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Missions provide the narrative of Saints Row: The Third.


Missions are essentially levels which allow progress through the storyline of Saints Row: The Third. Some missions require the player to make decisive choices. Each leads to its own respective bonuses.

Respect, a form of currency that is needed to start missions in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, is not needed to play missions in Saints Row: The Third, but is instead used for Upgrades.[1]

The Statistics and the Save/Load Menus state that there are 47 missions in Saints Row: The Third.[2] This count includes 14 compulsory activities, 4 cutscenes, 4 strongholds, and both instances of Three Way. Excluding these, and counting Gangstas in Space, there are 25 missions in the game.


In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, Strongholds are special missions which unlock neighborhoods and do not contain storyline antagonists, but are required to be completed before the finale of each gang's arc.

In Saints Row: The Third, taking over neighborhoods is accomplished through City Takeover. Strongholds are part of the main arc and unlock special Cribs.

Stronghold missions count for an extra 2% towards 100% Completion, in addition to being counted as one of the 47 missions in the game.


Unlike Saints Row and Saints Row 2, which had three separate story arcs for each gang with a prologue and epilogue, missions in Saints Row: The Third have multiple interwined storylines.

While there is no in-game reference to "Acts", the description of Achievements and Trophies[3] refer to 3 Acts in the game.

Analysis of the pattern of missions shows that they are divided into roughly 4 groups of 8 missions, with each part concluding with Stronghold mission, followed by defeating the leader of a Gang, and having a choice between two rewards.

In the second quarter of the game, activity arcs are unlocked for each gang. Completion of each activity arc is required to unlock the Stronghold mission for each gang. While the Morningstar activity arc must be completed during the second quarter, the Deckers activity arc can be left until the third quarter and the Luchadores activity arc can be left until the fourth quarter.

Part 1[]

The game begins with Playa, Pierce, and Shaundi arriving in Steelport after a failed bank robbery on Stilwater 1st National Bank, and the beginning of their journey of vengeance against Phillipe Loren for killing Johnny Gat.

This arc focuses on the Morningstar under the control of Phillipe Loren and concludes with a raid on the Loren's Powder Stronghold, followed by the defeat of Loren, meeting Oleg Kirrlov in the process, and having a choice of what to do with the Syndicate Tower.

Part 2[]

After the defeat of Loren, the second section of the game opens with Playa, Pierce, Shaundi and Oleg Kirrlov in Stilwater, on their way to Johnny's funeral. After Killbane and his Luchadores ambush the 3rd Street Saints on the Hughes Memorial Bridge in retribution for Loren's death, the Saints decide to return to Steelport to bring the fight to the rest of The Syndicate.

This quarter focuses on the Morningstar under the control of Viola DeWynter and concludes with a raid on the DeWynter's Safeword Stronghold, followed by the defeat of the Morningstar and a choice of what to do with a stolen Morningstar shipment. While no leader is defeated, this is the last Morningstar mission, and Viola joins the Saints immediately after this.

Part 3[]

After the defeat of the Morningstar, the second half of the game opens with Viola defecting to the Saints and STAG invading Steelport, as well as an offensive against the Deckers.

This chapter focuses on the Deckers and STAG, each arc ending with a choice.

  • The Deckers arc concludes with a raid on the Burns Hill Reactors Stronghold, followed by the defeat of Matt Miller, and a choice between two rewards for letting him live.
  • The STAG arc concludes with a raid on the STAG PR Center building, followed by a choice presented by Cyrus Temple.[4]

Part 4[]

After the defeat of the Deckers, the final segment of the game opens with Shaundi being kidnapped and focuses on the 3rd Street Saints efforts to finally rid Steelport of the Luchadores and STAG, as well as dealing with an outbreak of zombies on Arapice Island.

These missions focus on the Luchadores and STAG, each arc ending with a choice.

  • The Luchadores arc concludes with a raid on the 3 Count Casino Stronghold, followed by the defeat of Killbane, and a choice between which trophy to take from him.
  • The STAG arc features a raid on the Thermopylae aircraft carrier, featuring a mid-mission choice between STAG weaponry and concludes with a choice on what to do with canisters of Zombie gas.


After the humiliation of Killbane and multiple successful attacks on STAG, Kia kidnaps Shaundi, Viola, and Burt Reynolds while Killbane is fleeing Steelport, and the player must choose between saving the Saints or killing Killbane.


