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Missions provide the narrative of Saints Row IV.


During development on Saints Row IV, Volition, Inc. targeted mission structure as a key area for improvement. Speaking to Polygon, they explained that players' use of the cellphone to retrieve missions in Saints Row: The Third felt disconnected from the game's narrative.

Design Director Scott Phillips said that Saints Row IV's missions have been changed to "more of a quest log structure" and that the missions "are more organized". Phillips believes that it's "just a better structure to pull people through the game".[1]

The plot is divided into Quests.

  • Each Quest may have multiple objectives.
  • Each Objective may have multiple requirements.
  • Objectives may be Missions or Activities.
  • Missions and Activities have standard completion screens which show the mission title, while other Objectives and Quest completion messages appear on-screen during gameplay.
  • Quest names are shown in the Cellphone, and the Save and Load screens.
  • Mission names are shown on the mission completed and failed screens.

Side Quests become available after some missions. Side Quest Objectives consist of Activities, Diversions, Challenges or simply using a store.

Primary Quests[]

Quest Quest Log Mission
Purple Ops[2] Kinzie: Cyrus is ready to launch a nuke at Washington. We need to take him out.
Zero Saints Thirty Zero Saints Thirty (Auto-starts)
Hail to the Chief[3] Kinzie: Thank God for gerrymandering.
The Saints Wing The Saints Wing (Auto-starts)
Leave it to the Saints[4] Kinzie: This perfect life is brought to you by Friendly Fryer.
A Pleasant Day A Pleasant Day (Auto-starts)
Learn the Rules... Kinzie: Let's see how things work here.
Learn the Basics The Fundamentals (Auto-starts)
Time to Increase the Tempo Bending the Rules
Activity: Blazin
Learn to Damage the Alien Presence Hot and Cold
Tutorial: Blast
The Escape Kinzie: We need to get back to Earth.
Break Out of the Simulation The Real World
Breaking the Law Kinzie: There's lot of ways to disrupt the simulation.
Take Over a Store Hack the Planet
Break on Through Break on Through
Activity: Platforming Rift
That Burning Sensation Tutorial: Power Element Training
Ghost in the Machine Kinzie: To access the other simulations, we need the AI. If we have to get him a body then do it.
Help the AI Enter the Simulation Power Up CID
Go to Training Program Activity: Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder
Zero Cool Kinzie: I hate him. We need him. It's time to save Matt Miller.
Break Matt Miller Out Miller-Space
Retrieve Matt Miller Matt's Back
Anomalous Readings Kinzie: I think the Zin are tracking you, be careful and watch your back.
Find the Reading's Source The Warden Stomp
Test your Mettle on Super Power Fight Club. Activity: Fight Club
Back by Popular Demand Kinzie: Don't get your hopes up.
Find Johnny Gat De Plane Boss
The Boss Goes to Washington[5] Kinzie: Pierce needs help. BAD.
Rescue Pierce The Saints Flow
King of Stilwater[6] Kinzie: To get back your Chief of Staff, you'll have to revisit your mutual past.
Rescue Ben King King Me
From Asha with Love Kinzie: She may not be the most pleasant person, but if you're going to stop Zinyak, you need Asha.
Rescue Asha The Case of Mr. X
Emergency Situation Kinzie: Something strange is happening in the simulation. You're going to be getting attacked until this situation is resolved.
Something's Wrong in Steelport A Game of Clones
Remove the Clones from Steelport
...the Very Next Day Kinzie: I did what you asked. We're ready to save your friend.
Rescue Johnny Gat Welcome Back
Death From Above Matt: Jump-kicking works in 2D sidescrollers. Let's see how it works here.
Learn More About Death From Above Tutorial: Power Training
The Kinzie Gambit Shaundi: Everything's in place. It's time to end this once and for all.
Meet the Crew to Bring Down Zinyak When a Plan Comes Together
Repel the Boarders All Hands on Deck
Talkie Talkie Matt: We're stretching out gameplay. Come see me!
Talk to Matt Miller
The Girl Who Hates the 50s Matt: We're not leaving Kinzie behind.
Locate Keith David He Lives
Rescue Kinzie Hello Teacup
Keymaster Kinzie: If we want to shut down the simulation, we'll need to build a key
Collect Parts for the Key We have the Technology
Finish the Key Batteries Not Included
Punch the Shark Kinzie: You want the good ending? Hope you bonded with your crew.
Grand Finale Grand Finale
Grand Finale Part Two Grand Finale
Grand Finale Part Three Grand Finale
Grand Finale Part Four Grand Finale


