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The Morningstar are a gang in Saints Row: The Third, The Trouble With Clones and Saints Row IV.


The Morningstar is the oldest surviving gang in Steelport,[7] and as such, commands considerable respect among criminals. Their main business is arms dealing (legitimate and non-legitimate), but they are also involved in human trafficking and prostitution.[7] Their gang colors are red and pink and their insignia is a red star. Like the Luchadores and the Deckers, the Morningstar are a part of The Syndicate, but are the founding member of the group, who call all the shots. Anyone who dares to cross their path also crosses paths with the rest of the Syndicate, and had better be prepared to face the consequences.

Morningstar is a European gang with exquisite tastes. As such most of their members dress in expensive clothes, and drive fancy, high-class vehicles. Under the leadership of billionaire, Belgian, arms dealer Phillipe Loren, Morningstar maintains both legal and illegal operations around the world. For instance, they operate a high-end gun boutique in town called Powder,[7] which sells weapons to people who have the cash. Simultaneously, the gang also outfits illegal organizations, governments, and militias with weapons as well.[7]

In addition to Phillipe, Morningstar is also supervised by Viola and Kiki DeWynter, extremely close twin sisters and art dealers who are Phillipe's protégées and run the gang's prostitution ring. The DeWynters' end of the sex trade operates out of a brothel / BDSM club called Safeword, located in the Rosen Oaks district.[7]

Their headquarters is the tallest building in Steelport, the Syndicate Tower, located in the northeast corner of Henry Steel Mills. Inside the confines of the tower, the Morningstar operate a secret cloning facility, in the hopes of creating an unstoppable, master army of brutes from their prisoner, the giant Oleg Kirrlov. In addition to the Syndicate Tower, the Morningstar also own another massive skyscraper Downtown at the southern end of Loren Square, situated between its respective Decker and Luchadore counterparts.

The Morningstar Code[]

The Morningstar Code is stated on the Saints Row Website.[imagerefs 1]

  1. Everything and everyone has a price
  2. Profit before friendship
  3. Greed is good


The Morningstar employs a mix of males and females in their gang. While most members in the gang are of European origin, evidenced by the accents in their voices, there are also some Jamaican (Zoey) and Japanese (Clara) women in their ranks. The male members of the gang are clad in black suits with red undershirts along with loose neckties, black or pink sunglasses, as well as shirt buttons with the Syndicate star on it. The female members wear a black coat along with red high-heeled boots.

  • Phillipe Loren - An extremely powerful entrepreneurial crime lord. He is the leader of both the Morningstar and The Syndicate, and everyone answers to him. Aside from that, Phillipe also runs a large, international arms dealing operation, and has side businesses in the sex-trade, which he entrusts to Viola and Kiki DeWynter.
  • Viola and Kiki DeWynter - Identical twin sisters and art dealers who serve as Phillipe Loren's right-hands and personal assistants. Both of them are intelligent businesswomen with a great deal of knowledge in the financial world. Viola and Kiki are also in charge of the Morningstar's sex-trade operations, specifically prostitution and human trafficking.
  • Barry (a.k.a. Rasputin) - A highly placed member of the Morningstar who (for personal reasons) wishes to embarrass the gang's leadership by hiring Playa to assassinate other Morningstar members in secrecy, via Saintsbook. He later betrays Playa by setting them up, and trying to have them eliminated, but the move ultimately fails. Upon receiving a tip from a "Concerned Citizen" of Steelport, Playa learns that Barry is his true name, "Rasputin" is merely a pseudonym, and that he plans to skip town after hearing about Playa's survival. Seeking revenge, Playa tracks him down to Loren Square and assassinates him.
  • Brutus - A rogue Brute who unintentionally developed "sensitivity" and adapted a non-violent, non-aggressive personality. He often spends his time sitting in Sunset Park to sniff flowers. Because of this, Rasputin hires Playa to assassinate him.
  • Mr. Dickson - A high-ranking individual who manages various business fronts for the Morningstar. He's viewed as being overly arrogant, and always refuses to ride in anything but a limousine. Out of annoyance, Rasputin hires Playa to assassinate him.
  • Grigor - A money courier for the Morningstar who is tasked with moving Syndicate money via helicopter. Rasputin allows Playa to assassinate him and steal his money shipment as a reward for performing so well. At the same time, he also wants to use the event as an excuse to dispose of Playa, a move which ultimately proves to be his downfall. Grigor is a Morningstar specialist.
  • Andre - A major pimp for the Morningstar who controls nearly half of the prostitution in Steelport. After witnessing several of his prostitutes in Espina being murdered by the Saints and the inability of the Morningstar to stop them, Andre comes out of hiding to confront Playa and is promptly assassinated.

The random Morningstar soldiers are named Gus, Pete, Victor, Zoey, Clara and Liilian. Saints Row IV has an extra soldier named petesr3.


The Morningstar specialist is a bald male sniper named Norman, who is dressed in a red trenchcoat with a pair of red lens sunglasses. His occupation and lack of hair is similar to Agent 47 of the Hitman game series, although the look perhaps comes more directly from Maximillian Strauss of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. This specialist has a French accent, similar to Phillipe Loren. They are armed with McManus 2015 sniper rifles with a visible laser attached, and are capable of dealing considerable damage. Morningstar specialists normally attack from helicopters at level 3 Morningstar Notoriety. On rare occasions they are used as part of a roadblock or in certain missions such as "Hit the Powder Room" and "The Belgian Problem".

