face, and weight, or import their single player character with the "Import Character" option. Players can return to the customization screen to purchase clothes, tattoos, and other accessories with money won in multiplayer matches. Players can also manage badges won in multiplayer matches in the customization menu.

Ranking Badges[]

Rank Details
SR2 MP badge01 New Jack.png New Jack Initial rank.
You need to learn your way around. You're a New Jack
— New Jack rank description

SR2 MP badge02 Thug.png Thug Earn a total of $2,500.
SR2 MP badge03 Killa.png Killa Earn a total of $10,000.
SR2 MP badge04 Gangsta.png Gangsta Earn a total of $25,000.
SR2 MP badge05 Soldier.png Soldier Earn a total of $55,000.
SR2 MP badge06 Assassin.png Assassin Earn a total of $105,000.
SR2 MP badge07 Enforcer.png Enforcer Earn a total of $188,000.
SR2 MP badge08 Dominator.png Dominator Earn a total of $310,000.
SR2 MP badge09 Terminator.png Terminator Earn a total of $502,000.
SR2 MP badge10 Executioner.png Executioner Earn a total of $777,000.
SR2 MP badge11 Kingpin.png Kingpin Earn a total of $1,200,000.
SR2 MP badge12 Kingpin of Kingpins.png King of Kingpins Earn a total of $2,200,000.
All have fallen before you, you are King of Kingpins
— King of Kingpins rank description

Skill Badges[]

Badge Name Details
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - arrr.png Arr... Play a multiplayer match on September 19 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day).
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - assault and battery.png Assault and Battery Kill 30 players with non-pimp slap melee attacks.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - brain surgeon.png Brain Surgeon Kill 100 players with a headshot.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - burnout.png Burnout Kill 15 players by lighting them on fire.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - demo demon.png Demo Demon Drive 10 cars until they catch on fire, and remain in them until they explode.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - fully loaded.png Fully Loaded Spend 300 seconds with all your weapon slots filled.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - lead foot.png Leadfoot Spend 1000 seconds racing in first place.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - mass murder.png Mass Murder Score 10 Multikills (Kill another player within one second of getting a kill).
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - no questions asked.png No Questions Asked Play in 10 matches where you score at least 20 kills.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - nut job.png Nutjob Kill 100 players with a nutshot.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - original gangsta.png Original Gangsta Play 10 ranked matches.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - party animal.png Party Animal Host and win 1 Party Lobby.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - pimp.png Pimp Play 20 matches.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - regulator.png Regulator End 5 matches with over $30,000 in personal earnings.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - road rage.png Road Rage Kill 30 players with a vehicle impact.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - saints picasso.png Saint Picasso Finish 150 tags.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - team spirit.png Team Spirit Kill 10 players with the pimp slap.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - track star.png Track Star Spend 6000 seconds sprinting.
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - trigger happy.png Trigger Happy Empty 250 clips by firing continuously (1 trigger pull per clip)
Saints Row 2 multiplayer badge - wrecking crew.png Wrecking Crew Earn over $50,000 lifetime earnings in Mayhem and/or Demolition Derby.


The lobby is where players waiting for a match to start can shoot each other, talk trash, etc. While in the lobby, players can also look for specific match types and set teams, or (if hosting) set parameters for player matches and kick players. Ranked players will only join a lobby when creating a party with friends and looking for ranked matches to join. There are no player stats recorded while in the lobby.


New Hennequet Rec Center
The basketball court of the rec center. You can waste time trying to land shot with the basketballs or kill each other with either the Pimp Slap or the VICE 9.
Saints Hideout
The nightclub used as the Saints' underground hideout and seen in the Shantytown map. An assortment of weapons available to use here. There are also targets to shoot at, making it a great place for warming up with different weapons.


Players can now play cooperatively in the game world. In Options, you can set it so anybody, your friends, or nobody can freely drop in and out of your game.

While playing Co-op, two additional diversions are available: Cat & Mouse and Death Tag. The Corporate Warfare DLC also includes a Stuntmen diversion, where players compete to see who can score the most points with Driving Stunts.

If you own the Ultor Exposed DLC, you can also enable a Co-op metagame where you and the other player compete to see who can get the highest score when playing Missions. The player with the most points when the mission is completed earns additional cash.

Gangsta Brawl[]

Gangsta Brawl is a competitive deathmatch mode in which the goal is to kill as many of the opposing players as you can. It can be played in a free-for-all or team-based mode. The Player or Team with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner.

Gangsta Brawl is an every-man-for-himself mode; anybody you see is an enemy. Victory is awarded to the player who succeeds in earning twenty-five kills or whoever the highest-scoring player is after the five-minute time limit expires.

