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There are multiple Multiplayer modes in Saints Row.


Saints Row has a variety of multiplayer modes, including: Co-op, Gangsta Brawl, Team Gangsta Brawl, Big Ass Chains, Team Big Ass Chains, Blinged Out Ride, and Protect Tha Pimp. Co-op supports two players, while all other modes support up to twelve players.

The Co-Op missions are newly crafted multiplayer missions and not the missions available from the single-player campaign. In this game it is not possible to play storyline missions or activities, or to explore Stilwater in Co-op.

A System Link cable can be used to play offline without being connected to Xbox Live.

Your Xbox Live character is separate from your Offline Character, and you have to earn cash from multiplayer matches to purchase customization items such as clothing and tattoos.

On Xbox Live you can also join Gangs (or create your own) and participate on the Leaderboards.


The lobby area is a small warehouse interior.

The Lobby is the interactive waiting room you're placed in once you've selected a match. In the Lobby, you can test out your weapons and controls without consequences. The Lobby HUD displays the details of the Match you are about to play.
Keep in mind that in online play the D-Pad has a different function than it does in single player.
Pressing the up button allows you to quickly cycle through the last three weapons you selected.
Pressing left or right allows you to taunt your enemies.
Pressing and holding the down button lets you eat a burger. So long as you are holding down the down button you will regenerate health, however the longer you are holding down the button the longer you are vulnerable to enemy attacks.
— In-game description


There are two Co-op missions (and an additional DLC one), each in a custom map area with a different objective.

There are two difficulty levels for each mission, Gangster (easy) and Kingpin (hard).

There are no custom settings for Co-op. In both missions, health regeneration is limited, only refilling to one third, and it is not possible to eat food.


Turbulence is a Co-op Mode. In this Mode the cops have ambushed you and your ally as you return to Stilwater from an overseas drug deal. You must fight your way out of the airport. If you are able to complete the goal before either player loses their last life, you beat the match. In Co-op you cannot regenerate health.
— In-game description

This level, also known as "Gauntlet", takes place inside the Wardill Airport interior, which is unavailable during normal gameplay, but is very similar to the interior in Saints Row 2.

The goal is to move from one end of the airport to the other, which is full of cops and SWAT who are armed with pistols, shotguns, rifles and grenades.

There are 4 lives shared between players, so if one player dies 4 times, the game will end. Players start off with a single pistol. Due to the restriction on health regeneration and lack of food, this mission is significantly harder than any single player mission.

  • The "Bulletproof" Achievement is unlocked after completing Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.

Mob Rule[]

Mob Rule is a Co-op mode. In this mode you and your ally are transporting a drug shipment when a riot breaks out. You need to take the boxes filled with drugs and get them to a fortified warehouse on the other end of town. If you are able to complete the goal before both players lose their last life, you beat the match. In Co-op you cannot regenerate health.
— In-game description

This level, also known as "Delivery", takes place in a custom exterior section, although building the players start in appears to be based on TeeNAy.

The goal is to deliver two boxes to a secure warehouse, through streets filled with Vice Kings. The boxes can be put down and picked back up at any time, with a 30-second countdown for the boxes to return to the spawning point. Either player can pick up either box, making it possible for one player to "juggle" the boxes to keep them from disappearing in the event that one player dies.

This mode does not have a limit on lives or time, and players begin with multiple weapons, including Pipe Bombs, making it significantly easier than the Turbulence mission.

  • The "Errand Boy" Achievement is unlocked after completing Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.


Designed for co-op, Heist takes place in a bank. In this mode you and your ally have been caught in the act of robbing a bank. You must open the vault via three key locations, grab the cash, and escape... all while being attacked by the relentless Stilwater PD.
— In-game description

This level, also known as "Stayin Alive", was included in the The Gankster Pack DLC.

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Gangsta Brawl[]

Gangsta Brawl is a deathmatch style mode. There are multiple weapons and vehicles placed around the map.

Big Ass Chains[]

In Big Ass Chains, players must collect chains by killing people, and then depositing them for points. A bonus is awarded for delivering more chains at once.

Blinged Out Ride[]

Blinged Out Ride is a team based game where two teams must raise enough money from killing opponents and collecting chains to upgrade the team's vehicle several times in the Chop Shop.

Protect Tha Pimp[]

Main article: Protect Tha Pimp

Protect Tha Pimp is a team based game, in which one team must escort the pimp to a destination point, while the other team must kill the pimp or prevent their opponents from reaching this point.


The Gangs Tab allows you to form a new Gang or join one, if invited, for online play. If you are already in a Gang, you can view information about it on this Tab as well as set up Gang Matches.

If you do not belong to a Gang, you can either create one or join an existing one if you have been invited. When creating a Gang you can choose your name, tag, url, and motto.

The name of your Gang will be shown on all leaderboards.

Your Gang's Tag is a prefix that will go before the names of all gang members so other players can recognize it. For instance, if your name is "John Doe" and your tag is "187" your name will appear as "187 John Doe".

The url is a web address you want your gang members to visit, for instance a website dedicated to your gang.

The motto is a tag line that sums up what your gang is about to other people. For instance "The toughest crew in Stilwater".

Once you have formed a Gang you can invite people to join it via Xbox Live.

If you are currently in a Gang, the Gang tab allows you to edit your Gang info or quit the Gang, as well as view the list of Gang members and your Gang's stats. Please note that gangs will not become ranked until they have competed in 10 matches.

To set up a Gang Match select the Create Gang Lobby option. From there, you can pit your gang against another one in a Ranked Match.

Note that you can only belong to one Gang at a given time.


TrueSkill is your multiplayer ranking in Saints Row. It lets all other players on Xbox Live know what your relative skill level is. In Saints Row a players rank ranges from 1 to 50.

TrueSkill is represented by a multicolor bar.

The first section of the bar (silver) represents ranks that are below your skill level.

The second section of the bar (yellow) indicates what ranks are possibly within your skill level.

The third section of the bar (black) indicates what ranks are above your skill level.

As you play more ranked matches, your TrueSkill Bar will change, narrowing the length of the yellow section and moving it left or right as you beat (or are beaten by) your opponents, until your rank is clearly defined. So a high ranked player will have their yellow section moved to the right of the bar, with only a little (or none) of the black section after it, while a low ranked player will have their yellow section moved to the left with a ton of black section after it and very little silver section before it.

Whenever you play a ranked match, you will automatically be placed in a match with people within your skill level.

Each online mode has a unique TrueSkill Bar associated with it.

Reaching specific TrueSkill Ranks can unlock achievements:

  • Thug: Rank 16
  • Killa: Rank 22
  • Gangster: Rank 26
  • Kingpin: Rank 31


Multiplayer Lobby loading screen in Saints Row

System Link Lobby - Game menu

Ethernet cable disconnected warning

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