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The majority of pages in MediaWiki namespace are currently locked due to security issues, so only Wikia Staff can edit this page at the moment. After conducting a behind-the-scenes security review on this page to ensure it cannot be used maliciously, it will be unlocked for editing by admins as normal.

During the meanwhilst, I have requested that Wikia Staff update this page on my behalf.

The fact that Wikia Staff are editing the page does not make it an "official" edit, it only means they see no security issues with the change I have requested.

This is not a compulsory change, or Wikia Staff interfering with the management of this site - it is a change I have requested, which can be changed or undone upon request.

I am responsible for the change to this page - if you have a question about this change, please reply on this talk page rather than contacting Wikia Staff. -452 15:33, March 22, 2016 (UTC)

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