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Manuel Orejuela is a character in Saints Row.


Manuel is a member of an unnamed Colombians cartel, affiliated with Los Carnales, a Hispanic street gang operating in the city of Stilwater. Manuel was sent towards Stilwater to act as the Colombians' representative to do business with the Lopez Family, the leaders of Los Carnales.[2]

After the death of Alejandro Lopez, his son Hector Lopez took control of Los Carnales and started to run it in a very less aggressive way than his father did. Manuel constantly suggested Hector to take more actions like his father would, though Hector would never listen.[3] Manuel also began to fall in love with Luz, the girlfriend of Hector's brother Angelo Lopez.[4]

After Hector is killed, Angelo takes control over Los Carnales, and due to Manuel and Angelo's rivalry, Manuel cuts ties with the Carnales.[5]

Instead, he meets with the 3rd Street Saints to start an alliance with them. He gives the Saints' leader Julius Little the address to the Lopez Mansion so that they can kill Angelo.[5]

Eventually, he goes back to Colombia and takes Luz with him.

Saints Row 2[]

Five years later,[6] Manuel has a new love and has sent Luz back to Stilwater to act as the Colombians' drug mule. Playa aids Luz in dealing drugs while protecting her from The Ronin.[7]


  • Manuel's appearance and occupation are similar to Frank Lopez, a major character in the movie Scarface.
  • He uses a GDHC .50.[8]
  • IGN's Gangs of Saints Row trailer misspells Manuel's name as "Manuel Orejuelas".[9]
  • Manuel Orejuela normally wears a Hawaiian shirt, but the texture sometimes does not load, leaving the shirt pure white.[10][11][12][13][14]


Saints Row character promo - Manuel Orejuela

Manuel Orejuela - character model in Saints Row

Manuel Orejuela headshot

Manuel Orejuela in the Meet the Lopezes cutscene with glitched shirt without texture

Manuel Orejuela with normal shirt chatting to Hector Lopez in "Trojan Horse"

Manuel Orejuela with glitched shirt chatting to Hector Lopez in "Trojan Horse"

Dex, Julius Little and Manuel Orejuela in "Possession with Intent"