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Mrs. Claus[2] is a character in the How the Saints Save Christmas DLC for Saints Row IV.


Mrs. Claus is Santa Claus's wife. Due to an incident where Santa had been kissed under mistletoe by a mother, Mrs. Claus would only let him deliver presents when everyone was asleep.[3]

Unknown to the world, Santa had been abducted by Zinyak. This was covered up by Mrs. Claus and the elves for the greater good. With the Christmas Spirit still strong, the North Pole carried on as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, the mental damage inflicted on Santa by the Zin eventually turned Santa into a twisted, holiday-hating monster named Clawz that assaulted the North Pole.[4] Mrs. Claus fought to defend the Toy Factory with extreme firepower and was saved by the arrival of The Protagonist, a time traveling Future Shaundi and a freed Santa.[5]

In Future Shaundi's timeline, Mrs. Claus was defeated and imprisoned on an ice floe. Clawz forced her to create his Gingerbread Men.[4]


  • She is the first Mythological figure to be unlocked in the Saints Row series.


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    Mrs claus unlock homie

    Unlock screen

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