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The Luchadores are a gang in Saints Row: The Third.


The Luchadores are a group of masked wrestlers led by Killbane.[Reference needed] They deal mainly in selling steroids and gambling,[Reference needed] their gang color is green and their insignia is a skull in a star.[imagerefs 1] The Luchadores operate the majority of their operations from the 3 Count Casino in Port Pryor, and have a skyscraper Downtown on the eastern side of Loren Square.[imagerefs 2]

Like the Morningstar and the Deckers, they are part of The Syndicate. The Luchadores are the only gang in the Syndicate which doesn't have female members.

The first encounter between the Luchadores and 3rd Street Saints is during the grand opening of a suspension bridge in Stilwater. Here they not only make quick work of the Saints, but also themselves, firing rockets from the rooftops of nearby buildings and leaving the bridge in pieces.

The Luchadores Code[]

The Luchadores Code is stated on the Saints Row Website.[imagerefs 3]

  1. Big Muscles
  2. Big Guns
  3. Big Trouble


The Luchadores only employ male, masked wrestlers into their gang. Luchadores have a mix of Latino and American accents. All members dress in wrestling suits sporting heavy combat gear and boots, and they all wear green, red, and pink wrestling masks.

  • Killbane - An extremely self-obsessed, professional masked wrestler. He is the leader of the Luchadores and handles most of The Syndicate's dirty work and enforcement. Extremely hateful of his real name, Eddie Pryor does not respond to this moniker, and instead goes by the name of Killbane. Just the thought of someone addressing him by his real name is enough to drive him over the deep end. In addition to being The Syndicate's "attack dog", Killbane runs a large gambling operation, and has side businesses in the drug trade. Above all, he is the "undefeated" champion of the Murderbrawl tournaments, and is known to the wrestling community as "The Walking Apocalypse".
  • Alejandro - A steroid import dealer who brings in shipments of steroids to the Luchadores every week. Angel De LaMuerte informs Playa that the success of their gang was built upon the distribution of these drugs, and askes them to put an end to the whole operation. Disguising themselves using a stolen Luchador vehicle, Playa meets Alejandro at the docks in Sunset Park and assassinates him.[Reference needed]
  • Gerrard - A former masked wrestler who was always a rather dirty man, according to Angel. After his retirement from the ring, his new gas station business is a major front for some of the Luchadores' shadiest operations. Upon receiving a tip from Angel, Playa pulls up to Gerrard's in a "muscle" car, assassinates him while he is admiring their car, and then blows up the gas station.[Reference needed]
  • Randall - A member of the 3 Count Casino Security, who secretly enjoys helping himself to some of the winnings without permission. Mr. Roller hires Playa to assassinate him in order to make Steelport safe for "honest" gamblers.[Reference needed]
  • Whitney - A publicist who works closely with Killbane to spread his image across the city. Angel tells Playa that the origin of her assassination needs to remain a secret because her people would destroy the 3rd Street Saints in the press if they figure it out. So in accordance with Angel's suggestion, Playa steals a plane and picks Whitney up at the Wesley Cutter Intl. After taking off and gaining some altitude over the city, they grab a parachute and quickly bail out of the plane, leaving Whitney to her fate.[Reference needed]

The random Luchador soldiers are named Nacho, Reggie, Casey, Alonzo, Leroy, and Clifford. Only Nacho, Reggie, Casey, and Leroy are in Gangstas in Space Only Leroy and Reggie are in the Saints Row IV files.


The Luchador specialist is a heavily armored, masked man with a green mohawk named El Jose who speaks with a deep, rugged American accent. These specialists are armed with their signature weapon: the GL G20, and are unique among other specialists in that they hardly ever come in pairs; they don't really need to since they are some of the toughest specialists in the game, second only to STAG Commandos.

Luchador specialists aren't necessarily dangerous, as their shower of grenades are easy to avoid. They're quite difficult to spot among a crowd of Luchadores, which allows them to stand a fair distance away, and shower the area consistently with barrage after barrage of rapid-fire grenades. In addition, their increased health enables them to take considerably more damage than other specialists, making them harder to kill. Like with STAG Commandos, the most effective means of dealing with these specialists is to use melee weapons or explosives against them; especially the Woodsman as it can kill just about anything in one hit, including Luchador specialists. Incendiary ammunition also works pretty well against them too.

Almonzo, an unpopular gambler who is listed as an Assassination target in the Saintsbook.



  • Their name "Luchadores" is Spanish for "Wrestler".[1]
  • It is said[Reference needed] that the Luchadores have interests in drug trade and illegal gambling, but in the "Walking Apocalypse" trailer description, it says they have a hold on Steelport's weapons trade.[Reference needed]
  • In the "Walking Apocalypse" trailer, the Luchadores have a lieutenant with a mohawked mask, metallic shoulderguards and a multiple grenade launcher.[Reference needed]
  • The Luchadores don't have any female members, which makes them the first all-male gang in the Saints Row series.
  • The Luchadores are the 'soldiers' of the Syndicate, with an emphasis on brutal tactics, use of heavy weapons and body armor, and a large number of heavy vehicles in their arsenal.
  • Luchadores were one of the first things revealed along with a default look of Playa, though at that time they were not named.[Reference needed]
  • Just like the Deckers and the Morningstar, the Luchadores have a skyscraper in Steelport, about a block from the Broken Shillelagh.
  • The Luchadores are much larger than their real life counterparts as in real life the vast majority of Luchadores are Light Heavyweights/Cruiserweights/Junior Heavyweights or lighter.
  • On the promotional poster there is a second Killbane look-alike in a red mask.[imagerefs 4]
  • Two female lieutenants are pictured in a promotional poster but are not in the released game.
  • The Luchadores are the least active faction in the whole series as they are only actively in 4 missions and 1 Activity.
  • Jane Valderamma pronounces Luchadores the way it is pronounced in Spanish.
  • Despite them being ordered by Phillipe Loren to "bring [him] the [Saints] leader's head", they never attack Playa unprovoked.[2][3][4]
  • Luchadores are featured under L in The ABCs of Saints Row.[imagerefs 5]
  • Let's Pretend sells Luchadores outfits.


Saints Row website - Gangs - The Luchadores - intro

Promotional Luchadores' poster

The Luchadores logo

Alternate Luchadores logo

Lucadores wall logo

Syndicate superscrapers logos

Concept art of Luchadores' members

The Luchadores

Luchadores - promo at night with Specialist

Playa fighting a luchadore



Killbane and the Luchadores

Luchadores - standing in parking lot in gameplay preview

A banner featuring the Luchadores

A Green and Black Luchadore Bulldog

A Green and Black Luchadore Compensator on the left

3 Count Casino: one of the largest casinos in Steelport, and a front for the Luchadores gambling operations

Luchadores's tower in Loren Square

Luchadores is featured under L in The ABCs of Saints Row

Luchador Specialist - grenadier - El Jose - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador grunt 1 - Nacho - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador grunt 2 - Reggie - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador - Reggie - character model in Saints Row IV

Luchador grunt 3 - Casey - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador grunt 4 - Alonzo - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador grunt 5 - Leroy - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador - Leroy - character model in Saints Row IV

Luchador grunt 6 - Clifford - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador space 1 - Nacho - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador space 2 - Reggie - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador space 3 - Leroy - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Luchador space 4 - Casey - character model in Saints Row: The Third


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