Team Gangsta Brawl is a team-based variant of Gangsta Brawl. Due to players quitting, the teams are not always going to be even. There are two teams; the one you're in is always the Blue Team and the opponents are part of the Red Team. Victory is awarded to the team who succeed in earning fifty kills or to the higher-scoring team after the ten-minute time limit expires.

Strong Arm[]

In Strong Arm, two teams fight for control over the neighborhood. To win, earn cash to buy out the neighborhood. Cash is earned by participating in activities and killing opponents. Tagging spots in the level offer bonuses which can tip the scales in the match. Teamwork is important in Strong Arm. Activities are easier to win with more people involved. Tags are also dangerous to try to steal without someone watching your back. Activities also award secret team bonuses for players working together.


In Player Matches, the player can choose from a few weapon lists. In Party Games, the player can change weapon types at will. In Ranked Matches, however, only a few weapons can be used; they are listed below.

  • Baseball Bat: Short-ranged melee weapon. Best used in tight spaces and if you want to annoy your opponent. The Baseball Bat can be used to get the Assault and Battery badge.
  • Pimp Slap: Available in Strong Arm, the Pimp Slap will kill your enemy instantly and send them flying into the air.
  • .44 Shepherd: Underrated despite its power and range, the .44 Shepherd is a great weapon for sniping. Only a few headshots will kill an opponent. Not recommended for close-range combat.
  • T3K Urban: Although not as powerful and accurate as the AK, it is much better in short-range combat.
  • Tombstone: A powerful pump action shotgun, used commonly in multiplayer.
  • K6 Krukov: A powerful, mid to long range weapon.
  • Mini-Gun: The Minigun has a large clip and has a large splatter radius. Other than that, it is completely useless. Not recommended for use, in any situation.
  • McManus 2010: This is a great long-range, bolt-action sniper rifle. Do not attempt to use this at close range.
  • Pipe Bomb: The Pipe Bomb can possibly kill an enemy if they are caught in its blast radius. Pipe Bombs take about two and a half seconds to detonate so plan your throw well.

Gameplay Tips[]


Holding down two or more different buttons at once is essential in Saints Row 2's mutliplayer. Be it for dueling or killswitching, it's something that you need to be able to do. If you hold down both the shoot and sprint buttons on your controller, as soon as you release the sprint button you will begin shooting. Then, if you press the sprint button again you will begin to run again. Same thing if you are holding down the crouch and/or sprint and/or shoot buttons; as soon as you release the sprint button your character can crouch and/or shoot. Saints Row 2's multiplayer is fast-paced, and being able to sprint is completely essential.

Killing Quickly[]

It is important that you either stay still for a fraction of a second, or be constantly moving when in combat. When not shooting, you should be sprinting in a diagonal fashion to confuse your enemy. Try to keep your crosshair pointed at their head when you shoot. It is possible to confuse your enemy and sprint behind them, allowing you to nail in a shot before they turn around. Crouching suddenly while in combat is also very confusing and can give you an advantage because the other player is left in an awkward position shooting above you. You'd be surprised at how annoying it is to aim at somebody who is crouching.

Shotgun Dueling[]

A commonly used method is to find a shotgun and go on a mass killing spree. Seeing that the shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Though be advised that if you run in to another player with a shotgun you should find cover and fire when you get a chance, if the player does happen to kill you, than you should either seek another shotgun, or try to hold out using a different strategy. See the list of maps above to find shotguns.


Killswitching is easy and, as the name suggests, can kill your opponents very quickly. When you are dual-wielding SMGs and have a shotgun in your inventory, get close to the enemy and press the shoot button. As soon as your character begins to shoot the SMGs tap the weapon-change button while still holding the shoot button. If you were close and/or accurate enough you may have killed your opponent, or at least caused severe loss in health.

Long-range Combat[]

Usage of either the .44 Shepherd or the K6 Krukov is advised for long-range combat. Try to aim for the head, and be ready to get out your shotgun when the enemy tries to get in close and finish you off.


Sprinting is a useful way of avoiding being shot. Sprint around in circles, but change your path often, or the players will predict where you move. It is also recommended to shoot immediately after sprinting, and aim carefully. Running around will confuse Players, and throw them off track.

Rocket Whoring[]

Rocket whoring is a tactic used in multiplayer often, As the rocket is the most powerful weapon in the multiplayer game. It is, However frowned upon by many players in the community, it is best countered with a long range weapon or a baseball bat from behind.


It is important to stick to your team, when someone tries to kill people with rockets, shotguns, or pimp slaps, it is good to have teammates around to back each other up. It is also common that a group of people on the other team try to find people on their own and kill them, sticking together will not only prevent that but also make it a fair fight. But the main reason to stick with your team is that working together is generally better than trying to survive yourself.


  • Strong Arm is internally named "Braveheart" in many files.


Endscreen mp blue

Endscreen mp red

Saint of all Saints in the Saints Hideout in multiplayer

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