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Mini-Gun weapon icon in Saints Row 2

Special SR2
Temporary SRTT



Clip size

200 SR2
150 SRTT

Pickup Ammo



200 SR2
240 SR2TT

Refire Delay

100 SR2

Ragdoll Force


Melee Range



225 SR2
200 SRTT


4 SR2




The Siege


Delay as the weapon warms up.

Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third

The Mini-Gun is a weapon in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: Total Control, Saints Row: The Third.

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Not to be confused with Minigun/Rockets or Mounted .50 cal


The Mini-Gun sacrifices accuracy for sheer fire power, and is the cornerstone in Ultor's urban renewal plan.[1] When firing this weapon there is a delay before firing while the barrel starts spinning.

It is a featured weapon in Fuzz, and is located upstairs in Zombie Uprising. Maero uses a Mini-Gun in the mission "The Siege" and it is unlocked in the Weapons Cache upon completion. It is never available from Friendly Fire, although ammunition is available there.

In Saints Row: The Third, the Mini-Gun has a much smaller barrel firing delay along with a quicker reload speed. The only downsides are that is only obtainable by killing a Brute and it is a Temporary Weapon which cannot be stored in the inventory or Weapons Cache.


  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #939.
  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row: The Third is "giveminigun".
  • In Saints Row 2, The Mini-Gun is a Special weapon, but is in the "Rifle" slot.
    • It is in "Special" slot in multiplayer only.
    • It still uses an ammo type of its own, as when completing the 5 Hitman lists the mini-gun does not receive unlimited ammo.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • The Mini-Gun occasionally jams when wielded by any type of Brute (including when used by Oleg), but never occur when used by The Protagonist.
    • Oleg can pick the Mini-Gun when one is around. However he usually drop it when The Protagonist enters a vehicle or being far away from them, it's still possible for Oleg to carry a Mini-Gun while driving a Criminal however trough the chance is rare.
  • Wielding either the Mini-Gun and Incinerator makes The Protagonist fire proof.
  • There is a Syndicate Star on the corner.
  • Inside Let's Pretend, there are several Saints Row 2 weapon models hanging on the wall, including a Mini-Gun.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Inside the White Crib is a model of the Mini-Gun from Saints Row: The Third which has a Brotherhood logo to indicate that it is supposed to be Maero's Mini-Gun.


First rule of TV.... Every third act needs a mini-gun!
— Fuzz Camera Man


  • Saints Row 2 promo image of Mini-Gun
  • Maero with a Mini-Gun
  • Unlock screen for Mini-Gun in Saints Row 2
  • Saints Row 2 Mini-Gun viewed in a model viewer
  • Gat wielding a Mini-Gun in Saints Row 2
  • Mini-Gun - Saints Row 2 promo
  • Mini-Gun in Saints Row: Total Control
  • Mini-Gun in Saints Row: The Third
  • The Mini-gun in the "Saints Row: The Third - I'm in Saints Row Trick" Official TV Spot Video
  • Airsoft M134 Mini-Gun


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