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Magarac Island is a location in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Magarac Island is an island shaped like a star with a huge statue of a steelworker on it.

Magarac Island cannot be controlled, has no roads, is not a Neighborhood, and is not part of a District.

The statue is in a state of disrepair at the time of Saints Row: The Third, and has many Bums living on the island.

In Saints Row IV, the statue is revealed to be that of Joe Magarac by Kinzie and his image by the Joe Cola brand. In Simulated Steelport, it is replaced by a giant statue of Zinyak. The Saints Row: The Third version of Magarac Island is used in Pierce's simulation.[1]


  • The statue is based on the Statue of Liberty.
  • The shape of the island is a star. The Syndicate, who control Steelport, use a star as their symbol.
  • Steelport is named after "Joe Steel", so it is likely that this is a statue of him.[2][3]
  • The island, as well as Joe Steel, are named after Joe Magarac, a legendary American folk hero who was a steelworker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • In Saints Row IV, Kinzie says it is a statue of Joe Magarac, rather than Joe Steel.[1]
  • There is one Collectible on the island, a Money Pallet in the southernmost building.
  • There are 2 Barnstorms on the island. Both involve flying though openings in the statue.
  • At the end of the game, Shaundi, Burt Reynolds and Viola are held captive on the platform at the feed of the statue, and the statue is destroyed when choosing to go after Killbane instead of saving them.[4]
    • Regardless of the choice made, the statue is left in a destroyed state after playing both endings.
  • The "Sgt. Steiner" Assassination target is located on the island, which is described as "Abandoned Memorial" in the Assassination menu, but is never called this at any other point in the game.
    • As there is renovation work being done on the statue, it is not abandoned.
  • STAG crates and bombs are present at the base of the statue from the beginning of the game, before the arrival of STAG.[5]
  • 2 Toads spawn in the southeastern star point, these are the only vehicles on the island.[6][7]
  • In Serbo-Croatian, Magarac means Donkey.[8]
  • In Virtual Steelport, Magarac Island is part of the Sunset Park neighborhood.


A view of the Steelport Statue from the water

Statue of Steelport

Magarac Island from the roof of the Saints HQ

Close-up of the face of the Joe Magarac statue

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