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Missions provide the narrative of Saints Row 2.


In Saints Row 2, Missions are divided into five sections. There is a 3rd Street Saints Prologue, followed by three concurrent gang arcs, with an Ultor Epilogue once all three gangs have been defeated.

In addition to the eleven missions in each Gang arc, each gang has four non-storyline Stronghold missions which silently become available after certain missions, and must be completed to unlock the final mission of each arc. Completing each Stronghold awards control of that neighborhood and some cash. Unlike Saints Row, the concept of Strongholds is not formally introduced.

The prologue and epilogue each consist of four missions and one Stronghold. There is also one extra mission "Revelation" that is not part of the prologue, epilogue or any gang arcs. Excluding DLC content there are forty-two missions and fourteen strongholds.

Mission Exit Glitches[]

There are multiple glitches which allow exiting an activity, a mission, or a Mission Replay, without a "Mission Failed" screen. After successfully performing these glitches, the mission cleanup script is bypassed, so Playa stays in the same location with the same vehicles, weapons, and clothing.

These glitches are useful to obtain cars or clothing items which are only available during certain missions and are otherwise impossible to get afterward, such as the repair uniform used in Assault on Precinct 31. These glitches also work with Activities, so can be used to keep the police uniform used in Fuzz, or the bouncer uniform in Crowd Control.

After using a Mission Exit Glitch, the game still believes the mission is active to some extent, so the game should be saved and reloaded afterwards to avoid problems.

All glitches work on all platforms, and can be used to exit any mission, including Jailbreak.

During a Mission Replay there is an additional Replay in a Replay glitch, which is easier to perform than either of the normal Exit Glitches.

Fail + Pause[]

Trigger a mission failure, but before the fail screen appears, press the Menu or Map button repeatedly until the mission name disappears. Theoretically, this can be performed by pressing the button once at the precise time.

This is easiest to do when the timer reaches zero due to a Homie dying, or the mission timer running out, but is also possible to do for any mission failure, such as abandoning a Homie, or a mission-critical vehicle exploding.

Cancel + Pause[]

Press down twice to trigger the "Cancel Mission" prompt.[1]

Press the Map button and Menu Select buttons simultaneously.

If you are unable to do this, it is also possible to repeatedly tap the Map button, and press the Menu Select button.

If successful, the map is displayed instead of the failure screen, and the mission will have exited.

It is also possible, but less reliable, to cancel the mission while the map screen is already displayed.[2]

3rd Street Saints Ui miss saints.png[]

Mission end screen background

The 3rd Street Saints missions are called "Saints Revival Prologue", and includes one Stronghold.




The Brotherhood Ui miss bh.png[]

Mission end screen background



The Ronin Ui miss ronin.png[]

Mission end screen background



Sons of Samedi Ui miss samedi.png[]

Mission end screen background



Ultor Corporation Ui miss ultor.png[]

Mission end screen background

The first Ultor Mission, "Revelation", can be done immediately after "Jailbreak", a clue is given in dialogue towards the end of the "Appointed Defender" mission. The rest of the missions are Epilogue missions and cannot be done until after destroying The Ronin, the Sons of Samedi, and The Brotherhood.


An Amazing Quarter




Ultor Exposed[]

The first DLC mission set is about Tera helping Playa in taking down Ultor by showing Channel 6 News all the secrets they have been hiding. That Ultor wants to keep buried and discreet from Channel 6.

Corporate Warfare[]

The second DLC mission set is about helping Eric Gryphon expose what Dex, Ultor's Head of Security, has been doing behind Ultor Corporation's back.


Instructions before starting the first Stronghold Mission

Cancel Mission prompt in Saints Row 2

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  1. Image:

    The "Cancel Mission" prompt

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    Mission exit glitch - cancelling mission while on map screen