Mounted .50 cal
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Clip size

500 Bulldog SRTT

Pickup Ammo



160 Bear, Commander, Bulldog, ASP
300 Specter, Scythe, Condor
400 N-Forcer
700 Parrot, Corsette, High Rise
800 Wolverine
1000 Challenger, Bear SRTT
2000 Crusader

Refire Delay

75 SR2
150 SRTT

Ragdoll Force

125 SR2
400 SRTT


400 N-Forcer, Bulldog SRTT, Bear SRTT


3 Wolverine
4 Parrot, Corsette, High Rise
2.5 Bear, Commander, Bulldog
0.5 N-Forcer
1 ASP, Bulldog SRTT




Speed: 35

Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

The Mounted .50 cal is a vehicle-mounted weapon in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

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Not to be confused with Minigun/Rockets

Bear and BulldogEdit

The Bear and the The General's Bulldog are the only land vehicles with a Mounted .50 cal in Saints Row 2.

The Mounted .50 cal is, most definitely, an anti-personnel weapon. The voracious, beastly rate of fire tears apart anyone unfortunate to get in its way. However, the rounds have trouble piercing through metal, and as such, are not as effective against vehicles, a downside which can prove fatal in car-chases or high-speed pursuits. During these situations, the best bet is to shoot at the windows of the pursuing vehicle, hopefully killing the driver inside.

Bear - Ultor SR2 variant screenshot

The Bear Features a Mounted .50 cal.


Promo parrot

A Parrot with .50s visible above the engine.

This version of the Mounted .50 cal is mounted on the Parrot, as well as the Parrot Variants the Corsette and High Rise.

Compared to the .50 cal used by land vehicles, this is much more effective against vehicles, being able to drop airborne targets from the sky with a quick burst. However, due to the fact that it is in a fixed, forward facing position on an aircraft, it's uses against other targets are severely hindered.


Wolverine - Military variant firing Mounted .50 cal while flying - front

The Wolverine fires its .50s.

Whereas the Parrot's .50 is mounted directly ontop of the engine, the Wolverine's .50s are integrated directly into the wings of the Wolverine. The firing sound is shared with the Commander's .50 cal. The Wolverine's weapon has does slightly more damage per bullet than the Parrot's.


Commander - Corporate Warfare promo

The Commander, with frontal .50 cal visible.

There are two .50s on the Commander, one at the rear controlled by the driver, and one at the front controlled by a passenger. Due to the positioning of the turrets, and their limited movement ability, their usage is restricted mainly to ship-to-ship combat.

EDF ScoutEdit

EDF Scout promo

EDF Scout with Mounted .50 cal visible.

The EDF Scout has a special Mounted .50 cal which fires infinite rockets.


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