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Miracle on 3rd Street
HtSSC Miracle on 3rd Street complete
"Miracle on 3rd Street" mission completion screen

How the Saints Save Christmas


Future Shaundi


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None The Fight Before Christmas

Miracle on 3rd Street is the first mission in How the Saints Save Christmas DLC for Saints Row IV.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we must keep the holidays alive!
— Quest description


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The mission starts off with Jane Austen doing a short narration setting the scene for the DLC, before transitioning to The Ship. The Saints are setting The Ship up for Christmas, but Playa refuses to help, which prompts Shaundi to call them a Grinch. The Boss is questioned by Shaundi, Pierce, Matt Miller and Kinzie about if he cares about anything Christmas related, but then The Ship gets shakes about and Kinzie points out that it's not an attack. A purple energy field appears and reveals a Future version of Shaundi with cybernetic implants, who claims that Clawz is coming, and that he's a warlord from her time and the present-day Saints future. When Playa goes to confront Future Shaundi for not going back in time to stop Zinyak's invasion, Future Shaundi quickly arm-locks and incapacitates Playa, warning them that Clawz is a serious threat, which makes Playa stand down and is released. Future Shaundi would go on to say that Santa had be trapped for decades, and that he needs to be saved before time runs out. Playa would later be pushed into dealing with the situation after they claim it to be stupid.

Playa and Future Shaundi appear in a Christmas version of 50s Steelport, with Playa criticising Kinzie for the sweater they are forced to wear, although Future Shaundi remarks that they have to wear what they must to help bring back Christmas, and tells them to go to the shop. Playa breaks in and steals the Crimson Cowboy BB gun, which triggers Clawz to appear and turn people into Gingerbread Men, which try to attack Playa and Future Shaundi. Despite Future Shaundi warning Playa not to attack Clawz with the Crimson Cowboy they ignore her and gets shot in the eye.

Future Shaundi then spots Santa and is revived by Playa, asking him about thin he looks, he mentions how the Christmas spirit does not exist anymore thanks to Clawz, and says that they have to start of by ringing the bells around town. The group proceeds to do this but Santa notices Future Shaundi's anger and hatred, promoting him to try and calm her down, which surprises her that Santa knew her name and helps calm Future Shaundi, and would explain that her hardened attitude was due to the war with Clawz, with Santa telling her that there might be a hack sack under her tree for her and cheers her up. With Santa fighting alongside the Saints, Playa rings the bells and progressively restores their Super Powers and Santa's while granting Powers to Future Shaundi, before they go after a projector. Playa gets the projector but still continues to show no care about the situation, promoting Future Shaundi to call them a Grinch.

When the projector gets set up, it brings Clawz's Sledge down but Clawz is still protected due to the lack of power being supplied to the projector, in which CID agrees with and tells the trio to head to the town hall and protect him while he helps out. Future Shaundi asks Santa about the situation with the North Pole and he explains how Clawz has turned Twinkle against him, mildly agitating Future Shaundi as she bring up how he took her arm, although Santa assures her that Tinsel and the elves have set up a resistance and that Mrs. Claus will be fine.

CID finishes up and tell Playa that they are needed up on the roof to make the plan work. He then tells Playa to lick the pole, making them swear and Future Shaundi scolds them before they decide not to lick the pole. CID then decides to dare them and they lick the pole, electrocuting them and restoring power to the projector. The trio goes back to Clawz and incapacitates him, but before he can be finished off, Clawz escapes and Santa tells the Saints they need to go to the North Pole and stop Clawz.


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Go to the Store
Get the Crimson Cowboy
Kill Clawz
Revive Santa
Go to the Park
Ring the Holiday Bells
Ring one last Bell or Shoot all the Bells
Go find the Projector
Kill Guards
Break the Ice
Carry the Projector to the Drive-In
Protect CID
Help CID with the Antenna
Turn on the Projector
Kill Clawz
Finish Clawz


  • Weapon - Crimson Cowboy unlocked
  • Homie - Future Shaundi unlocked
  • Clothing - Xmas Sweater unlocked
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  • The mission title is a reference to the movie Miracle on 34th Street.
  • This mission takes place in a Christmas version of the 50s Steelport.
    • Because this mission does not take place in dark Steelport, it is not possible to access the map or the phone in the Hub.
  • Playa does not have their Super Powers or weapons when they start the mission, but progressively regains them upon ringing the bells when promoted to, which also gives Powers to Future Shaundi and Santa.
  • Shaundi telling Playa not to shoot Clawz or risk getting your eye shot out is a reference to the film A Christmas Story in which the film's protagonist asks Santa for a Red Ryder BB Gun and is told "you'll shoot your eye out, kid". The film is further referenced in how Shaundi lost her eye with the Crimson Cowboy BB Gun when she shot RoboRudolph.[1][2]
  • The objective to lick the electrical pole is a reference to the A Christmas Story, in which one character 'double dog dares' another to lick a frozen flag pole, and gets his tongue stuck to it.


  • Jane Austen during Christmas
  • Shaundi, Pierce and Matt preparing the Spaceship for Christmas
  • Kinzie setting up the Christmas tree
  • Matt teasing Playa about the Nyte Blayde nativity
  • Future Shaundi appearing on the ship
  • Future Shaundi restraining Playa while warning him about the threat of Clawz
  • Playa and Future Shaundi has to go to the store
  • Playa needs to grab the Crimson Cowboy BB Gun
  • Clawz turning a person into Gingerbread men
  • Playa fighting off Gingerbread men with the Crimson Cowboy
  • Playa has to ring the Holiday Bells
  • C.I.D. asks Playa to help with the Antenna
  • The Christmas film being played from the recovered Projector

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