Mourning Woods Cemetery
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Suburbs Expansion


The Ronin SR2

Unlocked after

Rest in Peace SR2

City Income

$500 SR2


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1 Secret Area


Saints Row 2

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Mourning Woods Cemetery is a neighborhood in the Suburbs Expansion District of Stilwater.


Mourning Woods Cemetery is part of the new Suburbs Expansion District added in Saints Row 2.

Aisha's funeral is held here by the Saints during the course of the story.[1] It is immediately followed by an impromptu Texas funeral of Shogo Akuji.[2]

The Neighborhood is initially under the control of The Ronin, but is unlocked for the Saints after completing "Rest in Peace".

There are no Activities or Stores in this Neighborhood, but a Secret Area named Cemetery Sex Cavern can be accessed via the crypt labeled "Hawk." A Hitman target can also be found here.


Map neighbourhood cemetery

Mourning Woods Cemetery neighborhood

The map in this article shows several locations:

  • Red circle shows Aisha's Grave
  • Green circle shows where Shogo was buried
  • Yellow circle shows the house with screams coming from inside.
  • Blue circles shows the entrances to the Cemetery Sex Cavern

The gray areas of the map are parts of different neighborhoods.


Mourning Woods Cemetery - 3 tombstones

3 Volition staff names on tombstone.

  • The names on the gravestones are the names of Volition staff and are not the names of in-game characters.[3]
  • Aisha's grave is marked by the name "Jennifer Campbell", who is listed as a game tester in the credits.
  • Although the "Requiem" cutscene for "Rest in Peace" shows Gat and The Protagonist filling in Shogo's grave, it is still open and empty immediately after the mission, as is Aisha's.
  • A Skydiving Civilian with a failed parachute is programmed to randomly fall into Aisha's grave. This can be triggered by approaching the grave and waiting, and can happen at any time of day, although there is a delay before it can happen again.
    • Skydiving are one of many Civilian Idle actions, and there are multiple locations throughout the city.
  • At 11pm until 4am every second night, there are horror-movie-like noises, voices and screams coming from the house at the north end of the Cemetery.
    • SR2 cemetery house Ambients 00570
    • SR2 cemetery house Ambients 00571
    • SR2 cemetery house Ambients 00572
    • SR2 cemetery house Ambients 00573
    • SR2 cemetery house Ambients 00574
  • At the same house at the North of the cemetery are unique models. 1 is of a playpark behind the garage and the other a sign on the wall with "M W" in between 2 curly brackets.
  • The garage of the Mourning Woods house is enterable and shows the hand icon at all times. Inside is a Volition T-Shirt and several Improvised Weapons: wetvac, lawnmower, and step ladder.
  • A doorman is present outside the house at all times.
  • There is a semi-exposed coffin next to some rocks, directly north of T intersection in the Trailer Park to the south of the cemetery.
  • "Morning wood" is a slang term referring to the phenomenon of nocturnal penile tumescence.


  • Mourning Woods Cemetery Map in Saints Row 2
  • The headstone file from SR2 - These are all people who worked on the game
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - aerial view
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - arches
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - Cemetery Sex Cavern coffins
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - Cemetery Sex Cavern heads
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - graves at dusk
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - graves
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - Hawk mausoleum
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - house and garage
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - pond
  • Mourning Woods Cemetery - sign


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