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"McManus Says Hello" is the fifth mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

We found a memo sayin' that Hector is meetin' with the Colombians tonight. With the amount of firepower that going to be there, just showing up and rushin' 'em would be suicide. Take "McManus" here and get to the docks. Find a nice tall building and wait. When Hector makes his move with the Colombians, take your shot.
McManus Says Hello audio
Dex to Playa, inside Friendly Fire.


Troy and Dex meet Playa at a Friendly Fire. Dex has bought a McManus sniper rifle for Playa, and wants them to use it to kill Hector Lopez, leader of the Carnales, during a meeting with the Colombians, to disrupt their drug dealings and make the Carnales believe the Colombians killed Hector.[1]

After doing this, the Stilwater Police Department arrive after an anonymous tip and arrest the remaining Carnales in the area. Victor Rodriguez hears what happens, and informs Angelo Lopez of the bad news regarding his older brother, while Angelo receives a blow job from Luz Avalos.[2]

LUZ, POR FAVOR! Okay, okay, you're right. You deal with the Saints, I'll handle the Colombians. If Manuel is behind this...(Spanish)
McManus Says Hello Angelo Lopez
— Angelo Lopez


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

A memo found by the Saints revealed that Hector Lopez was planning to meet with the Colombians at the docks. Seeing an opportunity to take the Carnales' leader out of the picture, Dex gave you a sniper rifle and sent you to the docks. From your vantage point there, you assassinated Hector just as he was meeting with the drug lords, and disrupted their dealings.


McManus Says Hello - aiming at Hector
Head to the docks and get a good vantage point of the deal.

This mission starts at 3am, with Playa inside a locked Friendly Fire and kicking open the door sets off the alarm.

Drive to Poseidon Alley in the Docks & Warehouses District. A time limit is given, but it is incredibly forgiving.

Find a way to get to the adjacent rooftop.

Climb to the roof of the building overlooking the meeting. The journey upwards is marked, but one wrong step kills Playa if they fall off from such a height. The journey takes them upwards along some boxes, a container, a fire escape, and some venting.

Wait for the deal to start. Then kill Hector and his lieutenants.

Once on the roof, wait while Hector Lopez arrives in a convoy of three random Los Carnales Hollywoods. Once the meeting begins, there are 12 targets to kill, Hector and 11 Carnales gang members - 9 of whom have RPG Launchers. The roof offers a great vantage point to kill the enemies, but while the RPGs aren't particularly threatening, they do create a lot of smoke and debris which is hard to see through, making it hard to kill the enemies. Strategic explosive barrels are located near the meeting - shooting them instantly kills any enemy taking cover behind them.

Hector Lopez does not have to be killed first. As he does not have an RPG, he is one of the least threatening targets. If not killed first, Hector does not attack while Playa is on the roof, and stands idly behind a car. When leaving the roof before killing Hector, Hector attacks Playa. If the Notoriety meter completely empties, Hector stops attacking.


The mission instantly ends upon killing all 12 gang members, including Hector Lopez. The Saints take over the Poseidon Alley neighborhood on completion of this mission. This was the fifth Carnales mission, marking one half of Los Carnales story arc completed.

After the mission, Playa remains in the same position. If still on the roof, be careful on the way down, as dying outside of a mission costs 20% of the current cash earned.


The mission can be failed by getting Smoked, busted, leaving the roof or killing anyone before the deal begins,[3] or letting the deal conclude.[4]


  • Poseidon Alley neighborhood unlocked


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SR1 News Shared 0043 Hector Lopez
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong. At a news conference today, Stilwater Police Chief Richard Monroe decried the recent gang violence at the waterfront and commented on the assassination of local Hispanic businessman and reputed gang leader, Hector Lopez."
Chief Monroe: "This is just another example of the type of criminal behavior that we are working hard to eliminate. We have seized the ill-gotten goods that these thugs were trying to slip into our city. If that's two or three million dollars worth of poison that won't be going into the arms and lungs of the youth of Stilwater. Now while death is always tragic, Hector Lopez chose to live a life of crime and he paid for that choice dearly."
Jack Armstrong: "Chief Armstrong [sic] noted that the case against the Los Carnales crime gang will proceed based on the evidence now securely stowed in the evidence lockers at police headquarters. We will bring you gavel-to-gavel coverage of the ensuing trial and will follow this story closely as it develops. In the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."