Quest Quest Log Mission Unlocked after
Nytefall Matt: This is the finest training simulation MI6 has to offer.
Join Matt's Adventure Nytefall Matt's Back
Girls Night Out[7] Shaundi: There's some stuff I need to deal with. Do you mind coming along?
Help The Shaundis With Their Issues Psychosomatic De Plane Boss
Pump Up the Volume[8] Pierce: Let's go for a drive.
Follow Pierce's Plan Brotherhood The Saints Flow
King of the Dance Ben King: Tanya tried to take everything from me. I don't care if it's a simulation, bitch has gotta go.
Finish Off Tanya Dancing Queen King Me
Training Day Asha: You've been a leader for a long time. Do you remember what it's like to serve?
Help Out Asha Asha's VIP The Case of Mr. X
SR3 Wrap-up Johnny Gat: It's been a while. Let's go murdering for old time's sake.
Spend Quality Time with Gat Gat Time, Fun Time Welcome Back
The Girl Who Beat Cyrus Kinzie: Cyrus is gonna pay for that fucking poodle skirt.
Finish Off Cyrus Kinzie's Adventures Hello Teacup

Downloadable content[]

DLC Missions
Enter the Dominatrix[reference?] Kinzie: Boss, I found some of our old Deleted Scenes and now Jane Valderamma wants to interview us!
Save the Planet
Meet the Dominatrix
At the Races
Pop his Top
Escape the Dominatrix
How the Saints Save Christmas Kinzie: It's the most wonderful time of the year and we must keep the holidays alive!
Miracle on 3rd Street
The Fight Before Christmas
The Santa Clawz


  • The leaked Achievement/Trophy "Where in the World is..." is awarded for completing a mission named "Best Laid Plans"; a mission of the same name appears in the first Saints Row, however this achievement and mission were not in the final game.
  • It was claimed in pre-release interviews that there would be no forced Activities.[reference?] There are 4 Activities which must be completed to fulfil quest objectives, as well as 3 unskippable tutorial missions.
  • There are 4 auto-starting missions before free-roaming is available, which is the greatest number of forced missions in the series.
  • There are no Strongholds in Saints Row IV, and the game data files only contain references to Saints Row: The Third Strongholds.

Cut missions[]

The game string files reference several cut missions.

  • The 3 objectives of the Simulated Instruction Side Quest were originally missions:
    • "Tower Exploration", labelled MM_1_4, was the mission name for the "Explore the Tower" objective, and was supposed to be the 4th mission in the "Learn the Rules..." quest.
    • "A State Of Mind", labelled MM_3_1, was the mission name for the "Simulated Fraud" objective, and was supposed to take place after Power Up CID.
    • "Got To Get Me One", labelled MM_3_2, was the mission name for the "This Tank's For You" objective. Unlike other cut missions, the unused audio files and subtitles for this mission remain in the game files. This mission after this is MM_3_2, Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder.
  • "Mysterious Caller" was supposed to take place during the Break on Through quest, before Platforming Rift. It is internally named "MM_2_CID", and would have introduced CID.
    • "Get CID" was supposed to be mission "M04". "M03" is The Real World, and "M05" is Power Up CID. This is the only instance of full mission number being skipped.
  • "Suppressed" was supposed to be the mission name for the "Talkie Talkie" quest. The internal string name for the quest log "Talk To Matt Miller" is "SUPPRESSION_MISSION_NAME". The Zin started using Suppression Grenades in the previous quest. Volition developers have revealed that there was originally different audio when speaking to Matt Miller, but that they do not know why it was changed.

Leaked Names[]

A leaked list of Achievements for the game names several missions in the Achievement descriptions, the majority of these achievements were not in the final game.[9]

  • Enter the Dominatrix
  • There Is No Spoon
  • I Feel The Universe
  • I Have The Power
  • Hello Teacup
  • When A Plan Comes Together
  • Just Like Old Times
  • Dewynter Blues
  • Cloning Warz
  • Donnie's Adventures
  • Wolverines
  • Best Laid Plans
  • Running Interference
  • My Hero
  • 4th Of July

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