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Luz is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[4]


Saints Row[]

Promotional artwork of Luz in Saints Row

Luz is the materialistic girlfriend of Angelo Lopez, the younger brother of Carnales leader Hector Lopez. She has an overdeveloped obsession towards shoes, but both Playa and Tanya Winters have remarked on her being behind the times in choice of footwear.[5][6]

Hector Lopez once remarked that he "always thought she was a bitch".[7] On the other hand, Manuel Orejuela noted "That's a lotta woman [Angelo has] there".[8]

Angelo becomes jealous and distrusting of her due to her flirting and spending time with Manuel Orejuela, the liaison for the Colombians, which is exacerbated when Hector is killed and Angelo becomes the Carnales' leader.[9] The stress on Angelo, combined with the breakdown of his father's empire and the death of Hector and Victor Rodriguez,[10] leads him to attempt to flee Stilwater without her when she is late returning from shoe shopping. However, Playa and Dex arrive at Wardill Airport and kill him, leaving Luz with nothing but a bag of shoes; had she arrived on time, she would have been on board the plane and died when they destroyed it.[11] Orejuela soon picks her up at a bar,[12] and would later return to Colombia with her.

Saints Row 2[]

Luz explains to Playa that Orejuela has cut her off - Playa infers that Orejuela found someone younger - and the Colombians have sent her back to Stilwater to traffic drugs.[13] She also states to Playa that she's "sick and tired of working in this damn shoe store... Manuel's birthday is coming up and if [she] can get him some of his favorite cars, there's a chance he might take [her] back".[14]


Saints Row[]

Hector Lopez asks his younger brother, Angelo Lopez, to check on a missing shipment,[15] even though he'd already promised to take out Luz out shopping later that night.[16] After Hector reminds Angelo of his priorities, Manuel Orejuela offers to take her out instead;[17] Angelo notes his concern but cannot refuse, not wanting to sour relationships between the Carnales and the Colombians.

Later, Angelo and Luz are involved in an argument outside the Lopez Mansion, making Hector look bad after he assured Orejuela that everything is under control.[18]

Luz is giving Angelo Lopez oral sex when he learns of his brother's death via Victor Rodriguez on the phone, leaving him in command of the Carnales. Angelo states he does not care about the drugs, the Colombians, or Orejuela, and only wants Victor to avenge his brother's death by finishing the 3rd Street Saints.[19] Luz tries to say something when she hears Angelo mention Orejuela, but he motions her to continue.[9]

Angelo's distrust of Orejuela grows with the deaths of Hector and Victor, and when he tries to load a gun to go and find him, Luz tries to tell him that Orejuela would never be involved, only to be slapped across the face by Angelo. As she cowers on the floor, Angelo berates her and accuses her of wanting to be with Orejuela over him before storming off out of the room.[10]

After the 3rd Street Saints successfully get Manuel Orejuela his drugs back, he agrees to work with them instead of the increasingly-paranoid Angelo. Angelo bursts through the door and tries to gun everyone down with a K6 Krukov, only to flee when he runs out of ammo. Orejuela gives the Saints Angelo's address, but says that he'd "appreciate it if [they] didn't kill the Senorita", referring to Luz.[20]

With the Carnales almost destroyed, Angelo finally decides to flee Stilwater and rebuild elsewhere. He waits for Luz, who is late returning from shoe shopping, but decides to go without her when Playa and Dex arrive at the airport to kill him. As he gets on board the plane, a Carnales gang member asks whether they should wait for Luz, but Angelo simply replies, "fuck her".

After Playa and Dex succeed in destroying the plane before it takes off, killing Angelo and finishing the Carnales, Luz arrives at the airport. Playa criticizes her on being behind in footwear fashion, and with nowhere to go, she asks Dex where she can find Orejuela,[21] to which she does not get a response.[11]

Manuel Orejuela later reveals himself as she struggles to light a cigarette at a bar,[12] and they later leave for Colombia together, but not before she has time to look over the river from a bridge prior to Alderman Richard Hughes' fundraiser.[22]

Saints Row 2[]

Luz later returns to Stilwater, being used as a drug trafficker for Manuel Orejuela and the Colombians. Since Orejuela cut her off for a younger woman, she has to work out of a shoe store in the Hotels & Marina District to support herself. Playa helps her out, and after trafficking drugs together, she thanks Playa for all they have done for her.[13]

She also asks Playa if they can help her out with some vehicles that Manuel might like (as his birthday is coming up), hoping that that will get her back into his good graces and out of the shoe store she's working at.[14]

Gat out of Hell[]

Luz has been cast down into Hell as a result of her materialistic behavior and romantic trysts with drug lords, and Jane Austen muses that Legal Lee would help Luz speed along her punishment regardless of if she were truly repentant.[4]

Luz is the playable character in the Hard instance of Torment Fraud.


Saints Row[]

Saints Row 2[]

  • She looks quite different in Saints Row 2 compared to her appearance in Saints Row.
  • Luz asks about Dex and makes remarks on how Los Carnales were a better gang than The Ronin frequently.[13][Reference needed]
  • Luz claims "By the way, those shoes weren't last season",[13] referring to Playa saying they were in the end of "What Goes Up...".
  • Her promo artwork is on a nursing program poster in the Stilwater Memorial Hospital.[24]


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