McManus Says Hello - Hector Lopez standing not hostile

Playa with a non-hostile Hector Lopez.

  • The title of the mission is a clear reference to the sniper rifle featured in the mission: the McManus.
  • The McManus is kept upon completion of the mission, along with however many rounds are left.
  • The mission strings in the game files indicate that originally there was an extra objective which tasked the player to return to the church after killing Hector.[5][6]
  • 3 RPG-wielding Carnales are set to "Camp". There are 3 Carnales who take cover between firing, so this appears to be those 3.
  • In addition to the 12 Carnales, there are 5 Colombians wielding NR4s who are set to "Neutral Gang". They can be killed, but after the deal is interrupted, they as set as invulnerable, flee and then are despawned once out of sight.
  • The Colombian cartel members Hector meets are duplicates of Carnales "Killa" models, recoloured as white, with one wearing a blue shirt.
  • This is the only mission where the Colombians are used, although there is an unused segment of Waterfront Rooftop which would have used Colombians.
  • The specific 5 Colombians used in the mission change each time the missions is played, as they are random.
    • There are 3 random AC_X_M_Columbians-01 variants, and there are 4 variants in total.
    • There are 2 random AC_X_M_Columbians-02 variants, and there are 3 variants in total.


"Meet McManus" cutsceneEdit

Friendly Fire saleswoman: "This is the "McManus". As you see, it's fully collapsible and comes in a stately black attaché. The 18" cryogenically treated stainless steel bull barrel gives this rifle a guaranteed accuracy of .2 minute of angle at 600 yds with match grade ammunition. With it's hand reamed chamber and match grade trigger, the "McManus" is designed for the marksman who wants to reach out and touch someone at a moments notice."
Dex: "I'll take it."
Friendly Fire saleswoman: "Lovely. Would you like it gift wrapped?"
Dex: "No, that's okay."
Friendly Fire saleswoman: "Great, let me run this."
Dex: "Tight job on that lab, dawg. We found a memo sayin' that Hector is meetin' with the Colombians tonight. With the amount of firepower that's going to be there, just showing up and rushin' 'em would be suicide. Take "McManus" here and get to the docks. Find a nice tall building and wait. When Hector makes his move with the Colombians, take your shot."
Troy: "When it all goes down, the first place the Carnales is gonna look is right at the Colombians. They're gonna think they got fucked bad. Aight. You should have no problem sneaking out in the confusion."
Dex: "Just the same, I'd get the fuck out of there. Who knows what could happen."
Meet McManus full CUTSCENES 0387
— "Meet McManus" cutscene

"Killing the Mood" cutsceneEdit

Policeman: "That was a hell of a tip."
Policewoman: "No kiddin', with the amount of shit we confiscated we could've put Lopez away for the rest of his life."
Policeman: "It don't matter, he got taken care of anyway."
Policewoman: "Whaddya mean?"
Policeman: "Monroe's just happy Lopez is dead, as far as he's concerned this case is closed...hell if he found the guy who did this he'd probably send him a fruit basket."
Luz: "Mmmmmmm..."
Angelo Lopez: "Hello. Hey-hey Victor, I'm in the middle of something -- What? WHAT!"
Angelo Lopez: "Victor, listen to me very carefully. I don't give a fuck about the drugs, I don't give a fuck about Orejuela--"
Luz: "What about Manuel?"
Angelo Lopez (translation): "Look woman! Shut up your mouth!"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "¡Mira mujer! ¡Cállate el hocico!"
Angelo Lopez: "Who did this to my brother?"
Luz: "What about Hector?"
Angelo Lopez: "LUZ! Okay, okay, you're right. You deal with the Saints, I'll handle the Colombians. If Manuel is behind this..."
Angelo Lopez (translation): "I'm going to teach him why the López family is the strongest."
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "yo le voy a enseñar a él por qué la familia López es la más fuerte"
Killing the Mood full CUTSCENES 0388
— "Killing the Mood" cutscene


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