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Mayhem is an Activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third,[1] and Saints Row IV.

Not to be confused with Tank Mayhem, UFO Mayhem or TK Mayhem

Cause widespread carnage to earn cash and respect.
— Mayhem introduction in Saints Row 2[2]


The goal of Mayhem is to do a certain amount of property damage before time runs out.

For the duration of the activities, all weapons have unlimited ammo. There are bonuses effect either for using a certain weapon or destroying a certain type of car, as well as for destroying various objects in the activity-specific area.

This activity has an area limit, but destroying things outside the borders is still counted as long as Playa remains in the radius of the area. Notoriety increases during gameplay, but is removed after exiting the activity. Combos are used to increase the amount of money received from destroying items. There is a timer for combos, which increases when more points are earned.

The timer stops when outside of the area, and that collision rules apply; only items that can be damaged outside of the activity may be damaged inside.

Saints Row[]



Los Carnales

Location: Southern Cross, Barrio District

  • Contact: Rico Martinez
Get outta here puta. Not you man... Sorry 'bout that, I got a little work for you. Until I opened this club, I was a nobody. My neighbors, my family...they didn't give a fuck about me. But as soon as I had money, that all changed. Suddenly everyone's my friend, and they all need favors. Now, I ain't got a problem helpin' people out so long as they understand the consequences. If they meet their end of the deal, it's no problem...but when they don't...that's when I need people like you, homes. Go out there and show those pendajo's why they can't fuck with Rico Martinez.
— Rico Martinez at On Track in Rico Suave cutscene.


Vice Kings

Location: Nob Hill, High End Retail District

  • Contact: Mary
Come in. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Mary. You may be wondering why a woman my age is running a place like this. I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, my ex husband didn't want me to have the club, so naturally I took it. Now that we're divorced Nathaniel thinks he can run off with my trollop of a sister. Sadly for my ex, this isn't the case. Nathaniel owes me thousands of dollars in alimony, and I intend to collect. Until he pays me, I want you to go and destroy as many of his holdings as you can...the more you hurt him, the sooner he'll pay.
— Mary at $tock$ in A Woman Scorned cutscene.


Westside Rollerz

Location: Misty Lane, Suburbs District

  • Contact: Reno
Jack: "Reno wants to see you in the back."
Reno: "Sup Sup yo. I appreciate you commin' round on short notice...I got some shit that needs to be worked out. Some cop just transferred to town and he ain't payin' me any respect. The bitch came in here runnin' his mouth tellin' me he was gonna be put out of business. What that Uncle Tom n​igga didn't know, was I got a couple cops on the payroll and they told me the raid was tonight. I want you to go out there and stir up so much shit the cops gotta look elsewhere...while they on yo' ass I can hide all the K. I know it sounds risky bro, but don't worry, you'll get hazard pay."
— Reno at Glitz in Decoy cutscene.


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Saints Row 2[]


Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District
Jane Valderamma: "Thank God you're here...every second we're talking is one more second of airtime that Zach Johnson is stealing from me."
Playa: "Who?"
Jane Valderamma: "Ya know, that nut job lawyer who get's hard at the idea of a lawsuit. Lately he's been crusading against media he deems to be offensive."
Playa: "Does he have a lot of support?"
Jane Valderamma: "Not really, but the guy makes a big enough ass out of himself that whenever he pulls some stunt people listen...and if people are watching him they're not watching me."
Playa: "So whaddya want me to do?"
Jane Valderamma: "Get out there and give me something worth covering. The more damage you do, the longer I can do a live broadcast."
— "Red Light District Mayhem" Cutscene


Stilwater Nuclear, Nuclear Power Plant District
  • Contact: Homer, a Nuclear Plant Worker
Playa: "Is this normal?"
Homer: "Oh yeah, we're just venting out safe amounts of radiation."
Playa: "Then why are you in a hazmat suit?"
Homer: "Uh...No reason."
Playa: "So what can I do for you?"
Homer: "Well, for some stupid reason the city wants to shut this place down...they say it's not safe."
Playa: "What?"
Homer: "I said, they think it's not safe."
Playa: "And that's bullshit?"
Homer: "Sure..."
Playa: "So what do you need me to do?"
Homer: "You gotta go out there and tear up Stilwater so bad the media is worried about the Saints and not a meltdown...I mean possible meltdown..."
Playa: "No problem."
— "Nuclear Power Plant Mayhem " Cutscene


  • Level 1: $50,000
  • Level 2: $100,000
  • Level 3: $250,000
  • Level 4: $500,000
  • Level 5: $600,000
  • Level 6: $800,000


  • Level 1: $100,000
  • Level 2: $200,000
  • Level 3: $500,000
  • Level 4: $1,000,000
  • Level 5: $1,250,000
  • Level 6: $1,500,000


Nuclear Power Plant District:

Red Light District:


Nuclear Power Plant District

Red Light District

Saints Row: The Third[]



  • Easy: $90,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $300,000

Carver Island

  • Easy: $115,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $250,000

Saints Row IV[]

Mayhem becomes available immediately after The Fundamentals, along with Tank Mayhem and UFO Mayhem.


  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $300,000
    • Silver: $500,000
    • Gold: $800,000
  • Medium (Downtown):
    • Bronze: $200,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $500,000
  • Medium (Stanfield):
    • Bronze: $225,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $500,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $150,000
    • Silver: $300,000
    • Gold: $500,000


Main article: Tips
  • Destroy all objects, not just vehicles.
  • Equip the rocket launcher and fire constantly.
  • Go to intersections with more objects and vehicles.
  • Keep moving instead of staying in one place.

Saints Row[]

  • Take a Bulldozer to the Mayhem area, and run over anything that's linked, such as a chainlink fence. Since the Bulldozer is already extremely tough and police can't pull Playa out, at least two levels can be completed before needing to get a new one.
  • Filling stations are great spots to make huge amount of property damage in a short time and repeatedly. Shoot with any weapon on gasoline pumps, get into a car, move away from the area (just few meters) and go back to the filling station, gasoline pumps will respawn.
  • During Mayhem, Anchors often appear, perhaps in attempt to record crimes. They are worth more points than other vehicles.

Saints Row 2[]

Saints Row: The Third[]

Saints Row IV[]

  • Super Speed makes this trivially easy, as all you have to do is keep charging everything destructable. Find a busy street and sweep up and down it repeatedly. Streets with parked cars are also very good; you can rely on the parked cars to spawn whether traffic is busy or not.
  • With the Tornado power you leave a wider swath of destruction, hitting victims you missed a direct hit on.
  • If you don't have Unlimited Sprint, you may want a weapon with a wide area of effect for when you need to recharge stamina.
  • If you don't have No Ragdoll or Immovable Object then it's even more important to keep moving to distance yourself from explosions.
  • Look at the entire map to see where the high value targets are arranged, and choose your course to line them up in order. It's a good idea to build up combo first, to multiply the bonus points for destroying them.


  • Mayhem was removed from the Japanese version of Saints Row 2, along with Hitman and Human Shield.
  • Mayhem is not included in the German version of the game.[3]
  • One easy way to earn combos in Mayhem is to blow up long lines of fences. Saints Row: The Third makes fun of this - Kinzie assigns Playa to blow up a fencing company, and the Achievement/Trophy for completing all Mayhem instances is "Fence Killa 2011".
  • During Hostage in Saints Row 2, one of the male passengers references Mayhem with the random line "You don't get points for knocking stuff down".
  • Homer is an overweight nuclear plant worker wearing a yellow hazmat suit, similar to Homer Simpson.
    • Homer's character model has no head.[4]