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Mark Gabby is a character in Saints Row 2.


Gabby is one of the Sons of Samedi's most successful dealers and makes a lot of money for his gang, which is the reason he is targeted by Shaundi.[1] He regularly sells to Stilwater University students, and drives a Sons of Samedi branded Wellington.[2]

Gabby's Wellington is a custom variant which is only used during the mission. Like other Samedi Wellingtons, has a license plate bearing either the word "SAMEDI" or the letters "SOS".


  • Gabby is a normal "black no hat" variant of a male Samedi lieutenant. As with all gang members, he has randomised clothing which changes each time the mission is restarted.
  • He is the only member of the Sons of Samedi to have his real name revealed.
  • He is named after Mark Gabby, a member of the Programming Team, who is one of the mission authors for Got Dust, Will Travel.


Sons of Samedi - male lieutenant - black no hat - character model in Saints Row 2

Mark Gabby's appearance during "Got Dust, Will Travel"

Mark Gabby's Wellington

Mark Gabby's Wellington

Mark Gabby's Wellington