Morningstar specialists almost always come in pairs, with one riding on each side of a helicopter, or two positioned around a road block. When on the ground, they try to snipe from afar and quickly run away to a new position if approached. As with all specialists, they are immune to being taken as Human Shields and shove Playa away continuously if they attempt to grab them. They're also pretty tough with about three times the health of normal enemies; even so they're not the toughest specialists in the game, it shouldn't be too hard to kill them.

Grigor, a money courier for the Morningstar who is listed as an Assassination target in the Saintsbook.



  • In the Power CG Trailer for Saints Row: The Third, members of the Morningstar use .44 Shepherds and GDHC .50 handguns.[8]
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the Morningstar gang colors are red, pink and black.[8]
  • The Morningstar's symbol (a star) and its color scheme of pink and red find its way into the clothing of both Killbane (his pink feather boa), Matt Miller, and the Deckers Specialist (they both have pink stars incorporated into their clothing).
  • Leather & Lace has a female outfit similar to a Morningstar Soldier outfit.
  • The Morningstar are the only gang with lieutenants, Viola and Kiki, though the Deckers were initially advertised as having a female lieutenant, she was later revealed to be merely a Decker Specialist.
  • After the death of Phillipe and Kiki, and Viola's defection to the Saints, the Morningstar are left without a leader.
  • Part three of the Morningstar code is reference to the motto of Gordon Gekko, the antagonist of the 1987 film Wall Street.
  • Two of the Morningstar members, Grigor and Rasputin, are most likely a reference to Grigori Rasputin, an infamous mystic and advisory during the final years of the Russian Empire.
  • Morningstar marks the third time red has been used as the primary color for a gang in the Saints Row series. It has been used once in each game, by The Carnales in Saints Row, and The Brotherhood in Saints Row 2. It is also used by the Zin Empire in Saints Row IV.
  • When saving Shaundi in the mission Three Way, the Morningstar is the only gang in Saints Row: The Third to have its leader killed.
  • The Morningstar is the only gang who does not have any unique weapons, The Deckers have the Nocturne, the Luchadores have Apoca-Fists, and STAG have Viper Laser Rifles.
  • The Morningstar, like the two other gangs in the Syndicate, are named after the primary forms of illegal activities they are involved in. In their case; the sex trade (as planet Venus is nicknamed the Morningstar as well as Venus being the Roman goddess of love) and arms dealing (as there is a medieval weapon called a Morning Star).
  • The Morningstar are perhaps the most vile faction in the whole series as their main activities include human trafficking and sexual slavery, which are recognized by many international organizations as crimes against humanity.
  • The use of American voices in some of the Morningstar crew members is perhaps to deflect any anti European sentiment due to the extreme storyline nature of their main activities.
  • In Saints Row IV, the Morningstar are cannon fodder in the mission "De Plane Boss", and during certain Fight Club activities. They also spawn continuously while "Emergency Situation" is present in the quest log; it does not have to be the currently active mission.
  • When idle, some female soldiers of the gang may claim to have worked in prostitution "in [their] country".
  • Morningstar is also a title given to Lucifer.
  • The Gang Customization Gang Style incorrectly refers to the gang as "Morning Star".
  • The Morningstar are never formally introduced. Phillipe introduces himself as chairman of the Syndicate, but does not mention the Morningstar. The first time the word is used in the game is during the mission Party Time, when Pierce says "it's owned by the Morningstar", to which Playa responds as if he is familiar with the term.
  • The Morningstar is the only enemy gang in the DLC mission, Send in the Clones.


Promotional artwork of Morningstar and Syndicate leader Phillipe Loren

Saints Row website - Gangs - The Morningstar - intro

Promo image of the Morningstar

Promo image of the Morningstar

Morningstar Members From Left: Viola DeWynter, Morningstar Specialist, Phillipe Loren, Kiki DeWynter

Concept art of Morningstar members

Male Morningstar member concept art

Male Morninstar member concept art

Three major members of the Morningstar: leader Phillipe Loren and his two lieutenants the DeWynter sisters in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer

Phillipe Loren and the DeWynter sisters

Pillipe Loren

Viola DeWynter

Kiki DeWynter

The Morningstar Specialist

Morningstar Specialist in a helicopter

Morningstar soldier

Playa uses a member of the Morningstar as a human shield against three others in a promotional screenshot for Saints Row: The Third

Powder: a designer gun shop and front for the Morningstar's arms dealing operations

Safeword: a BDSM brothel run by the DeWynter sisters. Serves as a front for the Morningstar's sex trade

The Syndicate Tower: Morningstar's HQ

Morningstar Soldier 1 - Gus - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Gus - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Soldier 2 - Pete - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Pete - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Soldier 3 - Victor - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Victor - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Soldier 6 - Zoey - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Zoey - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Soldier 7 - Clara - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Clara - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Soldier 8 - Liilian - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Liilian - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Specialist - sniper - Norman - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar - Norman sniper - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Lieutenant m05 - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar Lieutenant m05 - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Parachuter 1 - Gus - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar parachuter 1 - Gus - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar Parachuter 2 - Gus - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Morningstar parachuter 2 - Gus - character model in Saints Row IV

Morningstar - PeteSR3 - character model in Saints Row IV


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