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Mount Claflin is a mountain in Stilwater.

Mount Claflin, as seen from Wardill Airport in Saints Row.


Located south-west of the Arena District, Mount Claflin is a massive mountain which is home to a forest and winding dirt paths. Many civilians drive on the Mount Claflin paths daily, so it can have a lot of bad traffic and oncoming vehicles, which is made worse because some mountain paths are quite narrow.

The north ridge is part of Pleasant View and takes up the majority of that neighborhood, but the peak of the mountain itself is not part of any neighborhood or district. So unlike most above-ground areas, it is not named on the map and no gang owns it. Because of this, there are no screen notification when entering the area.

Built underneath the mountain is The Pyramid, an Ultor R&D facility. There are three entrances to The Pyramid:

  • Behind a waterfall on Mount Claflin itself.
  • A tunnel under Mount Claflin, accessible from Sommerset.
  • A tunnel on the east side of Mount Claflin, which is visible from Sunsinger.

Camp Claflin[]

North of the mountain's peak, there is a small camp consisting of several lodges next to a lake with a pier. The lodges are particularly dilapidated and run-down, but some Stilwater civilians fish on the pier, and there are fish swimming in the lake.

The camp area is split in half due to a river ravine, which can be crossed by doing a stunt jump over the ravine.

There are 2 tombstones beside the pond, each have the same developer's name engraved on them.

Camp Claflin is featured in the mission "America's Next Top Scientist".


As it is not part of any defined District, Mount Claflin uses the Default vehicle group, and features all the same random vehicles as Freeways which span the river.

The vehicles which spawn on Mount Claflin are: Alaskan, Bootlegger, Bulldog, Capshaw, Churchill, Compensator, Compton, Cosmos, Danville, Eiswolf, Ethel, Go!, Halberd, Hammerhead, Hayate Z70, Hollywood, Keystone, Komodo, La Fuerza, Legion, Magma, Melbourne, Mockingbird, Nelson, Nordberg, NRG V8, Phoenix, Raycaster, Shard, Socialite, Stiletto, Swindle, Taxi, Tetsuo, Thorogood, Topher, Varsity, Venom Classic, Voxel, Voyage, Wakazashi, Wellington, Westbury, Zenith, Zimos, Zircon, Zomkah.

Driving a vehicle not in this list may cause that vehicle to also spawn, as well as whichever Gang Customization vehicles are selected.


Chris Claflin during development on Saints Row IV.[1]

  • The mountain is named after Chris Claflin, the Level Artist for Saints Row[2] and Associate Project Art Director for Saints Row 2.[3]
  • In Saints Row, there is a path visible on the map that leads roughly to the peak of Mount Claflin, but the path is inaccessible.
  • All Snipes 57s taking off from the Wardill Airport runway crash into the mountain. This may be an unintentional result of an incomplete path since it was not expected that players would follow the planes, as all planes have slightly different behaviours when reaching the end of the path.
  • There is a tunnel entrance of the west side of the mountain in Pleasant View, the tunnel comes out on the north end behind the movie screen, which can be driven through in a car.
  • There is a hockey mask in between some trees near the lake.[4] The mask is one of many Improvised Weapons and is called "Bones". After carrying it away from the original location, it turns into a human skull.
  • Both the hockey mask and the lake camp are references to the Friday the 13th franchise, which features a camp at a lake, and a character wearing a hockey mask.
  • To the west of the Claflin tunnel, just before the bridge, there is an small hill with an area where Playa's feet do not touch the ground.
  • On one of the shanties is a sign for "Blake Low's Wigs and Whiskers".
  • Because Mount Claflin is not a neighborhood, it is not possible to use Taxi Service or to start any job Diversions.
    • This does not apply to the north section of Mount Claflin, as it is located in Pleasant View.


The Mount Claflin area in Saints Row

The Mount Claflin area in Saints Row 2

Mt Claflin in-game Map in Saints Row 2

Mount Claflin on blank map in Saints Row 2

Location of hockey mask

Blake Low's Wigs and Whiskers is found on Mount Claflin

View from Apartments district in Saints Row

View of tunnel in Saints Row

View from Apartment District in Saints Row 2

View from University district

Tunnel in University District

Closed road

Fake bushes


The Pyramid entrance

View of Mt Claffin from Sommerset

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