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Monte Vista is a territory in Santo Ileso and controlled by The Idols gang.


"The Rio Salinas Recreation Area once extended to the hills on the north end of Santo Ileso. Development here was limited to trail heads maintained by the Kavanagh County Park District and the Woodbush Country Club, established in 1955.

All that changed in the 1990s, when the economic base of the region shifted from resource extraction (oil and mining) to financial services and technology. Real estate values skyrocketed, and speculators were eager to capitalize on the boom.

A cabal of real estate developers and investors bribed county officials into zoning Monte Vista for residential use and selling them the land at a steep discount. The resulting scandal ended with felony convictions, ruined political careers, and the murder of a local judge, but in the end, the developers got what they wanted.

Now expensive luxury homes, built in a contemporary Spanish revival style, occupy the hilltops on terraced lots. Many are owned by the C-suite executives and financiers who make the commute every morning to their corner offices in Lakeshore.

Here you can find the Woodbush Country Club – an exclusive members-only golf club, the iconic Santo Ileso sign, the mansions of wealthy residents (some of which have been taken over by the Idols) and roadside stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables among other things. "