M2 Grenade Launcher
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Saints Row: The Third

The M2 Grenade Launcher is a weapon in the Explosive Combat Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

Launch a plethora of grenades for maximum explosions.
— Weapon description


The M2 Grenade Launcher is a weapon featured in the Explosive Combat Pack DLC. It is somewhat similar to the GL G20, only with a lower rate of fire and the fact that it can be placed in the player's inventory or Weapons Cache.

Unlike the GL G20, this weapon has Fine Aim accuracy, enabling the grenades it shoots to be fired at long distances both accurately and effectively. Furthermore, like Satchel Charges and the Mollusk Launcher, the M2 Grenade Launcher has a manual detonation feature triggered with the use of the Grenade button, permitting the player to decide for themselves when they want the grenades to go off, whether it be in mid-air flight or coming within inches of a passing helicopter. However, even if manual detonation is not utilized, the grenades still explode after a few seconds.

The M2 Grenade Launcher is the only DLC weapon that can be upgraded at Friendly Fire.


  • Portable grenade launcher
  • Upgradable, when upgraded, the weapon gains greater ammo capacity and the ability to shoot "sticky" grenades.
  • A single grenade can destroy or deal a significant amount of damage to almost any vehicle, and usually kills everyone within said vehicle.
  • Has a manual detonation feature, grenades can be detonated almost immediately with the press of a button.
  • Requires DLC purchase.
  • Unless upgraded, the magazine size of this weapon is relatively small.
  • Even upgraded, the total ammo capacity of this weapon is still limited, meaning more trips to Friendly Fire unless the player has "Infinite Explosive Ammo".
  • Splash Damage can harm both the player and anyone within the damage radius.
  • Low rate of fire, so there is a little delay between each consecutive shot.
  • Unlike bullets and rockets, grenades travel in an arc. This may require more concentration and precise aiming when trying to hit a target from long range.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades
Level Cost Ammo capacity Description
2 20000 8
Increase ammo capacity. Grenades stick to what they hit.
— M2 Grenade Launcher level 2

3 40000 10
Increase ammo capacity.
— M2 Grenade Launcher level 3

4 80000 12
Increase ammo capacity.
— M2 Grenade Launcher level 4


  • This weapon is based upon the Milkor MGL.
  • In Fine Aim mode, it has a laser sight.
  • Although smaller it can actually do more damage than the GL G20.
  • The fact that this weapon is the only DLC weapon which can be upgraded indicates that it was originally intended to be part of the base game.
    • Saints gang members can use this weapon without owning the DLC.
  • Grenade explosions can still cause the player to ragdoll even if "Explosions - No Ragdoll" Upgrade is purchased.


  • The Launcher in game
  • Grenades on the ground
  • Grenades on the wall
  • A M2 Grenade Launcher grenade attached to a Civilian
  • Explosion from a M2 Grenade Launcher grenade attached a Civilian
  • Smoke from a M2 Grenade Launcher grenade detonating a Civilian
  • Reloading the M2 Grenade Launcher
  • The M2 Grenade Launcher in the Weapons Cache
  • M2 Grenade Launcher in Friendly Fire


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