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Saints Row: The Third

The McManus 2015 is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.[1]

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For that long-range shot where accuracy is key.
— Weapon description[2]


The McManus 2015 is a sniper rifle that replaces the McManus 2010 from Saints Row 2. In its default state it has a relatively short barrel with a suppressor. When upgraded it has a much longer barrel with a muzzle brake making it powerful enough to send people flying backwards when shot with it. It can also be upgraded with a bipod that improves accuracy and reduces recoil, though it's not actually used. It is also utilized by the Morningstar Specialist, and very rarely used by STAG soldiers, such as in the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple".

This weapon can be acquired in the "easy" level of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax by killing the mascot in front of the exit door and grabbing the rifle. It can also be acquired from either Steelport Police or Morningstar snipers in Oppressors.

This rifle is again replaced by the McManus 2020 in Saints Row IV


  • Long range and zooming scope allows engagement of dangerous enemies from a safe distance.
  • Reasonably effective against vehicles when fully upgraded.
  • Highly effective against enemy snipers.
  • Exceptionally accurate.
  • Faster rate of fire than most Special weapons.
  • Can shoot straight through people, hitting something or someone behind.
  • Low ammo capacity.
  • Tied with the SA-3 Airstrike for most expensive upgrades; more expensive if initial buy cost is included.
  • Ineffective against vehicles unless fully upgraded; almost all other special weapons are more effective against vehicles even then.
  • Highly situational; absolutely useless at short range.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
McManus 2015 - Level 1 model 1 $25,000
For that long-range shot where accuracy is key.
— McManus 2015 level 1[3]

McManus 2015 - Level 2 model 2 $50,000
Increase ammo capacity.
— McManus 2015 level 2[4]

McManus 2015 - Level 3 model 3 $100,000
Increase ammo capacity. Bipod reduces recoil.
— McManus 2015 level 3[5]

McManus 2015 - Level 4 model 4 $200,000
Increase ammo capacity. Extended barrel increases damage and reduces recoil.
— McManus 2015 level 4[6]


  • The Cheat for this weapon is "givesniper".
  • The TOGO-13 is a modified version of the McManus 2015 model, but the TOGO-13 takes up the rifle slot, much like the McManus 2015's ancestor the McManus.
  • It is a combination of an AWM and a Barett M82 with some characteristics of the McManus, and the Mk.12 SPR.
  • It shares the same sight design as its predecessor, the McManus 2010; the upgraded AR-55 and TOGO-13 also share the same design.
  • The weapon has a front grip so that it can use the same hand positions and animations as the assault rifles and AS3 Ultimax.
  • The McManus 2015, and the RC Possessor, are the only special weapons in Saints Row: The Third to change their appearance when upgraded.
  • The McManus 2015 and the TOGO-13 both emit a laser when used by enemies and allies, most notably the Morningstar Specialist.
    • If The Protagonist is shot with McManus 2015, he will become stunned even if the skill "Damage - Bullet 4" upgrade has been purchased. Crouching neglect this effects however.
  • There is a McManus 2015 in PAX Demo for Saints Row IV inside Friendly Fire, but it is replaced with the Sniper Rifle in the game.[7][8]

Gallery Edit

  • The fully upgraded McManus 2015
  • The McManus 2015 in the weapon selection screen
  • McManus 2015 with laser
  • Police Specialist with McManus 2015
  • The Morningstar Specialist always uses the McManus 2015
  • McManus 2015 dropped on rail
  • McManus 2015 level 1
  • McManus 2015 level 2
  • McManus 2015 level 3
  • McManus 2015 level 4
  • McManus 2015 - Level 1 description
  • McManus 2015 - Level 2 description
  • McManus 2015 - Level 3 description
  • McManus 2015 - Level 4 description

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