Marauder - front view with targeting laser
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Saints Row IV

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Ball tank
ball turret


Zin Empire



Marauders are characters in Saints Row IV.


Marauders approach by rolling towards the target in ball form, completely invulnerable in this state. Once deployed, they attack the player by charging and firing a laser attack which inflicts serious damage when the shot connects. They will even try and get a bead on their target due to the charging time of their attack but once their firing sequence initiates - their aim stays there, allowing a shrewd opponent to exploit this.

They are also well armored in the front, including their turret, able to shrug off most enemy fire, making head-on attacks nigh successful.

Marauders also cannot be picked up by Telekinesis and are immune to the gravitational pull of the Black Hole Launcher's attacks as they anchor themselves down to the ground.

They appear after "Welcome Back" during level 3 Notoriety.


The Marauder's ball form may protect it from hostile fire but they can be picked up and hurled by Telekinesis, allowing players to throw the Marauder away from close range and, preferably, into the sea. Although they will try to curve around and come back.

With armor focused solely on the front, the back of the Marauder isn't so well armored. The exposed machinery at the back of the turret is vulnerable and can be shot at to damage and destroy it.

Exploit this weakness by directing Bounce Rifle blasts to the back of the unit. Other means include: Running to the back of the turret and shooting or launching guided RPG missiles past the Marauder and then directing them back to the Marauder by pointing at it.


  • Marauders are only named twice in the game: in the Statistics entry "Marauders Killed", and in the mission objective "Destroy the Marauder".[1] They are not formally introduced, and when mentioned in dialogue are refereed to as ball tanks, ball turrets, or just balls.[when?]
  • The internal name in the character definition file is "ballturret".
  • Miniature Marauders appear inside Planet Zin on shelves.
  • Homies are able to kill Marauders without shooting its rear.
  • They are similar to Destroyer Droids used by the Trade Federation in Star Wars, both droids turning into balls when moving.
  • It is possible to kill Mauraders by going right in front of them, and using the dash shield by using super sprint


  • A Marauder in ball form
  • Marauder's engine
  • Marauder caught with Telekinesis

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