M1 When Good Heists Go Bad (Auto-starts)
M2 I'm Free - Free Falling (Auto-starts)
M3 We're Going to Need Guns (Auto-starts)
M4 Steelport Here I Am

Loren Morningstar Arc
M5 Party Time
(Pierce Morningstar activity arc must be completed)
S1 Hit the Powder Room (Stronghold)
M6 The Belgian Problem (Choice)

Pierce Morningstar Activity Arc
P1 Guardian Angel (Cellphone only)
P2 Trafficking (Activity marker)
P3 Takeover the City
P4 Tank Mayhem (Activity marker)
P5 Professor Genki (Activity marker)
P6 We've Only Just Begun (Cutscene)

Part 2

DeWynter Morningstar Arc
M7 Return to Steelport
M8 Trojan Whores
(Zimos Morningstar activity arc must be completed)
S2 Pimps Up, Hos Down (Stronghold)
M9 The Ho Boat (Choice)

Zimos Morningstar Activity Arc
Z1 Snatch
Z2 Ho Traffic
Z3 Escort
Z4 Painting a Picture (Cutscene)

Kinzie Decker Activity Arc
K1 Cyber Blazing
K2 Mayhem
K3 Guardian Angel
K4 Heli Assault
K5 Phone Phreak (Cutscene)

Angel Luchador Activity Arc
A1 Insurance Fraud
A2 Trail Blazing
A3 Eye of the Tiger
A4 Face Your Fear (Cutscene)

Part 3

M10 Gang Bang
M11 Convoy Decoy
M12 Nyte Blayde's Return
M13 STAG Party (Choice)

Deckers Arc
M14 Live! With Killbane
M15 Learning Computer
(Decker activity arc must be completed)
S03 Stop all the Downloading (Stronghold)
M16 http://deckers.die (Choice)

Part 4

M16.5 Stilwater Blues (Cutscene)
M17 My Name is Cyrus Temple
M18 Air Steelport
M19 Zombie Attack (Choice)

Luchadores Arc
M20 A Remote Chance
(Luchador activity arc must be completed)
S04 3 Count Beat Down (Stronghold)
M21 Murderbrawl XXXI (Choice)

M22 Three Way (Choice)
M23 STAG Film
M24 Gangstas in Space

  • An "M" denotes a Mission.
  • An "S" denotes a Stronghold mission.
  • An outline denotes a cutscene or phonecall.
  • Light colours denote a required Activity.
  • P stands for Pierce
  • K stands for Kinzie
  • A stands for Angel
  • Z stands for Zimos












(Hover cursor to see mission names)


There are four bonus phone call missions which play after completing City Takeover gameplay in each district.
They are not counted as missions in the Statistics, and there are no objectives. There are several ways to see the name of each mission.
  • Saving the game after the phone call finishes.
  • In the Cellphone as the current mission, while the phone call is playing.
  • On the fail screen after either exiting or dying during the phone call.
  • After exiting the mission, the name is in the Cellphone, but cannot be replayed until saving and reloading the game.

Gangstas in Space[]

The Gangstas in Space downloadable content includes three new missions.

The Trouble With Clones[]

The The Trouble With Clones downloadable content includes three new missions.


Choices are given at the end of major missions. No choices affect the outcome of the game except for the choice during Three Way.

In a pre-release developer interview, it was stated that choosing to keep the Syndicate Tower during The Belgian Problem would unlock it as a Crib, which "[would be] beneficial as it's in a well-situated area of the city".[5] In the game, it is not actually a Crib, instead simply giving an hourly cash bonus if not destroyed.[6]

Mission Choice Reward
The Belgian Problem Blow Up The Building Permanent Respect Bonus
Disarm The Bomb Permanent Cash Bonus
The Ho Boat Deliver Hos To Morningstar Lump Sum Cash Payout
Keep Hos For The Saints Increased Hourly Cash Income
STAG Party Return Josh To STAG STAG City Takeover Assistance
Keep Josh With The Saints Josh Birk and Nyte Blayde as Homies
http://deckers.die Take Over A Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle customization cost reduction
Take Over A Weapons Manufacturer Weapon upgrade cost reduction
My Name is Cyrus Temple Hoverbike, Satchel Charges Specter, Satchel Charge
Satchel Charges, STAG Tank V2 Satchel Charge, Crusader
Hoverbike, STAG tank V2 Specter, Crusader
Zombie Attack Return Zombie Virus To Oleg Zombie Homies
Destroy Zombie Virus For The Mayor Burt Reynolds and SWAT Homies
Murderbrawl XXXI Unmask Killbane Killbane's mask
Spare Killbane Apoca-Fist weapon
Three Way Head To The Airport Kill Killbane but Shaundi will die
Go To The Statue Save Shaundi but Killbane will escape


  • All compulsory activities can be started on the map as an activity or by phone, with the exception of both instances of Guardian Angel.
  • Storyline Activities and cinematic cutscene-only missions are counted in the Statistics as missions but are only added after a completing a subsequent mission with a reward screen.[verify]
  • There is no mission replay function in the game, besides the ability to play the final mission twice to see the alternate endings. The DLC missions like Gangstas in Space and The Trouble With Clones are available after completion, although the Rewards are only available once. The only way to replay missions from the base game are to start a new character, or load a saved game.
    • During an interview with Qt3 Games Podcast, Project Design Director Scott Phillips explained that the removal of this feature was simply down to scope and time, as the Newspaper Clipboard of Saints Row 2 had many bugs on initial release and they struggled to implement it in Saints Row: The Third in a timely manner.[7]
  • There are a total of 23 save slots and one autosave per profile.

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