Hot dog suit - Saints Row

Hot Dog suit in Saints Row

Mascots are a type of civilian in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Mascots are a type of civilian dressed as a fictional character or an inanimate object and roam around the city doing typical everyday activities.

Saints RowEdit

In Saints Row, there are hot dog and drink cup mascots. A Hot Dog mascot named "Bucky" is on the Westside Rollerz Hitman list, Playa later references running around killing guys in Hot Dog Suits for Mr. Wong in opening cutscene for Good D, in Saints Row 2.

Chicken Ned is a Lik-a-Chik mascot who is unlocked as a Homie by calling Lik-a-Chik phone number.

Saints Row 2Edit

Playa wearing a hotdog suit promo

Promo image of Playa wearing a hot-dog costume.

In Saints Row 2, hot-dog mascots usually stand behind a hot-dog cart selling food to customers, and sell to Playa during an idle action.[screenshot] Playa dressed as a hotdog features in a promotional screenshot, as well as the Strongarm tutorial video, and the suit is available at Let's Pretend.

The Hot Dog and Company of Gyros mascot can spawn in the Saint's Row, Suburbs, Suburbs Expansion, Hotels & Marina, High End Retail, and Downtown Districts, as well as Rounds Square Shopping Center.

There is no Company of Gyros costume available for Playa to wear.

Stilwater University has its own mascot a mosquito named "'Skeeter" who is featured on several Stilwater U logos. There is a Mascot who is not used in game. A Skeeter Mascot head and Skeeter antenna headwear is available at Stilwater U. Gift Shoppe.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

There are many more varieties of Mascots.

Professor Genki has an army of mascots who act as enemies/targets in his Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax and Genkibowl VII activities: Apocalypse Genki, Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, and Sad Panda Skyblazing. Completing Genkibowl activities unlocks mascot heads representing Angry Tiger and Sexy Kitten, as well as the Panda Suit which Playa wears in Sad Panda Skyblazing. According to Tammy Tolliver,[when?] mascots in Genki's Mascot Army are made up of people abducted off the streets of Steelport. Beating all Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax activities unlocks the Mascots Gang Customization option.[which mascots?]

There is a Challenge to kill 200 Mascots. Mascots which count towards the total are: Gat, Saints Flow, Ole Steel beer, Joe Cola, Hotdog, dog, pig, gorilla, rabbit. There is also a Survival where Playa fights waves of mascots to stop them from taking advantage of a sale at Let's Pretend.

In "When Good Heists Go Bad", Playa, Shaundi, Josh Birk, and Johnny Gat rob a bank as Gat mascots. In the closing cutscene of Genkibowl VII Playa wears the Panda Suit from Sad Panda Skyblazing.

Saints Flow Mascots spawn outside Planet Saints, Johnny Gat Mascots drive a Gat Mobile around Steelport.[1] Besides the Gat Mobile, various mascots usually drive Knoxville golf cart.

Mascot costumes, which are available at Let's Pretend, include the Johnny Gat Mascot and the Total Animal outfit, which comes with the Big Pussy Mask, and 9 masks which are sold separately: Big Bad Wolf, Big Pussy Mask, Big Bunny, Big Mane Mask, Lamb Mask, Monkey Business, The Squealer, Doggy Style.

The Genki Mascot costume is part of the Funtime! Pack DLC, although different from the Genki mascots in the game. The Hot Dog Suit is part of the Witches and Wieners pack. The only unobtainable mascot costumes are: Saintsflow, Ole Steel beer, and Joe Cola. If Playa is wearing a mascot head/mask, it is removed when entering a vehicle and only reappears when they exit the vehicle. However, mascot gang followers do not do this.

There are dancing Saints Flow mascots in odd or out of the way places, such as shipping containers and the small islands in Sunset Park. Although there are hot dog carts and hot dog mascots in Saints Row: The Third, hotdog mascots are never manning them.

In Kinzie's Warehouse, there is a newspaper clipping of a Saints Row 2 promotional image of Playa hot dog mascot firing a .44 Shepherd.

When Johnny Gat and Saints Flow mascots spot Playa as they walk the streets, they often cheer and give chase, implying the fact that they are fans. Once they get close to Playa, they stand idle and cheer at them. After either complimenting, taunting, scaring them off with firearms, or simply waiting a few moments, they turn and walk away. This is hard to notice, as both of those types of mascots are infrequent at best. Playing with the "Mascots" cheat on is the easiest way to notice this special behaviour.


  • Professor Genki and the Genki mascots use the same model. Genki mascots do not spawn randomly in Saints Row: The Third, and are only used during the mission "A Remote Chance". The randomly spawning Professor Genki is a different character with the same model.
  • The Hot Dog Mascot has appeared in all three Saints Row games.
  • Chicken Ned is the first and only mascot homie.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, features both male and female mascot NPCs.
  • Planet Saints is one of the few businesses in the Saints Row series to have two mascots associated with it: Saints Flow and Johnny Gat.
  • Stilwater University mascot "Skeeter" is the only mascot that does not appear as a NPC yet has a costume piece available as a Customization Item. There is a mascot NPC who is unused in game.
    • Though the Skeeter mascot head exists there is no suit for, however it is possible to make one using clothes that resemble the ones worn by Skeeter in logos.


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  1. Image:
    Gat Mobile driven by Gat Mascot in Saints Row IV

    Gat Mobile driven by Gat Mascot in Saints Row IV

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