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The Masako are a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row 2 and briefly in Saints Row IV.[1]


The Masako are pledged to protect Ultor and its investments. Each Masako member is highly trained, and teams operate specifically in the Saint's Row and Nuclear Power Plant districts, only operating outside the area in certain missions.[2]

Masako agents' faces are hidden behind their helmets, and mostly use only gestures and hand signals to communicate. Masako teams are easily distinguishable from normal law enforcements, wearing bright orange fatigues with Ultor logos.

The Masako become common during the Ultor Epilogue missions. Outside of missions, the Masako only spawn in Ultor neighborhoods at roadblocks at level 3 Notoriety, and in vehicles at level 5 Notoriety.

They are referred to as a "private army" by Maero,[6] and a "SWAT team from hell" by Pierce.[7]

Saints Row IV[]

The Masako are present in the simulation of Asha Odekar where they act as guards in the lair of Mr. X. When Playa enters into the simulation, they witness Asha attacking a Masako guard trying to get information out of him on Mr. X's whereabouts, but ends up shooting him in the head when he refuses to cooperate. Playa and Asha must shoot out lights and take out the guards in stealth. When Playa and Asha confront Mr. X the Masako attack them along with Murderbots, but they eventually kill Mr. X.[1]

Weapons and Vehicles[]

The Masako use advanced arsenal, including the AR-40 Xtnd assault rifle, the SKR-9 Threat sub-machine gun, the Tombstone shotgun, AR-50 XMAC,[4] Stun Gun and Flashbangs. Units arrive on the scene in Ultor-marked Bear APCs. For assaulting heavily armed perpetrators, the Tornado attack helicopter is used extensively.


  • The name "Masako" is an allusion to Volition's 2001 game, Red Faction, in which the final boss and main antagonist is named Masako, who is the head of the Ultor Corporation's mercenary force.
  • Civilians may randomly say "What the hell is a Masako anyway?".
  • One of the translations of the Japanese word "Masako" is "Justice". Another translation, 昌来, is "bright future", very similar to Ultor's slogan "A brighter future, and a better life".


A typical Masako agent

A typical Masako agent

Masako agents in an Oppressor

SKR-9 Threat promo

A group of Masako agents

A group of Masako agents in combat

Masako - asian - character model in Saints Row 2

Masako - black - character model in Saints Row 2

Masako - hispanic - character model in Saints Row 2

Masako - white - character model in Saints Row 2

Masako Asian - closeup with accessories removed

Masako Black - closeup with accessories removed

Masako Hispanic - closeup with accessories removed

Masako White - closeup with accessories removed

Masako Goon - character model in Saints Row IV

A Maskao agent pinned down by Asha in Saints Row IV


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